Dansk Vestindien, 1913
Envelope from San Pedro, Dominican Republic to St. Thomas in March 1913. 5 Centavos tied by St. Thomas 4-ring cancel without dot and arrival cancel on reverse – ST. THOMAS 29.3.1913 – routing instruction manuscript – Pr. 3/S President. Cancellation on foreign stamps like this is quite unusual.
DKK 4.480,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1909
“Dansk Vestindien” 30 BIT Coupon-Réponse International issued St. Thomas 18.10.1909. Type II, Rome Issue. Only six recorded, horizontal fold below.
DKK 8.960,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1913
Christmas Seal 1913 tied on post card sent from Christiansted to Copenhagen, Denmark, dated 27 November 1913.
DKK 2.610,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1911
Registered letter sent from Vrønding, Denmark to Christiansted, St. Croix 8 February 1911. At St. Thomas received an incoming registration mark “ST. THOMAS R - 2630” and St. Thomas and Christiansted marks on reverse. With registration mark on incoming mail an interesting postal proof of handling locally.
DKK 2.240,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1898
10 Pf. Reichspost Naval mail postcard sent from St. Thomas 13 January 1898, stamped “KAIS.DEUTSCHE MARINE SCHIFFSPOST No. 17 13/1 98”.
DKK 1.790,00