Denmark, 1866
Letter from Helsingborg to Copenhagen via Helsingør 20 April 1866. On arrival in Helsingør the letter was stamped with the scarce boxed mark “Fra Sverrig” and Helsingør CDS on reverse 21.4.1866 and Copenhagen CDS same day. The postmark was ordered by the Helsingør Postoffice 3 June 1865 and apparently in use from 1 August 1865. Also the rate of 8 sk. charged was the special Øresund border rate.
GBP 1,080.00
Denmark, 1940
"Complete used set of Freikorps Dänemark on piece tied by mauve "Diensstelle Feldpostnummer 25362C - Briefstempel”. Rare set in excellent quality."
GBP 1,621.00
Denmark, 1927, Boom 2.1
1 Kr. Advertising Booklet, Danske Hafnia & Danske Phønix. Well preserved.
GBP 608.00
Denmark, 1859
Royal Service letter with wax seal GREVE PASTORAT to Copenhagen 1 December 1859?, with blue crayon 6 sk. due by addressee and manuscript town name TAASTRUP top right corner.
GBP 180.00
Denmark, 1847
Passenger-Ticket with the daily mail-coach from Kjøge to Taastrup, dated Wednesday 20 October 1847.
GBP 450.00
Denmark, 1927, PF 5, 11
Freight Bill for a load of stones weighing 60 kgs bearing a 10 øre wavy-line and 30 øre Caravel POSTFÆRGE overprints, tied by two-ring mark “AGGERSUND FÆRGERI”. Sent from Aggersund to Løgstør.
GBP 405.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1850
1 Schilling Essay 1850 on large piece. The stamp design has been printed in black on a dull khaki burelage and colourless centre, and a negative white appearance of the text “SCHLW.-HOLST.POSTSCHILLING”, corner figures on shaded background. Almost similar to Krötzsch no. 4. Very fine embossed coat of arms in the centre. Rare.
GBP 1,801.00
Iceland, 1901
Postcard sent from Reykjavik to Hanoi, Tonkin 5 June 1901, bearing a 6 aur and 4 aur perf. 12 _, tied by CDS “REYKJAVIK” swiss type and Hanoi Tonkin 24 July receiving mark on front. Despite the missing part of the 4 aur NE corner, still an attractive postcard to a hitherto unrecorded destination.
GBP 2,701.00
Faroe Islands, 1849
Official letter sent from the Administration of Greenland and The Faroes in Copenhagen to Thorshavn 20. January 1849, without any markings at all. Quite unusual actually, with full contents inside.
GBP 1,260.00
India, 1851
"Letter sent from Tranquebar to Madras 23 March 1851. Stamped with boxed "Tranquebar Paid" March 23, 1851" in red - charge 2 Annas. "
GBP 1,801.00
Denmark, 1947
Letter from a refugee in the camp of Aalborg Water airfield, barach 375 to Stockholm on 19. April 1947. Receiver there is unknown, thus returned to Aalborg. Two Aalborg camp marks on reverse. Interesting and appealing cover.
GBP 113.00
Iceland, 1921
5 AUR overprint on 8 aur King Christian IX reply card additionally franked with 3 aur brown Chr. X on postcard sent locally in Reykjavik 13 October 1921, correct local rate 8 aur from 15 May 1921 to 31 December 1932. Ringstrøm Nr. 51, original double card 20 type I or IV, Hjernamegin (mà).
GBP 315.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1857
K.D.S. m.att, Official letter sent from Bordesholm to Itzehoe 22 November (1857) applied with a clear strike of “Bordesholm” line mark in antiqua.
GBP 405.00
Danish West Indies, 1905, 8B
50 BIT EFTERPORTO stamp large multiple of 40, mint never hinged, perforation 14 x 14 1/2, AFA 8B (catalogvalue dkk 18.000), some split perfs., rare multiple.
GBP 900.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1867
Letter sent and dated from Neukirchen to Eutin 24 May 1867 bearing a 1/2 Sch. “SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN” Mi. 8 tied by double ring “EUTIN 24 5 67 6-7N” and cancelled when received in Eutin.
GBP 450.00
Denmark, 1871
2 - 4 - 16 Sk. Official Issue, mint hinged. Very fresh set.
GBP 360.00
Denmark, 1852
Letter from Nysted 27 May 1853 to Nykjøbing paa Falster. Postage paid with 4 RBS Thiele I, plate I-32, tied by mute cancel and datestamped ANTIIb – NYSTED 27/5 1853 -. Due to the nature of the addressees text on the envelope, the stamp affixed contrary to regulations away from top right corner. Against postal instructions, a penalty of 6 RBS was not charged. A most unusual latter.
GBP 675.00
Faroe Islands, 1903
Envelope sent from Trangisvaag 28 July 1903 to Copenhagen, Denmark. A 10 øre Coat of Arms issue perforation 12¾ tied by a superb impression of the swiss-type cancel TRANGISVAAG 28.-7.-1903 DAKA 02.04 and is paying for the domestic rate of 10 øre, envelope cut down at left, but otherwise fine.
GBP 180.00
Faroe Islands, 1940
Registered letter sent to the British Consulate at Thorshavn with “Radio-Hilsen” 14. December 1940 from Andefjord, with collecting office star-removed cancel ANDEFJORD and receiving mark THORSHAVN 14.12.1940 16-17 and registration label Thorshavn 308. Envelope with the note RADIO HILSEN, this year only, BBC had agreed to broadcast Christmas Greetings to relatives in Denmark. The fee was 5 Kr. - and should be sent to the British Consulate and this letter contained a note of 5 Kr. Letter rate 20 øre plus 30 øre registration fee.
GBP 540.00
Greenland, 1946
Domestic letter sent from Julianehaab 13 May 1946 to Frederikshaab, Greenland. With both JULIANEHAAB 6-5-1946 departure and FREDERIKSHAAB 13-5-1946 receiving marks on front. Very fine condition of both postmarks.
GBP 270.00
Danish West Indies, 1904, 22
Postcard from St. Thomas 28 August 1904 to Copenhagen, Denmark. 2¢ Coat-of-Arms red tied by ST: THOMAS 28/8 1904 LAP2 and KJØBENHAVN V. 18.9.04.OMB.O receiving mark on front. 2¢ UPU postcard rate from 1.1.1902 – 14.7.1905.
GBP 90.00