Danmark, 1812
Prepaid letter from Ledreborg 27 March 1812 to Lütetsburg north of Emden. Paid to Altona, with a break down of the postal rate on the flap, P. Haders ?. – 6, Pr. Hamburg ? 5-30, Pr. Grænsen 5-30, total 66 sk. paid, list no. 2-66. With a “6” marking and stamped “DANNEMARC/P·HAMBOUG”. Letter’s with a calculation of the paid postage is extremely scarce for letters abroad. Sent during the Napoleonic War.
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Danmark, 1672
Early letter from the British Ambassador Thomas Henshaw in Copenhagen 19 October 1672, to his friend, Robert Clayton, London’s wealthiest citizen in his time. Sent through the Danish Post Office in Hamburg, via Amsterdam and by ship to London, rated 8d in Great Britian. On arrival stamped London receiving office mark – 2 Off – in circle. Very early letter from Denmark to a foreign country.
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Danmark, 1844
Unpaid letter sent from Copenhagen 22 June 1844 to Randers. Routing instruction – Via Callundborg – and charged 5 sk. also noted top middle of the letter, paid by the sender for handing in the letter the first hour after normal opening hours at the Copenhagen post office. Charged 18 sk. for the rate to Randers and 1 sk. local delivery fee at Randers, total paid 19 sk. by addressee. Sent with the steamer Chr VIII on the Aarhus-Copenhagen mail route, 2nd weekly trip on Saturday's.
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Danmark, 1849
PASSAGEER-BILLET for Reisende med den forenede Brev- og Personpost over STORE-BELT, 1 December 1849. Passenger ticket issued for a Danish Corporal, paid 1 Rbd. and 40 Sk. Glued to a card-board for preservation, already a long time ago or may have been from a family scrap book.
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Danmark, 1836
Partly paid letter to from Svendborg 4 October 1836 to Christiania, Norway. Sent – Franco Helsingborg – departure town manuscript on reverse – Svendborg – and straight line – SVENDBORG. – struck on front, the only recorded example from the pre-philatelic period, and known again on letters from April 1851. Postal rate marking, list no. – 69-24 – 24 sk. paid to Helsingborg.
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Danmark, 1670
Early letter sent from NORDBORG on the Island of Als to Botha 28 December 1670. One of the earliest letters with contents that is known and to be sent from Denmark to a foreign destination. This letter has been sent by Rudolf Friedrich (1645-1688) Herzog to Schleswig-Holstein-Nordburg.
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Danmark, 1712
Royal letter signed by King Frederik IV, dated Haupt-Qvartier vor Stade 10 September 1712 and addressed to General and General Gouvenor Jobst von Scholten during Great Northern War (Store Nordiske Krig). The letter is written in Stade, only two days after the Swedish capitulation and Stade remained Danish until 1715.
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Danmark, 1818
Entire letter delivered within Copenhagen ramparts 25 October 1818. Charged ‘8ß’ noted on back. In Copenhagen Foot-Post list no. 31 noted in NW-corner. Copenhagen Foot-Post struck FP type II in negative red imprint, only two-three such examples are recorded, stamped in red wax and with red crayon a cross. A great Foot-Post rarity in excellent condition.
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Danmark, 1791
Partly paid letter sent from Copenhagen 17 April 1791 to Saint-Quentin, France. Paid 9 Lübsche Schilling ‘fco. Hambourg’, postmarked T&T ‘DÆNNEMARCK’. Via Paris ‘8’ sols noted, due ‘36’ sols payable on reception. In order to impress the wax seal was added Gold dust, I have never seen gold dust in wax seals before on letters from the Kingdom of Denmark.
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Danmark, 1807
Letter from British soldier datelined Frederiksberg 17 August 1807 to London, Great Britain. The writer, Jackson, writes '' 'I've arriv'd at this place on the 17th and much to my surprise without opposition. The men offer'd every advantage on landing and our night march afterwards was a very hazardous performance. We expected a formidable resistance here, but after some shew of cavalry - the Danes retired''. ''I am well mounted on a Danish post horse taken the first day and he is worth bringing to England.''. On August 16th 30.000 British troops landed in Vedbæk, and then marched to Copenhagen. This letter is written the day after the landing. A historical letter which finally led to the bombardment of Copenhagen 2 September.
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Danmark, 1851
PASSAGEER-BILLET for 1 Person med det Kongelige Postdampskib ”Eideren” fra København til Kiel 17 April 1851, betalt 10 Rbdlr. First Classe, Gentlemens cabin no. 10. Rare and very decorative.
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Danmark, 1811
Royal Service letter from Hobroe 14 February 1811 to Copenhagen, with notice on the front “Fra Byefogeden i Hobroe”, list no. 2 on the back. Content concerning the accommodation of the Spanish and sale through auction. From the Napoleonic war-time period with the British Forces at Anholt.
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Danmark, 1860
PASSAGEER-BILLET for Reisende med Pakkeposten fra Hjørring til Frederikshavn, 26 June 1860. Passenger ticket issued for an adult and child, paid 1 Rdl. 80 ß.
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Danmark, 1777
Prepaid letter from Copenhagen General-Post-Amt 8 April 1777 to Christiansand, Norway. On back with red wax-seal GENERAL POST AMTS SIEGEL, letter is about pension to Fräulein Cathrine Dorothea von Dumbsdorff zu Christiansand. List no. on back 30-11, paid 11 sk. for the postage. Letters to Norway as early as this is very unusual. Although sent from an Official administration, not sent as Royal Service KT, since the addressee is a private person.
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Danmark, 1772
Official Military letter with royal insignium “C7mus” sent from Odense 7 March 1772 to Husum. The King’s initial sin stylised form with a conventionalized royal crown above, signifies Royal Franking Privilege with certificate. Postal markings list number “1-“ on reverse. From 1 August 1771, a royal regulation announced, that military letters on official matters between the officials were subject to a certificate (Fr. Olsen, page 179.)
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Danmark, 1745
Royal letter signed by King Christian VI at Hirscholm Castle 8 October 1745, sent to Peter Kaasböll, 'Oberst af Infanteriet og ... Norske Artillerie Corps, Christiania.' with manuscript ledger ' 163 - ' and royal wax seal. Full contents inside. Norway an extremely rare destination for ledgers signed by a Danish King.
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Danmark, 1800
Delvist betalt brev fra Asnæs (17 km. NV for Holbæk) 25.7.1800 til København. Betalt fra Holbæk til Roskilde med 4 skilling, derfor påtegning ”Franco Roesk”. Resterende porto fra Roskilde til København = 2 skilling. ”Karteret Holb 25”. I Roskilde påført 13—2 = kartenummer 13 og porto 2 skilling.
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Danmark, 1766
"Banco-letter (value letter) 129 Rdl. 38 sk. sent from Nyborg to Copenhagen (Baumgarten 1766-1791), with Nyborg's post office seal “NYBORG C7” and roayal insignie "C7 timus"."
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Danmark, 1846
Letter sent from Buenos Aires to Bornholm November 1846 via Hamburg. Hamburg Schiffspost transit mark on reverse. List number 1-13/35, total charge of 48 sk. and 4 sk. rural carrier fee, all together 52 sk. due by the addressee. Extremely scarce and early letter from overseas to Bornholm.
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Danmark, 1827
Franco Hamburg letter from Aalborg 14 August 1827 to Bordeaux, France. Postmarked boxed RAM-2 – AALBORG 14 Aug.27. – Via Hamburg – DANEMARCK / PAR HAMBOURG – and – T.T.R.4 – Thurn & Taxis Oberpostamt. Red Frendch border mark, Paris Transitmark. Postage due 20 decimes for the distance Hambourg-Bordeaux for letters of 7,5 gr. Danish List no. 16-40.
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Danmark, 1801
Money Letter from lottery agent Ulrikke Augusta Schytt in Ribe sent to lottery agent Bie 1801-1808, Copenhagen. Contained - NB Heruid 141 Rd: 181ßD: - closed with four red wax seals – RIBE C7 – and collectors own wax seal. Without postal notations.
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