Island, 1902, 27
6 aur Í GILDI ’02-’03 RED overprint on IV. printing, smudgy grey. Hinged, very fine centering. Excellent copy.
DKK 7.460,00
Island, 1903
Front from printed matter wrapper band from Reykjavik to Nürnberg in Germany October 16, 1903. Franked with 3 copies of the 10 aur I GILDI issue to pay the weight of 6x 50 gramms, total 300 gramms. Possible only recorded item of the I GILDI issue on wrapper front. A few small faults on the right stamp. Extremely scarce.
DKK 7.460,00
Island, 1902, 13
10 aur I GILDI Official perf 14 mint hinged block of four with the rare overprint error ’03-’03 instead of ’02-’03.
DKK 8.960,00