Denmark, 1936
Postcard sent from Copenhagen to Middlesex 29 September 1936 via Berlin aboard the Hindburg “OLYMPIADEFAHRT 1936” - bearing a complete set of the Airmail stamps. The Olympic flight rarely found with Danish stamps.
GBP 531.00
Denmark, 1916, 40
Letter from St. Thomas 22 May 1911 to St. Louis, USA. 25 BIT blue/blue King Frederik VIII II printing tied by ST. THOMAS 22/5 1911 LAP. Routing instruction PER S/S PARIMA VIA NEW YORK. 25 BIT UPU letter rate from 1.10.1910 – 31.3.1917.d
GBP 89.00
Denmark, 1854
Prepaid lettersheet from Odense 17 September 1854 to Salzgitter, Kingdom of Hannover. Paid 22 sk. postage, sent – Franco Directe – and Hanoverian – D – in red crayon for D of Denmark.
GBP 44.00
Denmark, 1844
Unpaid letter sent from Copenhagen 22 June 1844 to Randers. Routing instruction – Via Callundborg – and charged 5 sk. also noted top middle of the letter, paid by the sender for handing in the letter the first hour after normal opening hours at the Copenhagen post office. Charged 18 sk. for the rate to Randers and 1 sk. local delivery fee at Randers, total paid 19 sk. by addressee. Sent with the steamer Chr VIII on the Aarhus-Copenhagen mail route, 2nd weekly trip on Saturday's.
GBP 177.00
Denmark, 1849
PASSAGEER-BILLET for Reisende med den forenede Brev- og Personpost over STORE-BELT, 1 December 1849. Passenger ticket issued for a Danish Corporal, paid 1 Rbd. and 40 Sk. Glued to a card-board for preservation, already a long time ago or may have been from a family scrap book.
GBP 133.00
Denmark, 1831
Franco letter (letter front with flap) from Randers (1831-32) to Gothenburg, with instruction - franco Helsingborg - , Swedish postage 9 Skilling Banco paid to Gothenburg, and Swedish bill no. 5 on front. . – RANDERS – straight line mark - on reverse and town manuscript – Rand. DAKA #3. According to Carstensen, only recorded use in 1831 of the 25 mm RANDERS postmark. With disinfection holes against cholera.
GBP 708.00
Denmark, 1855
Royal Service K.D.S. ship-letter sent from Copenhagen 27 July 1855 to Itzehoe, showing a clear strike of the octagonal – FRA KJÖBENHAVN – a rare use on Royal Service letters. Furhtermore, the letter is sent by an official from Schleswig-Holstein-Lauenburg Wasserbau Directorat (wax seal). This is an interesting letter, showing that an official from Altona using the Royal Service in order to mail a letter during his stay in Copenhagen, a very rare use from an Official traveling in an official capacity.
GBP 885.00
Denmark, 1864
Militaria letter from Randers 14 September 1864 to Viborg, from the Prussian occupying forces in Jütland. Sent through the Field Post Service and stamped – K. PR. FELDPOST / III. ARMEECORPS. 14/9 -.
GBP 354.00
Denmark, 1836
Partly paid letter to from Svendborg 4 October 1836 to Christiania, Norway. Sent – Franco Helsingborg – departure town manuscript on reverse – Svendborg – and straight line – SVENDBORG. – struck on front, the only recorded example from the pre-philatelic period, and known again on letters from April 1851. Postal rate marking, list no. – 69-24 – 24 sk. paid to Helsingborg.
GBP 885.00
Iceland, 1892
8 aur postal card with 3 aur oval issue perf. 14 sent from Reykjavik to Leipzig 28 March 1892 stamped by lapidar C2 “REYKJAVIK” alongside Edinburgh octagonal “SHIP LETTER” large letter mark. Overfranked by 1 aur.
GBP 443.00
Danish West Indies, 1912
Wrapper band for printed matters bearing two 5 BIT King Fr. VIII issue sent from Christiansted to Saxkjøbing 24 May 1912, paying the 10 BIT UPU printed matter double rate. Rare.
GBP 885.00
Denmark, 1864
Soldiers letter sent from Guderup on Als to Korsør 19 April 1864, bearing a 4 sk. rouletted 1863, tied by Field Post numeral “221” alongside CDS “FELTPOST NO. 1 P1 19/4”.
GBP 310.00
Denmark, 1670
Early letter sent from NORDBORG on the Island of Als to Botha 28 December 1670. One of the earliest letters with contents that is known and to be sent from Denmark to a foreign destination. This letter has been sent by Rudolf Friedrich (1645-1688) Herzog to Schleswig-Holstein-Nordburg.
GBP 1,593.00
Denmark, 1870
Passenger-Ticket with the daily mail-coach (inside seat) from Nibe to Aalborg, 19 August 1879.
GBP 354.00
Denmark, 1927, PF 5, 10
Freight Bill for a load of meat weighing 100 kgs bearing a 10 øre wavy-line and a pair of 15 øre Caravel POSTFÆRGE overprints, tied by two-ring mark “AGGERSUND FÆRGERI”. Sent to Aggersund from Løgstør.
GBP 376.00
Denmark, 1858, 4
4 sk. 1858 V printing watermark II, with corner sheet margin. A very appealing stamp.
GBP 1,062.00
Denmark, 1858, 7x
4 sk. 1858 wavy-line spandrels, V. printing, watermark II. Huge margins and with purple ink cancellation. Highly decorative stamp. This stamp has not been offered since 1977 !
GBP 443.00
Denmark, 1854
ENVELOPE WITH ORNAMENTATION sent from Nakskov to Broholm near Svendborg 26 september 1854 bearing a 4 RBS Thiele III greyish brown plate III tied by numeral “43” alongside CDS “NAKSKOV 26.9.1854”. A most appealing and striking Lady's cover.
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Denmark, 1925
"Expres Post Lykönskning 40 øre envelope issued for ”Kunstforlaget” paying the express fee of 40 øre sent from Odense to Copenhagen as "Poste Restante". Apparently the missing fee for the letter rate of 15 øre has not been charged."
GBP 708.00
Iceland, 1902
Letter sent from Reykjavik to Metz in France 24 September 1902, bearing a pair of 10 aur perf 12 3/4 tied by swiss-type “Reykjavik”, transit Edinburgh and Metz receiving mark on reverse.
GBP 487.00
Faroe Islands, 1873
SKYDSBREV dated “Høivig den 6. Ogtober 1873” sent from P. Mohr to Hans Joensen in Nolsø.
GBP 354.00