Christian X

Island, 1921
Letter sent from Reykjavik to Copenhagen 28 November 1921, bearing a 20aur/25 aur King Chr. X provisional, tied by Reykjavik machine cancel. Sent only 5 days after the date of issue. Postage 20 aur correct.
DKK 1.120,00
Island, 1923
Registered letter sent via Edinburgh from Reykjavik 6 February 1923 to Copenhagen, bearing a 50 aur and 20 aur King Christian X broken lines tied by Reykjavik CDS. Letter rate up to 40 gram 40 aur plus 30 aur registration fee, total 70 aur postage. Stamps with small imperfections.
DKK 2.230,00
Island, 1924
Printed matter sent from Reykjavik 27 August 1924 bearing a pair of 1 eyr and 4 aur King Chr. X 1920-22 issue, tied by Reykjavik machine cancel. Correct 10 aur franking for printed matters.
DKK 1.120,00
Island, 1931
2 Kr. King Chr. X 1931 Þjónustu frímerki, imperforate proof of the adopoted colours for the 2 Kr. ordinary postage stamp with narrow lines, without gum.
DKK 11.910,00