Fra 1938

Grønland, 1945, 22a
30 øre Greenland American Issue with changed overprint colours “Danmark Befriet 5 Maj 1945” with overprint shifted upwards. Only one used stamp has been recorded. Mint never hinged.
DKK 4.840,00
Grønland, 1945, 20a-25a
DANMARK BEFRIET - Complete set with changed overprint colours. Hinged.
DKK 4.840,00
Grønland, 1950
Postcard sent from Paris via Reykjavik 1 August 1950 to the Expedition in Greenland. Stamped with the cachet “Missions Paul-Emile Victor - Expeditions Polar Françaises” and signed by Paul E. Victor, and franked on the back with a french 15 F expdition adhesive, receiving postmark on front ‘ELLA Ø’.
DKK 1.120,00
Grønland, 1946, 20-22
Letter sent from Ivigtut 27 May 1951 to Copenhagen, Denmark. DANMARK BEFRIET OVERPRINT 5 MAY 1945, with 10 øre blue overprint, 15 øre red overprint and 30 øre blue overprint cancelled with the large postmark GRØNLANDS / DEPARTEMENTET 27 May 1951. An extremely rare commercial letter although overfranked.
DKK 37.200,00
Grønland, 1954, 2,5,20,24
Express letter from Umanak 11 June 1954 to Copenhagen, Denmark. 10 øre and 2 Kr. American Issue and 5, 15 øre King Christian X tied by datestamp UMANAK 11-6-1954, red express label, and Copenhagen reception stamp on reverse 7.7.1954. Letter rate 30 øre 0-50 gram, 100 øre express fee, overfranked by 1 Kr. Although a late use, most of the high value stamps were at this time still for sale at in Greenland and frequently used for parcel cards. Philatelic usage.
DKK 11.160,00
Grønland, 1946, 8-16
Letter from Narsarssuak APO 858 on 13 May 1946 to Slagelse, Denmark. Franked with a complete set Greenland American issue cancelled with ARMY POSTAL SERVICE APO / 858 MAY 13 1946.
DKK 7.440,00
Grønland, 1945, 11PT
Proof of 10 øre American issue on thin paper without gum, with production number '85456' in blue printed above and American Banke Note Company below, with printing guides on left and right side with punched holes.
DKK 8.930,00
Grønland, 1945, 12PT
Proof of 15 øre American issue on thin paper without gum, with production number '85456' in red printed above and printing guides on left and right side with punched holes, round corner above right.
DKK 3.350,00
Grønland, 1948, 2,14,28
Parcelcard from Julianehaab 16 October 1948 to Haslev, Denmark. 5 øre King Christian X pair 40 øre Polar Bear and 1 Kr. American Issue cancelled with datestamp JULIANEHAAB 16.10.1948, with Copenhagen transitmark 5.11.48. Parcel weight 1,5 kg, rate 1-3 kg. 185 øre, correct franking.
DKK 22.320,00
Grønland, 1946, 11-13, 14,15
Registered airmail letter from Sukkertoppen 6 May 1946 to Steffrisburg, Switzerland. Franked with 10, 15 and 30 øre, 1 and 2 Kr. American Issue stamped with datestamp SUKKERTOPPEN -6-6-1946, registration label without town name, numeral 189. A most unusual destination with the American issue.
DKK 18.600,00
Grønland, 1945, 11,12
Letter from Ivigtut 1 September 1945 to Fredericia, Denmark. 10 and 15 øre American issue tied by datestamp IVIGTUT 1.9.1945, with senders note on reverse ‘H. Møller, s/s „LINDA”, Ivitgut, Grønland. Letter rate 20 øre from 1.5.1945, overfranked with 5 øre. A most unusual letter.
DKK 20.830,00
Grønland, 1946
Domestic letter sent from Julianehaab 13 May 1946 to Frederikshaab, Greenland. With both JULIANEHAAB 6-5-1946 departure and FREDERIKSHAAB 13-5-1946 receiving marks on front. Very fine condition of both postmarks.
DKK 2.230,00
Grønland, 1945
Domestic letter free of postage, sent from Umanak to Frederikshaab 16 August 1945. Danmarkimut adhesive affixed on front and back.
DKK 1.490,00
Grønland, 1945, 21ax
15 øre DANMARK BEFRIET with small overprint, hinged.
DKK 14.880,00
Grønland, 1945
"Greenland American Issued with superbly cancelled "GODTHAAB 1.2.1945""
DKK 4.460,00
Grønland, 1950
"Letter sent to Scotland from "Santa Claus, Greenland, Denmark" paid by 10 øre green King Frederik IX stamp, tied by "Grønlands Departementet 12.12.1950" CDS, scarce letter."
DKK 1.120,00
Grønland, 1957
Envelope sent from Derby to Santa Claus, Greenland 1957, with letter inside.
DKK 600,00
Grønland, 1959
Telegram received 25 July 1956 and posted Julianehåb 1 August 1959 bearing a 30 øre King Frederik VIII tied by “Julianehåb” CDS, telephoned twice the 25th and 31st of July. Scarce usage.
DKK 3.350,00
Grønland, 1996, 283x
Queen Margrethe II issued with INVERTED OVERPRINT. Mint never hinged.
DKK 4.460,00