Krone-Scepter-Sværd 1864

Danmark, 1871, 11A, 18
'frit' noted letter originally franked with 4 sk. bicolored Ib printing (1870) cancelled with numeral '89' Marstal and datestamp 'MARSTAL 24/2 1871'. Due to the 'frit' manuscript in lower left corner, the letter was subject to full unpaid rate of 6 sk. Thus, when bringing the letter to the counter af the post office, the clerk noted the franco marking, and sender was obliged to pay the missing 2 sk. - and then an additional stamp of 2 sk. lineperforation 12 1/2 1864-issue added. An extremely rare postal history item.
DKK 8.930,00
Danmark, 1870
Letter sent from Esrom to Copenhagen 18 January 1870 franked with 4 sk. 1864-issue tied by esrom type “ESROM” alongside “Fredensborg” CDS and delivered by the Foot Post service in Copenhagen with large oval Foot Post mark dated 19.1.1870. Unusual combination of these two cancels.
DKK 1.490,00
Danmark, 1868, 12,13,15
Letter from Copenhagen 11 January 1868 to Uzès, France. 3, 4 and 16 sk. Crown-Scepter-Sword issue cancelled with numeral '1' Copenhagen alongside 'KIØBENHAVN 11/1',, 'PRUSSE 3 - EREQUELINES 14 / JANV 68', backstamped Hamburg and receiption mark. 23 skilling rate (0-7 1/2 gram) from 1.8.1865 - 31.1.1868.
DKK 3.350,00
Danmark, 1865, 13
Prepaid 8 sk. letter sent from Copenhagen to Altona in Holsten via Kiel 16 February 1865 during the “overenskomstløse periode”, via Kiel the rate was 8 sk. instead of the normal 4 sk. The letter then charged 2 Schilling Courant by the addressee. A fine postal history letter sent during the period without any postal exchange agreement.
DKK 4.460,00
Danmark, 1871, 12A
3 sk. lineperforated 12 1/2 1864-Arms type lightly cancelled.
DKK 1.860,00
Danmark, 1866, 13
2S stationery envelope sent from Copenhagen to Pronsdorf, Segeberg on 26 April (1866 ?) uprated with 4 sk. Crown-Scepter-Sword 1864-issue tied by numeral “1” Copenhagen alongside blue CDS “KJØBENHAVN KB 26/4 11-12”. Rate to Northern Germany at favored 6 sk. rate for first letter rate 1.8.1865.-.31.12.1874. Only three 2 sk. envelopes uprated with 1864-issue recorded to a foreign destination according to Karsten Jensen.
DKK 10.420,00
Danmark, 1875, 18
4 (sk.) stationery envelope sent from Copenhagen to Dresden on 19.10 (after 1875) uprated with 4 sk. bicolored issue tied by CDS “KJØBENHAVN KB 19/10 2-3”. Stationery envelope without watermark.
DKK 3.350,00
Danmark, 1866
4S stationery envelope sent from Nakskov to Sierhagen, Neustadt-Holsteen on 2 September 1866 cancelled with numeral “43” alongside CDS “NAKSKOV 2/9 7F-3E”. With the rate to Northern Germany at favored 6 sk. rate for first letter rate 1.8.1865.-.31.12.1874, 2 sk. missing. First postmarked “UTILSTRÆKKELIGT FRANKERET” and charged “2” sk. in red crayon, then cancelled as sender paid the 2 sk. in cash and notation “franco 2”. Rare mixed franking with postage paid partly in cash.
DKK 5.580,00
Danmark, 1865, 13
Lettersheet sent from Stokkemarke 5 March 1865 to Nykjøbing, bearing a 4 sk. Coat-of-Arms 64 II printing, tied by numeral 110, 1-line mark “Stokkemarke.” + datemanuscript 5/3 65. 4 sk. with short perforations.
DKK 3.720,00
Danmark, 1870, 13
“Inside Franking” on top of revenue document dated 1870 with two 4 sk. 1864 Coat-of-Arms issue adhesives (perfs. cut down), tied by ink cancellation. Letters/documents handed in to the Local Customs office collected all letters/documents with its other papers sending it to the administration in Copenhagen. Letters/documents from the public had to be franked by the public with the appropriate letter rate, with the aim preventing the public not to enjoy free postage.
DKK 7.440,00
Danmark, 1875
2 (Sk.) stationery envelope sent from Copenhagen to Aarhus on 17 July (after 1875), cancelled with Duplex 34 “KIØBENHAVN JP 17/7 10F”. Uprated with 4 øre bicolored, rare skilling/øre mixed-franking on stationery envelope. 4 øre bicolored defect perforation at lower perforation. Otherwise fine.
DKK 3.350,00
Danmark, 1866, 12, 13
17 sk. letter sent from Copenhagen to Amstermdam 20 August 1866, franked with 3 sk. I printing and pair 4 sk. Vb printing1864-issue, tied by Copenhagen numeral 1. Amsterdam CDS arrival mark on reverse, in an excellent condition for a 1864-issue.
DKK 10.040,00
Danmark, 1870, 12A
Corner margin block 3 sk. 1870 line-perforation 12 1/2 with three stamps mint never hinged and in very fresh condition. AFA value DKK 27,500
DKK 14.880,00