Danske Frimærker

Schleswig-Holstein, 1862
Letter sent from Lübeck to Altona 6 August 1862 baring a 4 sk. 1858-issue tied by numeral “3” alongside two-ring “BAHNH.LUEBECK * K. DÆN.POST 6/8 I.Z.”
DKK 1.120,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1855
Letter sent from Glückstadt til Witzwort near Tönning 31 March 1855, bearing a 4 sk. 1854 dotted spandrels (close cut at right side), tied by numeral “116” Glückstadt alongside CDS “GLÜCKSTADT 31.3.1855”. Due to apparently a weak cancellation on the stamp, once again cancelled in Tönning with numeral “74” alongside CDS 1 1/2-ring “TÖNNING 1 4 1855”. Indeed a very unusual seen double cancelling.
DKK 1.490,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1858
NEWSPAPER WRAPPER BAND with Postal Money Demand 22 Rdl 22 sk. sent from Hamburg to Pellworm 17.4 (1858-1863). Double letter rate paid by pair of 4 sk. 1858 wavy-line spandrels, Money Order Fee 8 sk. 5-10 Rdl. paid in cash, list no. 30. Wrapper bands are very unusual items.
DKK 14.930,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1863, 9
COD sent sent from Bergedorf to Lauenburg 3 December 1863 on pre-printed invoice sheet bearing a 4 sk. 1863 (stamp cut below) tied by 5-line Bergedorf cancel, alongside segment “Bergedorf 3.12 II T”. COD for “ 12 M 1 sk. Ct.” and converted into LM. A well preserved document.
DKK 8.960,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1851
The Postal Law of Schleswig 18. April 1851. The use of 4 RBS was introduced 1 May 1851.
DKK 7.460,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1858
Letter bearing a 4 sk. 1858 wavy-line spandrels tied by numeral 192 “Slesvigske Bureau” alongside “SLESV.P.SP.BUR. I T2 15/7” CDS, sent Copenhagen, rarely seen cancellation.
DKK 750,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1860
Letter sent from Bergedorf 1860 the Duchy of Schleswig, Holm Mühle near Fleckebau south of the Schlei, bearing a 4 sk. 1858 wavy-line spandrels tied by curved “BERGEDORF” mark. Somewhat aged and stamp short of margin at top, but still an attractive letter.
DKK 5.970,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1860
Letter sheet sent from Wandsbeck to Carlshütte near Rendsburg 4 August 1860 bearing a 4 sk. 1858 wavy-line issue tied by numeral “146” in blue ink as well as CDS “Wandsbeck 4/8 1860” also in blue. Very scarce on letter and in excellent quality of the postmarks.
DKK 8.960,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1854
4 sk. 1854 dotted spandrels with town manuscript “Seelent”. Might well be only recorded.
DKK 8.960,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1852, 1
Ferslew printing 4 RBS, plate I-41 on letter from Haderslev to Copenhagen. Mute cancellation tying the stamp alongside bluish green Haderslev mark dated August 31, 1852.
DKK 1.870,00