Tofarvet Skilling 1870

Danmark, 1870
48 Sk. colour Essay olivegrey/purple, AFA 21F, normal margins.
DKK 2.790,00
Danmark, 1870
48 Sk. colour Essay olivegrey/ultramarine, AFA 21F, good margins.
DKK 3.530,00
Danmark, 1870, 16,17,18,20
Value letter front with four colour franking of 3 sk., 2 sk., 4 sk. and 16 sk. bicoloured skilling issue cancelled with numeral ’49’ LØGSTØR to Copenhagen and datestamp LØGSTØR 17/1 Antiqua VI, purple value registration label ‘Fra Løgstør 4’ and boxed ‘TALT’ and blue ’11’ crayon. 16 sk. with small tear in North margin, ex. Christian Andersen. Certificate Debo and Møller.
DKK 8.930,00
Danmark, 1873, 17y
3 sk. bicoloured IV. printing INVERTED FRAME position A-77. Cancelled with Duplex 34. A fine and well centred copy with good perforation. Certificate Nielsen.
DKK 13.390,00
Danmark, 1872, 20y
16 sk. green/grey bicolored issue II printing 1872 with inverted frame pos. 90, used. In this condition a very scarce stamp.
DKK 14.880,00
Danmark, 1873, 18
Transatlantic letter from Copenhagen to Baltimore Maryland August 25, 1873 and then forwarded poste restante to Vienna in Austria. Transit marks New York, Baltimore and Vienna. Boxed “Via Tydskland”. Despite some small perforation faults, this is a very unusual transatlantic letter.
DKK 3.720,00
Danmark, 1871, 11,14,15,21
"Parcel letter front from Musse letter collecting place "Fra Musse Brevsaml." to Copenhagen Jan 20, 1871-72 for four parcels weighing 36 , 38 , 37 1/2 , 39 a total of 150 , with Saxkiøbing labels 25-28. Postage paid cash, a total of 90 skilling on the cover with 48 sk, pair of 16 sk., 2 and 8 sk. Arms type - not complete franking. Fresh shade for the 48 sk. stamp. Musse collecting place from 1.10.1867-22.8.1872. A scarce parcel item."
DKK 11.160,00
Danmark, 1870
48 Sk. colour Essay grey/red, AFA 21G.
DKK 2.050,00
Danmark, 1872, 18
Letter sent from Silkeborg to Copenhagen 27 July 1872 bearing a 4 sk. bicolored issue, tied by the rare “SILKEBORG J.B.” two-ring stamp and alongside, also stamped with numeral 225. 4 sk. with small faults, however very few examples of this rare postmark are known on cover.
DKK 3.350,00
Danmark, 1874
Rural carrier mail sent from Dalby Præstgaard Kerteminde to Copenhagen 28 November 1874 and boxed in manuscript on front “Betalt 4S frimærke”, franked with 4 sk. tied by numeral 33 alongside Kerteminde CDS 23/11. A rather unique endorsement on reverse “Afsendt 28 Novbr. 74 kl. 1 eftermidg. Fra Pastor P. Raae Dalby Præstgaard pr. kjerteminde”.
DKK 4.460,00
Danmark, 1872
13 sk. letter sent from Odense to Amsterdam 26 October 1872 bearing a 3-strip 3 sk. and a 4 sk. bicoloured issue tied by railroad duplex mark “10” Fyen Jb.P.B.” and Amsterdam 12.10 arrival mark on reverse.
DKK 7.440,00
Danmark, 1871, 17y
3 sk. bicoloured II printing with INVERTED FRAME position A-90 in excellent condition. Very scarce stamp.
DKK 14.880,00
Danmark, 1864
Partly paid letter franked with 4 sk. 1864-issue sent from Horsens in the occupied Jutland to Altona in Holsten 23 September 1864 via Copenhagen to Altona. From 1864 to 1 August 1865 there were not a postal agreement between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Duchies, thus letter letter charged 2 Sch. Courant in Holsten by the addressee.
DKK 4.460,00
Danmark, 1870
48 Sk. colour Essay red/dull blue, AFA 21F, normal margins.
DKK 2.790,00
Danmark, 1873, 19
16 sk. rate to France from Copenhagen franked with two single 8 sk. bicoloured tied by duplex numeral 181 alongside French transit and circled PD in red. The right 8 sk. with short corner perf. A most attractive illustrated reverse from Hotel Gustaf Adolf.
DKK 2.230,00
Danmark, 1870, 18
Envelope from the Skilling period with advertising printed on the reverse. Excellent for a thematic watch collector, stamp though defect.
DKK 1.490,00
Danmark, 1870
Letter sent from Copenhagen to Jersey City, NJ beraing two 8 sk. III printing tied by COPENHAGEN CDS. NY arrival CDS on front and boxed “via Tydskland” on reverse. Round corner on one 8 sk. stamp.
DKK 2.230,00