Denmark, 1944, (285)
20 øre essay for the 1944 Church issue in black on large paper 145 x 133 mm with impression of the copper block. Fine quality of a rare essay.
GBP 674.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1859
Royal Service letter sent from Cismar to Neustadt 14 December 1859 with “Cismar, 14/12 60” 1-line mark applied on front alongside “Lensahn” CDS. ARGE type 6.
GBP 404.00
Danish West Indies, 1913
Double rate printed matter sent from Frederiksted to Copenhagen 29 December 1913 bearing a 10 BIT King Frederik VIII red tied by “Frederiksted” CDS and office cancel stamped on front “PRINTED MATTER”. Printed matters are scarce in this form from Danish West Indies.
GBP 449.00
Danish West Indies, 1876
Entire letter from St. Thomas 26 July 1876 to Carupana, Venezuela. Routing instruction Pr. Ville de St. Nazaire, via Fort de France. Delivered to the Danish Post Office and with cds ST. THOMAS 27/7 1876 struck on front. Franked with pair of 30 centimes REPUB FRANC tied by octagonal ST. THOMAS PAQ. FR. B. NO. 4 27 JUIL 76. Unsual with both ship’s name and routing port Fort de France.
GBP 3,145.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1860
Royal Service Letter “K.D.S. mit Attest” sent from Bordesholm to Meldorf 13 August 1860, alongside town manuscript “Bordesh. 13/8” with railway mark “Elmsh-Itzeh.Ebn.Post. Bur:” CDS on reverse.
GBP 112.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1867
Market-report sent from Haderslev to Flensburg 24 May 1867 bearing a 1/2 Sch. “Schleswig-Holstein” tied by 1-ring “HADERSLEBEN 24 5 67 6-7N”. Correct postage.
GBP 1,258.00
Denmark, 1852, 2by
2 Rigsbankskilling, Thiele printing, Plate I, pos. 95, type 9. The NEWLY DISCOVERED error with think throat on figure 2, listed in AFA Denmark as 2by. Only 1 in 200 stamps, with wide margins.
GBP 2,246.00
Danish West Indies, 1908, 42P
King Frederik VIII 40 BIT PROOF, imperforated corner sheet margin block of four, with watermark crown, without gum. Rare.
GBP 3,055.00
Denmark, 1870, 13
Letter sent to Stockholm from Denmark 5 January 1870 bearing two 4 sk. 11 Printing tied by Swedish CDS “PKXP N:R2 - 5.1.1870” tying the 4 sk pair, paying the 8 sk. rate to Sweden. Excellent quality.
GBP 674.00
Danish West Indies, 1864
Letter sent from St. Thomas to New York, stamped with red “ST. THOMAS - OFFICE - EXPRESS” in red, dated 8 February 1864.
GBP 1,258.00
Iceland, 1899
10 Aur unsevered Reply Card sent from Reykjavik to Essex 14 August 1899, with CDS Reykjavik alongside Stornoway boxed “SHIP LETTER”.
GBP 314.00
Denmark, 1851, 1
Entire sent from Frederiksborg 15 May 1851 to Helsingør, bearing a 4 RBS Ferslew plate I, pos. 30 tied by mute cancel. Antiqua Frederiksbrog appears as month is a “3” instead of 5.
GBP 225.00
Denmark, 1871, 20
Value parcel letter from Aalborg 8 February 1871-72 to Middelfart. Two 16 sk. I. printing tied by numeral “4”, CDS Lapidar “AALBORG 8/2 4 POST”. Lilac value parcel label “Fra Aalborg. 344” for 500 Rdl., weighing 80 kvint. Parcel 250-500 gr. = 16 sk., fee value parcel 8 sk. plus insurance 100-1000 RD = 8 sk., total 32 sk. Correct franking. Superb looking, but right stamp a horizontal crease at lower left corner.
GBP 359.00
Denmark, 1871, 21
Parcel letter sent from Aalborg 10 February 1871/72 to Hagerud via Christiania, Norway. Two 48 sk. bicolored issue tied by numeral 4, CDS lapidar IIa-1 “AALBORG 10/2 4 POST”. Parcel label “Fra Aalborg. 865”, one parcel 4 3/4 . Letter 8 sk. plus, parcel rate 8 sk. plus 16 sk. for each of the 5 , = 96 sk. Very few such impressive 48 sk. letters known, and the purple colour of the stamps are far better than what to expect of this stamp.
Price on request
Danish West Indies, 1900, P5c
1 CENT bicolored issue (1900), frame main group 5, green, imperforate color proof with large margins, without gum and watermark. This proof may very well have been made in preparation for the 1¢ green Coat of Arms issued early 1900. Only two recorded.
GBP 2,246.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1807
"Folded letter sent from Hamburg to Sondershausen 18 march 1807. Stamped with BGD "HAMBURG. 4 / B. G. D. 18 MARS. 1807" Arge 21, not listed with the frame. Very clear strike in red."
GBP 719.00
Danish West Indies, 1813
Letter sheet stamped “ST THOMAS / Aug 2 / 1813” British fleuron mark, sent to London and backstamped circled “D / 9 SE 9 / 13”. Charged 2/2. Single packet letter rate 1/2 (1813-37), to London 1/ (Falmouth-London 1812-39, 200-300 miles), total rate charged 2/2.
GBP 1,258.00
Denmark, 1863
Letter privately carried on board the steamer “Jutland” to Copenhagen from Hull 19 March 1863. The “Consignee letter p. Jutland” then handled by the shipping agent “C. K. Hansen” and handed over to for postal service. The post stamped the letter “SKIBSBREV - KIØBENHAVN”, charged with 15 sk. in red crayon. The postage calculated as 9 sk. for a ship letter and then 6 sk. fee to the ship. Rare.
GBP 359.00
Danish West Indies, 1903, 7Bx
Domestic letter St. Thomas 20 February 1903 to Bassin (Christiansted), St. Croix. 2¢ provisional bisected 4¢ tied by CDS “ST: THOMAS 20/2 1903” paying 2¢ domestic letter rate. Routing order - pr. ”Vigilant” – mail boat sailing between the DWI islands.
GBP 180.00
Denmark, 1852
Franco letter sheet dated Aalborg 4 September 1852 via Frederikshavn to Horten, Norway. Postmark – K.D.P.A. AALBORG. 4/9 – struck on front, and then from Frederikshavn directly to Norway. Straight line mark – Frederikshavn. – 28mm applied, extremely scarce postmark.
GBP 898.00
Danish West Indies, 1906, 25
Postcard from Christiansted 29 november 1906 to Hellerup, Denmark. 10 BIT red I. printing King Christian IX tied by 4-ring cancel without dot used at St. Thomas for arriving shipmail from Christiansted and origin mark C large type struck on front, with ST THOMAS 29/11 1906 LAP on front. Instruction to the post JULEAFTEN for delivery Christmas evening and routing instruction BY/GERMAN STEAMER. UPU postcard rate 10 BIT from 15.7.1905 – 31.12.1909.
GBP 135.00