Danmark, 1942
Feldpost letter sent from a Dane in the “Dänische Gruppe - Feldtpost 39.535” to Copenhagen, bearing a 25 M DR tied by “FELDPOST 9.2.42” alongside “Einheit Feldpost Nr. 39545 B Briefstempel”, with German “f” resealing censor tape.
DKK 1.120,00
Island, 1905
5 aur King Chr. IX BRJEFSPJALD, Schilling #16 sent from Reykjavik to Brünlos, Sachsen. Add. franked with 5 aur green King Chr. IX paying for 10 aur foreign post card rate. Sent via UK, and stamped with boxed “SHIP LETTER - TROON” alongside “TROON JY 17, 05”.
DKK 3.350,00
Danmark, 1902, 25C
8 øre bicoloured watermark new crown III 121. printing in fine an excellent strip of three cancelled with star-cancel “Ormslev”. Beautifully centered and an exhibition item in this quality.
DKK 10.050,00
Grønland, 1940
Air mail letter sent from Greenland to Denmark 26 October 1940 via USA-Lissabon, German censorship Frankfurt (Hopballe label 34.03), bearing a block of 10 of 1 øre stamps, 5 øre and 1 kr. Polar Bear, overpaying the letter with 10 øre.
DKK 1.860,00
Island, 1908
10 aur postal card sent from Isafjördur to Copenhagen 13 August 1908. On the back of the card there is a topographic photo attached and for which reason the card most likely should have been charged as a letter.
DKK 8.930,00
Danmark, 1926, PF 9
Freight Bill bearing a 30 øre King Chr. X POSTFÆRGE overprint, tied by two-ring mark “AGGERSUND FÆRGERI”, good single franking. Dated 11/12 26, parcel with grocery weighing 1 kg sent from Løgstør to Aggersund.
DKK 5.950,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1903, 7B
8 cents letter from St. Thomas to Copenhagen August 14, 1903 with French mail service tied by St. Thomas cds. Via Le Havre September 4 cds on front and franked with a pair of 4 cents bicoloured IV printing to make up the 8 cents UPU rate to Denmark 8 cents from 01.01.1902 to 14.07.1905. A very fine letter.
DKK 2.600,00
Danmark, 1946
"Internee letter WWII sent from Copenhagen Camp "Den Tyske Skole" with censormark from the camp leader. Scarce item."
DKK 1.120,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1891
Letter sent from St. Thomas to Jersey City 3 June 1891 bearing two 4 cents II printing and two 1 cent VI printing tied by “St. Thomas” CDS and NY transit and Jersey City arrival mark on reverse. Quite a colourful letter where the left 1 cent stamp has a small tear.
DKK 2.980,00
Danmark, 1871, 12A
3 sk. lineperforated 12 1/2 1864-Arms type lightly cancelled.
DKK 1.860,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1856, 1C
3 Cents 1856, brown gum. Mint never hinged.
DKK 3.530,00
Færøerne, 1900, 23B
Letter from Faroe Island to Copenhagen (+/- 1900). Pair 4 øre bicolored perforation 12 3/4 cancelled twice with 1-line mark “Fra Færöerne” in Copenhagen.
DKK 2.600,00
Danmark, 1866, 13
2S stationery envelope sent from Copenhagen to Pronsdorf, Segeberg on 26 April (1866 ?) uprated with 4 sk. Crown-Scepter-Sword 1864-issue tied by numeral “1” Copenhagen alongside blue CDS “KJØBENHAVN KB 26/4 11-12”. Rate to Northern Germany at favored 6 sk. rate for first letter rate 1.8.1865.-.31.12.1874. Only three 2 sk. envelopes uprated with 1864-issue recorded to a foreign destination according to Karsten Jensen.
DKK 10.420,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1851
Entire dated St. Thomas 18. juni 1851 to Bordeaux. Sent with RMSPC “CLYDE” to Southampton, London 7 July, Calais 8 July. In France charged “8” decimes by addressee. On reverse “forwarded from London by J.D.” and listed in K. Rowe “The Postal history of the Forwarding agents”.
DKK 1.490,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1903
Printed matter sent by BOOK POST from Christiansted 23 February 1903, via St. Thomas cds 23/2 1903 on reverse and German receiving mark on reverse 15.3.1905. Postage paid with 4c bicolored bisected tied by 4-ring cancel without dot.
DKK 3.350,00
Grønland, 1933, 9
Danish parcel card to Mr. T. Wodschouw, Godthaab with three 20 øre (AFA 9) tied by oval GRØNLANDS STYRELSE. Danish ADRESSEKORT type Bet. 4. 10/80, for a parcel of books weighing 2 kg. and label CI 1460 / Grønland, sent with DISCO on 22 May 1933 from Copenhagen to Greenland.
DKK 5.950,00
Færøerne, 1941
Insured letter with 800 kr. sent from Thorshavn 9 January 1941 to Klaksvig. Provisional issue 50/5 and 20/15 øre tied with THORSHAVN -9.4.1941 16-17, value label “V Thorshavn 370”. Letter sent from Folmer Østergaaard with salary payment to construction workers. 20 øre letter rate plus 50 øre insured fee up to 1000 kr.
DKK 2.980,00
Færøerne, 1905
Insured Parcel from suboffice Sand via Thorshavn 21 September 1904 to Copenhagen, Denmark. Insured value 50 kr. for 1 parcel weighing 1 pound, Thorshavn. 99 purple label, two 10 øre red and 5 øre green Coat of Arms issue tied collecting office star-cancel SAND alongside Swiss-type THORSHAVN 21.-9.-1904 with Copenhagen receiving mark 29 September 1904 on reverse.
DKK 5.950,00
Færøerne, 1919
Envelope sent from Thorshavn 20 January 1919 to Strænder. A provisional 2/5 ØRE adhesive and 5 øre Christian X tied by CDS THORSHAVN 20.1.1919. The overprint appear almost as a triple overprint, where one of the two fingerprints is almost complete with visible and fine characterics of the fingerprint.
DKK 2.980,00
Danmark, 1909, P5
Postcard sent from Westbourne 21 September 1909 to the Chief Waiter onboard S.S. St. Jan, at St. Thomas. Underpaid with half penny, charged 10 centimes in blue crayon. Equivalent to 10 BIT due, affixed with pair of 5 BIT EFTERPORTO tied by date stamp ST. THOMAS 11/10 1909.
DKK 8.930,00
Grønland, 1939
Under franked LOCAL letter with 10 øre wavy-line sent from Copenhagen to Julianehaab 18 March 1940. Endorsed “10” blue crayon and paid in Julianehaab with a 10 øre King Chr. X stamp tied by Julianehaab CDS April 1940. The letter was sent by one of the last ships to Greenland before Denmark was occupied. Rate to Greenland 15 øre, double the missing postage of 5 øre is 10 øre due by the addressee. First issue Greenland rarely used as postage due stamps.
DKK 8.930,00