1848-50 krigen

Schleswig-Holstein, 1848
Royal Service letter endorsed “D.S.” sent from Schleswig-Holsteinische Regierung in Gottorp to Norderditmarschen 9 August 1848 with postal town manuscript on reverse “Von Schleswig den 11 August list 5 – “ and with full contents and well preserved wax seal.
DKK 1.490,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1848
Military parcel letter with value 35M 14s sent from IV. Compangnie II. Jäger Corps to Bredstedt (1848-50) and weighing 23 loth.
DKK 890,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1849
“Marine Dienst Sache” sent from Eckernförde to Kiel 18 May 1849 endorsed with “Eckernförde 18/5 49”. Small paper damage on the front cover.
DKK 1.120,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1848
Military letter sent from Theod. Kaiser at the 10th Companie 16th Landwehr Regiment of the mobile forces in Jutland during the 1848-51 war and postmarked “KONIGL.PREUSS.FELDPOST” two-ring mark and a weak boxed mark from the battalion. Letters with these postmarks used in Denmark are rarely seen.
DKK 2.600,00