Andre udgaver

Island, 1946
Registered air mail letter sent from Reykjavik to Blackpool, September 1946. Unusual expres label affixed.
DKK 370,00
Island, 1952
Diplomatic mail sent by and with “British Legation - Reykjavik” cachet and then posted, and stamped with London mark 26 JNE 1952. Very unusual diplomatic mail from Iceland.
DKK 1.490,00
Island, 1938
Letter sent from Reykjavik, bearing one 40 aur LEIFUR HEPPNI from the souvenir sheet Ieifr Eiricssons Day 1938 and two 6 aur Chr. X and 3 aur Jochumsson, correct 55 aur franking. Scarce with Leifr Eiricssons stamps taken out of the block.
DKK 1.490,00
Island, 1915
Local letter Reykjavik franked with 4 Aur Jon Sigurdsson embossed issue.
DKK 560,00
Island, -1935
Printed matter band franked with 7 øre green M. Jochumsson issue on letter from Reykjavik to Stavanger in Norway, tied by machine cancel Reykjavik between 1935-1939. Between 1.10.1925 and 31.12.1939 the rate were 7 aur.
DKK 450,00
Island, 1931
Postcard sent from Budapest 23 June 1931 to Hamburg with “Graf Zeppelin” passing through Reykjavik, with Friedrichshafen and Reykjavik Transit marks and “Icelandfahrt 1931” cachet on front. Attractive piece.
DKK 1.870,00