Udenlandske kontorer

Dansk Vestindien, 1878
Liverpool 1 December 1878 to Port-au-Prince, Puerto Rico. Noted with routing instruction 'per Nile'. British 1/- green plate 13 prepaid to destination. The letter was carried outside the British mail to St. Thomas and postmarked and postmarked with Danish 'ST. THOMAS 16/12 1878' on back as well as used for canceling the adhesive, arriving with RMSPC 'NILE' at St. Thomas 16 December. Next day, the 17 December, it was shipped with RMSPC steamer 'NILE' arriving at Jacmel on the 19 December. A most unusual letter and so far, probably the only recorded British stamp cancelled with the Danish postmark on letter.
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Danmark, 1873
Letter from St. Thomas 27 April 1873 to Paris, France. British 4d plate 12 and 3d plate 9 cancelled with duplex 'C51 ST-THOMAS / A AP27 73 PAID' alongside red 1-ring 'LONDON M / PAID / F 4 MY73'. From St. Thomas with RMSPC steamer 'ELBE' 28 April and arriving Plymouth 14 MAY 1872. Rate 7d to France from July 1875 - 31.12.1875. One round corner on 4d stamp.
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Danmark, 1875
Letter from Maracaibo 30 April 1873 via St. Thomas 16 May to Vera Cruz, Mexico . British 4d plate 12 cancelled with clear and clean duplex 'C51 ST-THOMAS A / MY16 73 / PAID', routing instruction 'Via San Tomas'. From St. Thomas with RMSPC steamer 'EIDER' 17 May and arriving Vera Cruz 27 May. British packet 4d rate within Caribbean Sea.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1912
Share affixed with 1 Franc STEMPELMÆRKE paying the fee of 1 franc, stamped '14 MRS 10.08 / THE NATIONAL BANK OF / THE DANISH WEST INDIES', and manuscript of board member 'A. Tofft'. Share of 'The St. Thomas Icefactory - and - Cold Storage Company Limited'. Rare
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Dansk Vestindien, 1873
Queen Victoria, surface-printed, large white letters, a small group of stamps cancelled with obliterator 'C51' and duplex C51 in various conditions.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1873
Queen Victoria, surface-printed, large white letters, 5 shilling rose, plate 1 and 2, cancelled with obliterator 'C51'. One stamp plate 1 in very fine condition, plate 2 with round corners.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1877
Letter sheet from St. Thomas 9 March 1877 to Vera Cruz, Mexico. Double rate letter 2x60c paid with three 40c orange Siège de Paris tied by octagonal ST. THOMAS / PAQ. FR. B. No. 4 / 9 MARS 77, cds ST. THOMAS 9/3 1877, and on arrival stamped 25 cts delivery fee. Sent with French steamer Ville Bordeaux, arriving from St. Nazaire via Fort de France, St. Thomas to Vera Cruz. A most attractive letter.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1866
Letter from Nantes to St. Thomas 14 April 1866 to Carupano, care of St. Thomas agent. Routing instruction Voie d’Angleterre, stamped P.P. and London transit AP16, with receiving mark closed ring ST. THOMAS A MY2 66 on reverse. Charged 4d due, the letter has been forwarded to Carupano, Venezuela. From Southampton RMSPC SEINE arriving 1 May at St. Thomas. A most unusual mixed franking with French and British postage.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1853
Unpaid lettersheet dated St. Thomas 30 January 1853 to Frankfurt, Germany sent onboard RMSPC „THAMES”, stamped with large arc “ST. THOMAS 6 FEB 1853” and arriving Southampton 7 March, stamped London 7 MR 1853, transit “AUS ENGLAND 8/3”. Routing instruction “Pr. Steamer via Ostende). Due to heavy gales from 15/2 delayed for more than a week. Charged 1/4 d for British postage, and German due (58 Rb. Sk.). Letters from DWI to Germany from this period considered a rarity.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1854
Docketed St. Juan, Pto Rico 29 December 1853 via St. Thomas to New York. One 1/ paid and crowned circle struck “PAID AT SAN JUAN PORTO RICO” in black, via “ST. THOMAS JA 15 1854” on reverse, and “STEAMPSHIP 10” cents due at New York.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1863
Letter docketered St. Thomas 30 April 1863 to Kingston, Jamaica. Crowned 1-ring “PAID AT ST. THOMAS” in red struck on front and 4d paid to Jamaica. Double ring, small type “ST. THOMAS MY 1 1863” and 1-ring “KINGSTON-JAMAICA MY 5 63” struck on reverse.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1875
"Envelope with two letters inside, St. Thomas 5 March 1875 to Philadelphia via New York. Forwarded in St. Thomas, agents cachet "FORWARDED BY / G. W. SMITH & Co. / ST. THOMAS W.I." and sent through the British Post Office in St. Thomas "C 51" canceling a 4d plate 14. NY "DUE 10C U.S. CURRENCY MAR 18". A letter inside is dated s.s. „VILLE DE BREST"."
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Dansk Vestindien, 1851
Stamped St. Thomas January 15, 1851, sent to Woonsocket Falls, U.S.A. Struck on reverse the small double ring type “ST. THOMAS JAN 15 1851” and forwarder cachet “FORWARDED BY / G.W. SMITH & CO. / ST. THOMAS W.I.”. Prepaid “1/” and stamped crowned double ring “PAID AT ST. THOMAS” and on arrival in US struck “STEAMSHIP 10” cents due, likely New York mark.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1864
Unpaid letter docketed St. Thomas 13 May 1863 to Marseille via London. Sender’s cachet “SEGOND & LAFERRIÈRE / ST. THOMAS” struck on front, routing order – Par ”Atrato” RMSPC “Atrato” to London. On reverse British double ring small type “ST. THOMAS MY14 1864”, 1-ring “J M / LONDON / MY-28 / 64”, “PARIS / 29MAI 64 / 60”, “3 MARSEILLE 3 / 30 MAI 64 / (12)” and on front “ANGL. / 29 MAI 64 / AMB. CALAIS D” and struck accountancy mark “GB // 1F60C” and numeral type “8” decimes due by addressee.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1871
Printed circular originating St. Johns, Porto Rico 31st December 1870, posted at the British post office at St. Thomas 2 January 1871 to Kingston, Jamaica. GB 1d plate 106 tied by “C51” vertical type and datestamped “ST. THOMAS / A / JA 2 / 71 / PAID” 1-ring in red ink and with Kingston receiving mark “KINGSTON / B / JA 5 / 71 / JAMAICA” and sent onboard RMSPC “Shannon”.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1875
HAPAG 10 cents, hinged.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1851
Entire dated St. Thomas 14. September 1855 to Caracas, Venezuela. Sent through and stamped with “FOREIGN LETTER OFFICE - ST. THOMAS” on reverse. Routing instruction “pr. Isabel”, Venezuelan receiving mark struck on front and charged “2” reales due by addressee. Merchants in St. Thomas maintained the office from 1846 to 1860. Mail was bagged and shipped by private packets to avoid high charges of inconvenient schedules.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1862
Unpaid letter dated St. Thomas 13 June 1862 to Bordeaux, France. Loose packet letter sent with RMS „SHANNON” arriving and stamped “SOUTHAMPTON / PACKET LETTER / JU28 1862”, rare on letters. London Anglo-French accounting mark “GB // 1F60c” and charged double 8c rate “16” decimes charged. Right side of envelope stained.
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