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Grønland, 1929
Registered Air Mail letter poste restante from Stockholm 7 June 1929 to New York City, USA. Two types of 15 øre, and 5 Kr. block of four King Gustaf V 5 Kr. block of four, 5 and 10 øre Lion tied by cds ‘STOCKHOLM-NEWYORK 1929’ and datestamp STOCKHOLM 7.6.29, registration label ‘Stockholm PFFS nr. 9697’. 26 June the plane left REYKJAVIK for USA, only to make an emergency/crash landing near Ivigtut, Greenland. The plane was shipped by ship to New York. An airmail service fee was paid in stamps with 20 Kr.
DKK 3.350,00
Grønland, 1932
10 ØRE - I GRØNLANDSKE LUFTPOST, UDET air mail stamp cancelled with 3-line [crown] / KOLONIEN / UMANAK and dateline stamp '-8.JUL.1932'. Stamp engraved by the American artist, Rockwell Kent, colour of stamp well preserved and in stamp in very fine condition.
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Grønland, 1922
Postcard sent from Auerbach 18 February 1922 to Julianehaab, Greenland. Postcard written in Esperanto, a most unusual destination for a Esperanto letter.
DKK 3.720,00
Grønland, 1865
Parcel letter sent from Copenhagen 10 May 1865 to Egedesminde, Greenland. Sent with Briggen “Mariane” which was in Greenland voyages from 1839 to 1869. The ship ran aground 7 May 1869 on the rocks the fake Kookøer 4 mil north of Nuuk, no one died, but wrecked. The letter is complete, including St. Croix Rhum. Noted “25” in blue crayon, the number on the ship mail list. Beautifully preserved.
DKK 10.420,00
Grønland, 1923
Postcard sent from Wittenberge (Potsdam) 31 October 1923 to Godthaab bearing fur 5 MILLIONEN inflation stamps tied by Wittenberge CDS. Rare destination for an infla cover.
DKK 2.980,00
Grønland, 1923
Rockwell Kent “10 ØRE Grønlandske Luftpost” stamp, reprint.
DKK 2.600,00