Danmark, 1820
"Footpost letter sent within Copenhagen on 9 August 1820. A new type IV footpost cancellation was put into use in 1820 which had two large capital letters "F.P." within a circular ring. This cancellation stamp relieved both types II and III as the procedure of stamping unpaid letters with a red cancellation was stopped. Because of this, letters in 1820 often had a manuscript "frit" or "betalt" - meaning paid. The footpost office also had a framed "BETALT" in Gothic letters. Only recorded "BETALT" footpost cancellation"
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Danmark, 1858, 3
Entire with 2 sk. 1855 issue on foot-post letter, tied by numeral 1 Copenhagen, Foot Post mark “F: 3 2/7 58 P:” in blue, Skilling type 6. Box letter as stamped with Compass mark KB, unusual and very fresh and attractive letter.
DKK 2.980,00