Schleswig-Holstein, 1749
Express letter sent from Flensburg 1 October 1749 to Husum with full contents.
DKK 1.490,00
Danmark, 1854
Letter sent from Nakskov to Saxkiøbing 2 April 1854 bearing a 4 RBS Thiele II blackish brown plate II, tied by manuscript cancellation in red chalk. Only recorded with red chalk. Exhibtion item.
DKK 14.880,00
Danmark, 1851
FIRST DAY LETTER 1.4.1851 - Royal Service Military letter inside dated 30 March 1851 sent from Flensborg to Viborg stamped “FLENSBURG 1.4.1851” Antiqua IIa, which are the first date when stamps were introduced in Denmark, in Schleswig from 1 May 1851. The letter is sent from “Fra det 5te Dragon Regiments 3. Squadron” -
DKK 14.880,00
Danmark, 1943
SS-Fieldpost sent 21 April 1943 from Field Post #25363 to a Danish volunteer in the German Army, Ignaz Schwab, Fieldpost #18149 and then changed to #30003B with a seal “V-Hagenkreuz” on the reverse.
DKK 3.350,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1907
Printed Matter Wrapper Band sent from St. Thomas to Copenhagen 22 August 1907 on “pr. French steamer “Quebec” via Havre” in manuscript with Copenhagen arrival mark 9.9 on reverse. 25 BIT pays for 5th weight class of printed matters, extremely scarce letter with the Kings issue.
DKK 6.700,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1917
Transition period 1917. Two postcards from the same sender and to the same addressee, sent with a DWI stamp the last day 31 March and with US stamp the 2 April 1917, very interesting and historical post cards.
DKK 4.460,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1908
10 BIT King Frederik VIII Post Card without watermark sent from St. Thomas to Wilwaukee 16 October 1908 aboard the steamer endorsed “Pr. SS “Pareina” via New York”
DKK 890,00
Danmark, 1855, 2b
Copenhagen foot-post cover franked with single Thiele 2 Rigsbankskilling type 5, plate I pos. 75. Fine margins and nicely tied by numral 1. Also blue, oval F P mark 26.11.1855. A most unusual and a most harmonious cover.
DKK 26.050,00
Danmark, 1863, 3,9,10
22 sk. rate cover from Copenhagen via Hamburg to Grafenberg in Austrian Schlesia Dec. 20, 1863-64 franked with 16 skilling rouletted, 2 skilling 1855 and 4 sk. rouletted tied by duplex numeral 181. Rectangular Aus Dänemark alongside. Red crayon 3 Sgr. for the rate share to the union. Very fresh shade of the 16 sk. stamp, cover folded, but fine and neat appearance.
Price on request
Danmark, 1871, 11,14,15,21
"Parcel letter front from Musse letter collecting place "Fra Musse Brevsaml." to Copenhagen Jan 20, 1871-72 for four parcels weighing 36 , 38 , 37 1/2 , 39 a total of 150 , with Saxkiøbing labels 25-28. Postage paid cash, a total of 90 skilling on the cover with 48 sk, pair of 16 sk., 2 and 8 sk. Arms type - not complete franking. Fresh shade for the 48 sk. stamp. Musse collecting place from 1.10.1867-22.8.1872. A scarce parcel item."
DKK 11.160,00
Danmark, 1873, 19
16 sk. rate to France from Copenhagen franked with two single 8 sk. bicoloured tied by duplex numeral 181 alongside French transit and circled PD in red. The right 8 sk. with short corner perf. A most attractive illustrated reverse from Hotel Gustaf Adolf.
DKK 2.230,00
Danmark, 1875, 27y
16 øre bicoloured III printing with thick normal frame pos. 56. Fine hinged copy.
DKK 3.720,00
Danmark, 1895, 35,35x
10 øre small corner figures in pair on 4 øre envelope from Slagelse to Copenhagen December 2, 1895. Small corner figures with cornerfold, but still a fine cover and extremely scarce.
DKK 22.320,00
Danmark, 1905, 50
50 øre King Christian IX colorproof in copper red with large margin piece. Only few known to exists.
DKK 7.440,00
Danmark, 1904
Die proof in black of King Christian IX 5 øre denomination on cardboard paper in block of four, designed by Hans Tegner. Rare.
DKK 7.440,00
Danmark, 1904
Die proof in black of King Christian IX 5 øre denomination on cardboard paper, designed by Hans Tegner.
DKK 2.230,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1903, 16
Provisional postcard 1/3 c. 1902 with additional franking 1 cent Arms type tied by St. Thomas cds June 10, 1903 to Costa Rica to make up the 2 cents rate for UPU postcards. Transit via Colon, Panama and readdressed in Costa Rica. A very unusual destionation.
DKK 3.720,00
Danmark, 1915
Internee letter sent from POW machinest Wende aboard the Zeppelin L-4 that crashed near the lighthouse at Blåvands Huk NW of Esbjerg on February 17th 1915, same day L-3 crashed on the Island of Fanø. The crew was interned near Odense, and letters from these internees are quite scarce and desired among Zeppelin collectors.
DKK 3.720,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1893, 11
"Letter franked with 10 cents bicoloured VI printing from Christianssted to Copenhagen December 12, 1895 tied by mute four-ring cancellation and to make up the 10 cents UPU rate. On reverse Christianssted "C" and St. Thomas transit. Arrival mark on reverse."
DKK 1.490,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1898, 11y
Letter franked with 10 cents bicoloured inverted frame VII printing from Christiansted to Copenhagen December 19, 1898 tied by Christiansted cds. 10 cents UPU rate. St. Thomas transit and Copenhagen arrival mark on reverse. A fine cover.
DKK 1.490,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1896, 5
2 Cents envelope wm III with additional 1 cent bicoloured VIII printing from Frederiksted to Bassin September 23, 1896 tied by Frederiksted cds and Christiansted arrival mark on reverse. Local rate 3 cents, unusual item.
DKK 2.600,00