Pre-Stamp & Stampless

Iceland, 1895
Parcel letter from Halsi 17 December 1864 to Reykjavik, with complete letter inside.
GBP 531.00
Iceland, 1840
Pre-philatelic letter from Barkarstadir to Storuvellir dated May 22, 1840. Full contents and translation. Vertical fold.
GBP 310.00
Iceland, 1893
Letter sent from Iceland, stamped Reykjavik 29 September (1893) to Vejle, Denmark. The adhesive has gone missing enroute to Denmark, then noted in blue crayon with a cross “mgl” meaning missing/mangler with Copenhagen transit mark and Vejle receiving mark on reverse. Charged 30 øre by the addresse, which likely is the 30 aur 2nd letter rate, some restoration to preserve an unusual letter from Iceland.
GBP 354.00
Iceland, 1853
Pre-philatelic and carried privately letter from Reykjavik to Tønder in Slesvig February 17, 1853. This is one of only two letters to the duchies Slesvig from Iceland. Ex Crafoord.
GBP 1,328.00