Andre udgaver

Island, 1940
Letter sent from Iceland to Brasil December 1940 with British censor label PC90 #4268, beating two 10 aur Dynjardi, 15 aur Geysir and 10 aur Flagg paying the 45 aura rate to foreign countries from 1st Jan 1940 to 31st Dec 1942.
DKK 370,00
Island, 1931
35 aur Gullfoss slot-machine stamps – and all with joints preserved, in mint, mint pair and a quite spectacular, a used copy making this an all unique set.
DKK 1.490,00
Island, 1930
1930 Thorvaldsensfélagid Jólamerki on post card sent from Reykjavik to Malmö 18 December 1930, and the seal is fixed a little bit off the card.
DKK 1.870,00
Island, 1950
Letter bearing a 1 Kr. agriculture 1950-stamp, tied by numeral “275” Stóra-Giljá with slightly rounded corner on the envelope.
DKK 1.870,00
Island, 1930
10 aur Airmail Parliament 1000 years, official stamp overprinted “Pjonustumerki” in pair. Variety with only one of the stamps overprinted. As far as I have found out, such a pair has not previously been reported.
DKK 14.930,00
Island, 1939, tj 43
PRINTED MATTER Official letter from Reykjavik to Vík í Myrdal April 9, 1941 franked with a single overprinted Pjónusta 10 aur King Christian X issue. Rate 10 aur for printed matters weighing up to 50 grams. Rare
DKK 2.610,00
Island, 1926
Letter sent from Reykjavik to Akureyri 5 June 1926 bearing two 20 aur National Library building tied by the ship ESJA CDS “REYKJAVIK SKIP Nr. I”, correct 40 aur postage 2nd letter rate up to 125 gram.
DKK 1.490,00
Island, 1963
Letter from Stóra-Giljá with numeral 275 on letter to Stagafirdi franked with 400 aur. Between 1.1.1963 – 30.9.1963 the rate were 400 aur.
DKK 1.340,00
Island, 1938
Letter from Stóra-Giljá with numeral 275 to Reykjavik bearing 20 aur red Geysir issue. Until 31 December 1939 the letter rate were 20 aur, thus used between 1938-1939.
DKK 1.490,00
Island, 1939
Printed matter sent from “Reykjavik ?” to London via Bergen, franked with pair 1 Eyr Chr. X and Jochumsson 5/35 aur tied by “Bergen 24 April 1939” CDS alongside boxed lilac “Paquebot” mark. A rare and unusual letter.
DKK 1.120,00
Island, 1925
10 aur Printed Matter sent from Reykjavik to New York December 1925 posted aboard a ship in Reykjavik going to Aberdeen and there cancelled with the boxed “SHIP LETTER” alongside two-ring “ABERDEEN 2 – 27.DE.25”. Correctly franked with 10 aur.
DKK 1.680,00
Island, 1873
8 sk. Pjónustu lilac imperforate with large part of the corner margins. Rare.
DKK 5.970,00
Island, 1930
Thorvaldsensfélagid 1930 Christmas seal tied on postcard franked with 15 aur Kings issue sent from Reykjavik to Saltsjöbaden in Sweden on 3. November 1930. Rare on letters to foreign destinations.
DKK 2.990,00
Island, 1912, 75
5 Kr. King Frederik VIII 1912, used block of four cancelled “Reykjavik 29.XII.21” with nicely centred cancellation.
DKK 3.360,00
Island, 1900
“SANDEYJAR PÓSTUR”, from Thingvallavatn, mint never hinged. Rare.
DKK 900,00
Island, 1912
10 Aur King Frederik Embossed issue, cancelled “TORSHOFN 22.12.1912”.
DKK 370,00
Island, 1873
4 sk. Pjonustu perforation 12 1/2 cancelled with Reykjavik, cancelled to order. Major plate flaw with large white den in upper frame to the right, pos. 3 in each quarter sheet.
DKK 1.870,00
Island, 1954
5 aur brown Vestmanneyjum with gutter in two single rowns to form a block of six - Only ten pairs gutter-pairs recorded.
DKK 18.660,00
Island, 1947, 231
Registered Express Airmail letter to New York from Reykjavik July 1947 with NY arrival mark on reverse. Registration 60 aur, express 125 aur, letter 0-20 gram 60 aur, 2x 90 aur airmail surcharge each 5 gramm, total 425 aur. Overfranked by 75 aur, but still an attractive cover.
DKK 750,00
Island, 1935, 181
"10 aur blue Dynjardi issue with numeral "236" Reykjavik, thin."
DKK 370,00
Island, 1928
Letter sent from Seydisfjörur to Reykjavik 5 November 1928 bearing a 20 aur National Library building tied by the ship ESJA CDS “REYKJAVIK SKIP Nr. I”, correct 20 aur franking.
DKK 1.120,00