Danmark, 1820
Foot Post Letter from Copenhagen Early January 1820 to Paris, France. Paid to Hamburg manuscript 'pp p Hbg) - port payee to Hamburg , transit via Hamburg T.T. Post office. Letter first posted through Copenhagen Foot Post and stamped 1-ring “F.P.”. On reverse '12S' postage paid to the Foot Post to Hamburg. Total postage noted top right '38' to Paris and French due '12' decimes. Foot post ledger '14' top left corner. Any foot post letter to a foreign destinations are rare, this is an most unusual letter in respect of the foot post service in Copenhagen. DAKA 4A.
DKK 18.600,00
Danmark, 1812
Foot post letter from Copenhagen 11 November 1812 to Roeskilde. Manuscript “frit” indicated that the letter was prepaid to Roeskilde. In Roeskilde the local delivery fee of 2 sk. marked with red crayon “2” paid by addressee. Foot post letters sent outside Copenhagen to other provincial cities are in fact small rarities.
DKK 4.460,00
Danmark, 1850
Entire sent from Christianhavns Caserne 21 December 1850 to Roskilde. Footpost cancellation Skilling 5 OVA-1 ‘F: 10 21/12 50 P:’ and on reverse Antiqua III ‘KJØBENHAVN 21/12 1850’ both in bluish green ink. Letter list ‘6 – 3’, no. 6 on the list and rate 3 sk. to Roskilde, in Roskilde 2 sk. local carrier’s fee, total due red crayon ‘5’ charged on front. Footpost letter sent to other cities in Denmark are quite unusual.
DKK 2.980,00
Danmark, 1807
Entire with inside dating Kiøbenhavn 7 March 1807 to Frørup, south east of Nyborg. ‘1-3’ noted on the back referring to the number on the letter list, Footpost letter list ‘146’ noted on the front, charged 3 sk. in red crayon for delivery by addressee. Postmarked ‘FP’ cancellation type 1, rarely found on letters sent to other cities in Denmark.
DKK 10.420,00
Danmark, 1819
Royal Service Lettter sent with Copenhagen Foot Post from Bornholm 13 September 1819. On reverse list number “8-“ and on front “10” Copenhagen foot post listing. Stamped with RED circular “FP”. DAKA 4B, ONLY RECORDED IN RED. Red ink indicate receiver to pay the postage, 8 sk. as indicated on reverse.
DKK 59.520,00
Danmark, 1808
Undated folded letter, prepaid “frit” sent locally within Copenhagen through the Local Foot post ca. 1808. At top left corner written a provisional “F.P.)”, may either have been added by the foot post mailman on his route or the postmark may have been missing or mislaid, . It is considered a substitute for the Foot-post mark F.P. type II, only known example recorded, ex. Rathje collection. DAKA 2C.
DKK 48.360,00
Danmark, 1873, SKIL KV4a
2 Sk. ultramarine (SKILLING KV4a) stationery envelope sent through Copenhagen foot post on 29 September 1873, canceled with numeral '1' alongside foot post mark 'F: 7 1/2 29/9 73 P:' OVA-4
DKK 740,00
Danmark, 1874, 16
2 sk. bicolored VIII printing pos. A52 on foot post letter 27 July 1874 to Strandgade 28, 1Ste Sal. Canceled with distinct numeral '1' alongside FP (Skilling 8) in black 27/7 74. A clean and neat cover.
DKK 1.040,00
Danmark, 1845
Prepaid Printed Market Report 4 February 1845 from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, Denmark. Senders cachet stamped on front 'EBELING & BRANDT / AMSTERDAM' and in Copenhagen handed in to the Copenhagen Foot Post and stamped octagonal 'FP' in black.
DKK 2.980,00