Danmark, 1659
Letter sent from Aalborg to Odense 1659 to Marshall Hans Schack, who fought against the Swedes in the Danish-Swedish war 1658-59.
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Danmark, 1738
Royal Service letter from Sonderburg 16 November 1738 to Husum with Sonderborg city wax seal. Front with Royal insignia - C6tus Königl. Commission Affairer ·/· and noted – ohne Attest – and crossed out; Königl. Commission Affairer. It is thought, that Husum sent a letter so that Sonderburg had to pay postage since Sonderburg is writing the following inside the letter; 6-tus setzen zu lassen, damit es an porto keine Kostern verursachen möge. Likely only recorded with reference to Royal Insignia letter was not charged. Illustrated in ARGE SCH 163.VII-VIII.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1749
Express letter sent from Flensburg 1 October 1749 to Husum with full contents.
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Danmark, 1761
Entire from Aalborg to Copenhagen sent December 1761 with list number “ 1 - “ Rare and early letter from Aalborg with contents preserved. Very fresh and beautifully manuscript address on front.
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Danmark, 1797
Early letter from Ribe to Odder pr. Horsens with postal manuscript ”Ribe 12. Dec. 97” and 6 sk. “6” red crayon. On reverse ”6-6”, list no. 6, rate 6 sk. by receiver.
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Danmark, 1800
Duplicate letter dated Copenhagen 11 January 1800 and sent to Massachusetts, USA. Being a duplicate letter, it was forwarded from Altona 2 April 1800. New York arrival mark May 10 stamped on front.
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Danmark, 1800
Telegraph Depeche envelope sent with local messenger from the Viborg Telegraph Station on the Hobro-Thisted line. Endorsed “Budpenge betales ved Modtagelsen #udgjør – 16 ß.” and pre-printed “frit” crossed out with red crayon, a rare and expensive local express service letter.
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Danmark, 1801
Money Letter from lottery agent Ulrikke Augusta Schytt in Ribe sent to lottery agent Bie 1801-1808, Copenhagen. Contained - NB Heruid 141 Rd: 181ßD: - closed with four red wax seals – RIBE C7 – and collectors own wax seal. Without postal notations.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1807, ARGE 4
Letter from Hamburg to Paris January 14th 1807 with 3-line mark ”B.G.D – Hambourg, R4 – 1807, Janv. 14” ARGE 5 in red from Großherzogliches Bergisches Ober-Postamt. Fine and readable mark.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1808
Napoleonic War. Royal Service Letter “K.D.S.” sent from Trittau 3 November 1808 to Tremsbüttel, noted “K.D.S. p o d s” and the “p o d s” it not yet known what it means.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1809
Entire dated Paris 1 January 1809 to Copenhagen via Hamburg. Opened and censored in Hamburg according to circular 12 DEC 1807, re-sealed with red wax seal “Königlich Dänisches Post Amt zur Hamburg / FR VI”. Hamburg mark 9 JAN 1809, list no. 258-36”. A rare example of early Danish censorship.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1810
Entire dated St. Croix 5 March 1810 to Aberdeen, Scotland and Edinburgh datestamp in red “APR / W / 8 / M / 1810”. Packet rate West Indies to Falmouth 1/1d, Falmouth to Aberdeen inland rate 600-700 miles 1/4d, total 2/5 charged by addressee. Only one of two blue impression of this postmark known, and this is the finest of the two. This being a single letter, the other a double rate letter, both sent at exactly the same date.
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Danmark, 1810
Royal Service lettersheet sent by “Field Post Estafette” from Amtmand Blom to Byfoged Lund in Skagen 1810-14. During the Napoleonic war the British navy controlled Danish waters and had their base at Anholt. Apparently therefore a military mail service was established at Frederikshavn along the cost to Skagen.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1813
Napoleonic War. Military letter endorsed “D.S.” Dienst Sache sent from Fresenburg to Tremsbüttel in Holstein 31 May 1813. On front endorsed “Lieut Sachau, Comm. Der 2’ Comp. ---“. An unusual endorsement on the front of the letter, 1 wax seal on reverse.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1814
Napoleonic War. Royal Service Letter “K.D.S.” sent from Ahrensburg to Tremsbüttel 15 March 1814, noted “Durch reitende Bothen von Dorf, zu Dorf saglich zu besorgen, Abgesendt von Ahrensburg d. 15te Martz, des Morgens 9 1 2 Uhr” and with two was seals on reverse. Rare letter.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1821
Letter (front) sent from Kiel to Coblenz 13 August 1821 stamped with the boxed “KIEL” and the only recorded example of this postmark. Known for many years and certainly among the most wanted Danish postmarks used in the Duchy of Holstein.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1822
Letter sheet from Itzehoe 3 March 1822 to Uslar near Göttingen, Germany. Boxed – ITZEHOE Marts 3 – struck on front. Instruction to the post: cito cito, for express service.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1824
Letter sent from Flensburg 24 February 1824 to Bordeaux, franco Hamburg. – T.T.R.4 – DANEMARCK / PAR HAMBOURG – and Danish boxed – FLENSB. / Febr. 24. – possible type RAM-1.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1824
Unpaid letter docketed St. Croix 10 August 1824 to Aberdeen, Scotland. By British Packet and charged 2/7, picked up by the Leeward Islands Packet and carried to Falmouth and received “LEEWARD ISLAND F” in green. Single letter rate 1813 - 37 1S/2d to Fallmouth, indland rate above 700 miles from Fallmouth to Aberdeen (798 miles) 1S/5d, total due 2/7 and boxed “1/2” d for mail coach. With an upright and beautiful “LEEWARD ISLANDS / F / SE 7 / 1824” in green ink. Of the letters with this Fallmouth mark only a very few are stamped in an upright position and as clear as this strike.
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Danmark, 1824
Local letter sent to the “Classenske Fidei-Commiss” in Fredericia 1824 – letter sheet with watermark, no contents. Beautiful wax seal with F5
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Indien, 1826
"Large piece with boxed postmark "SERAMPORE POST OFFICE 18" dated May 6, 1826."
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