Færøerne, 1873
SKYDSBREV dated “Høivig den 6. Ogtober 1873” sent from P. Mohr to Hans Joensen in Nolsø.
DKK 2.980,00
Færøerne, 1974
Ombytningsblanket (stamp exchange form) with Danish stamps just prior to the introduction of The Faroe Islands own stamp issues from 30 January 1975. This form include two 4 sk. and one 8 sk. 1858 wavy-line imperforate, bicolored issues and stamps issued up to 1920’ies. Cancelled in ‘VAGUR 27.6.1974’, note that 1 sk. is counted as 2 øre. Very few such forms has been recorded.
DKK 14.880,00
Færøerne, 1946
Local registered letter from Viderejde 2 January 1946 to Thorshavn. Franked with 10 øre and two 20 øre King Christian X tied by udsleben star 'VIDEREJDE' and 'KLAKSVIG FÆRØERNE 2.2.46 15-17' and British registration label DAKA type 4 'R / No 0069 / Klaksvig'.
DKK 11.160,00
Færøerne, 1941, 6A
Cash on Demand form from Thorshavn 11 January 1941 to Vaag. Complete COD form for 186,91 DKK and franked with provisional 60/6 øre paying the 60 øre COD rate up to DKK 300 from 1.7.1920 – 30.6.1946. Arrived at Vaag 13.1.41, returned from Vaag 25.1.41 and received back in Thorshavn on 27 January. Returned to sender without being paid by addressee.
DKK 14.880,00
Færøerne, 1947
Printed matter BARNATIDINDI postmarked Trangisvaag 3 March 1947. 6 øre orange wavy-line paying the 6 øre printed matter inland rate 10.7.1940 – 1.7.1952.
DKK 740,00
Færøerne, 1934
Insured letter with 800 Kr. from Thorshavn 16 January 1932 to Ringe, Denmark. 30 øre yellow Caravel and 35 øre King Chr X Jubilee cancelled with datestamp THORSHAVN 16.1.1932 17-19, value label ‘V / Thorshavn 127’. Letter rate 15 øre plus 50 øre value fee up to DKK 1.000.
DKK 740,00
Færøerne, 1905
Postcard from Trangisvaaag 17 December 1905 to Thorshavn. 5 øre Coat-of-Arms paying postcard rate and two pairs of 1905 CHRISTMAS SEAL tied by Trangisvaag postmark. Postcards with 1905 Danish Christmas seals are very unusual on local postcards within the Faroe Islands.
DKK 13.390,00
Færøerne, 1880
Parcel letter from Thorshavn 12 December ca. 1888-99 to Sorø, Denmark. Franked with pair 12 øre inverted frame tied by grotesque ‘THORSHAVN 30/11’ and receiving cds ‘KJØBENHAVN PP 12/12 K’, one parcel weighing 3π 30 kv., parcel registration label ‘Fra Thorshavn 249’. Receiving cds ‘SORØ 123/12 2 POST’ on reverse.
DKK 5.580,00
Færøerne, 1870
Sailing plan 1870 for the Royal Postal Steamer between Copenhagen – Faroe Islands and Iceland, with arrival and departures at Copenhagen, Lerwick, Leith, Thorshavn, Seydisfjord and Reykjavik. Includes tables with rates for passengers and freight.
DKK 5.580,00
Færøerne, 1870
Sailing plan 1872 for the Royal Postal Steamer between Copenhagen – Faroe Islands and Iceland, with arrival and departures at Copenhagen, Lerwick, Leith, Thorshavn, Seydisfjord and Reykjavik. Includes tables with rates for passengers and freight.
DKK 3.720,00
Færøerne, 1952
Printed matter from Porkere 1 March 1952 to Trangisvaag. 6 øre wavy-line tied by removed star cancel “PORKERE” alongside cds. “VAAG 1.3.52 9-14”. One of the most sought after removed star cancel from Faroe Island.
DKK 5.950,00
Færøerne, 1870, 14
Numeral cancellation 238 THORSHAVN on 8 sk. 1864-issue.
DKK 6.700,00
Færøerne, 1912
Letter from Leith August 1912 to Vaag, Faroe Islands. Delivered onboard the steamer to Faroe Islands, then on arrival ink manuscript ‘Fra England’ and stamped on back with reception datestamp VAAG 24.8.12 3-5E. Manuscript Fra England not listed in GF10 2017 edition.
DKK 3.350,00
Færøerne, 1945
Registered letter sent from Thorshavn to Aarhus 27 March 1946, with British registration label No. 0409.
DKK 2.230,00
Færøerne, 1942
"Letter from Midvaag to Kollefjord via Thorshavn 11 August 1942, bearing a 20 øre caravel issue tied by removed star cancel “MIDVAAG”. Local military censorship by the British forces sealed with neutral brown censorstrip and stamped with two-line "OPENED BY / MILITARY CENSOR"."
DKK 2.230,00
Færøerne, 1945
"A.R. Registered air mail letter sent from Fresno CA to Thorshavn 3 April 1942, stamped “Return Receipt Requested” and censortape "P.C. 90 - Examiner 7318", "51-851-W.H.H. Ltd."
DKK 630,00
Færøerne, 1938
Letter sent from Myggenæs to Thorshavn, bearing a 15 øre Caravel issue tied by removed star cancel “MYGGENÆS” alongside CDS “THORSHAVN 15.2.38”, DAKA 36.02.
DKK 1.860,00
Færøerne, 1924
Postcard sent from Faroe Islands via Edinburgh to Copenhagen, bearing a 15 øre lilac 1924 Danish Postal 400th Anniversary, tied by two-ring “EDINBURGH 11 - 20 DE 24” alongside italic “PAQUEBOT”. With Danish Christmas seal, here used on the Faroe Islands. 15 øre domestic rate from 1.7.1920-1.4.1926, despite it was sent as ship mail via England.
DKK 4.090,00
Færøerne, 1924, 83, 85
Printed matter to FAROE ISLANDS sent from Reykjavik 31 December 1924, bearing pair of 1 eyr and 4 aur King Christian X 1920-issue. Printed matters sent to Faroe Islands are scarce. Correct 10 aur franking for the printed matter rate.
DKK 2.050,00
Færøerne, 1852
Entire letter from Horsbüll, South East of Tønder in the Duchy of Schleswig on 22 May 1852 to Thorshavn, Faroe Islands. From Tønder with list no. 5 to Copenhagen, and to Thorshavn a list no. 14 noted in pencil, paid and marked 2 Sch. C marked in red (6 RBS. Few letters from Schleswig this early has been sent to the Faroe Islands.
DKK 33.480,00
Færøerne, 1916
Postcard written onboard the inspection ship „ISLANDS FALK” stationed in the waters of Faroe Islands, dated Thorshavn 21 December 1916. Sent from Thorshavn in marine mail bag addressed to an Officer Vedel, on the cruiser „Heimdal”, care of Købmagergade’s post office. Forwarded to the marine station at Korsør, the homeport of Heimdal.
DKK 2.980,00