Danish West Indies, 1914, 51
50 BIT King Christian X die colour proof in the red/grey colours approved for the 40 BIT stamp. Printed on cross watermarked white paper stamped by the printing house H. H. Thieles Bogtrykkeri København, dated manuscript 30/10 (1914). A most spetacular exhibition item. Unique.
GBP 2,564.00
Denmark, 1851, 1
4 Rigsbankskilling Ferslew plate I-41 with a superb mute-cancel strike.
GBP 855.00
Greenland, 1945, 22a
30 øre Greenland American Issue with changed overprint colours “Danmark Befriet 5 Maj 1945” with overprint shifted upwards. Only one used stamp has been recorded. Mint never hinged.
GBP 556.00
Denmark, 1812
Prepaid letter from Ledreborg 27 March 1812 to Lütetsburg north of Emden. Paid to Altona, with a break down of the postal rate on the flap, P. Haders ?. – 6, Pr. Hamburg ? 5-30, Pr. Grænsen 5-30, total 66 sk. paid, list no. 2-66. With a “6” marking and stamped “DANNEMARC/P·HAMBOUG”. Letter’s with a calculation of the paid postage is extremely scarce for letters abroad. Sent during the Napoleonic War.
GBP 513.00
Denmark, 1864
Royal Service K.T. parcel letter from Humlebæk to Copenhagen, 11 May 1864-75. Postmarked with numeral 166, Humlebæk – who only had this postmark available.
GBP 85.00
Denmark, 1672
Early letter from the British Ambassador Thomas Henshaw in Copenhagen 19 October 1672, to his friend, Robert Clayton, London’s wealthiest citizen in his time. Sent through the Danish Post Office in Hamburg, via Amsterdam and by ship to London, rated 8d in Great Britian. On arrival stamped London receiving office mark – 2 Off – in circle. Very early letter from Denmark to a foreign country.
GBP 1,709.00
Denmark, 1848
Soldiers letter sent from “Skowerup” Skovrup located NW of Christiansfeld to Usedom, with contents dated 7. July 1848. Stamped “KONIGL.PREUSS. FELDPOST” and boxed “F.B. I. B. XII. F.R” and manuscript on reverse “Unteroff. Dahl im König. Preuss. 12. xx Infanteri-Regiment”.
GBP 342.00
Denmark, 1925
Expres Post Lykönskning 40 øre envelope issued for ”Kunstforlaget” paying the express fee of 40 øre, sent from Copenhagen to Svebølle 23 March 1925. Charged 40 øre in blue crayon “40”, double the postage of 20 øre for a domestic letter. Excellent exhibition.
GBP 855.00
Denmark, 1887
10 øre red/black Svendborg local with inverted center, block of four with sheet margin, hinged with some original gum.
GBP 256.00
Denmark, 1857, 4
"Single rate letter franked with 4 sk. 1854 issue from Faaborg to Copenhagen August 4, 1857 and cancelled with numeral 15 and alongside Faaborg cds. Manuscript "9" indicating that the letter has been handed over to the post office 1-2 hours after normal opening hours and therefore a fee of 9 sk. paid. Highly unusual on stamp covers."
GBP 128.00
Denmark, 1870
48 Sk. colour Essay blue/red, AFA 21F, good margins.
GBP 406.00
Danish West Indies, 1905
King Christian IX, imperforate colour essay, greyish brown. Considered to be the work of Alfred Jacobsen.
GBP 342.00
Danish West Indies, 1905
King Christian IX, imperforate colour essay, light green with wide margins. Considered to be the work of Alfred Jacobsen.
GBP 410.00
Iceland, 1929
50 aur air mail Two Kings issue with airmail surcharge, block of four, with variety on LR stamp, “Tail of plane broken”, mint hinged.
GBP 171.00
Iceland, 1929
20 aur “Views and Buildings” stamped boxed “Paquebot” and CDS “THORSHAVN 12-1929”
GBP 34.00
Danish West Indies, 1917, 37
Censored letter sent from St. Thomas to Copenhagen 10 February 1917 bearing five 10 BIT King Frederik VIII issue, tied by CDS “ST. THOMAS”, opened and with British censor resealing tape “OPENED BY/CENSOR./999”. Randers receiving mark on reverse 28.3.1917.
GBP 513.00
Danish West Indies, 1899, 5By
Printed matter St. Thomas 15 May 1899 to New York, NY, USA. Pair 1¢ bicolored X printing inverted frame perforation 12 3/4 tied by CDS “ST. THOMAS 15/5 1899”. Routing order - Per “Caribbee” via St. Croix, with “FREDERIKSTED 18/5 1899” CDS on reverse. A most unusual routing at this time for mail via St. Croix from St. Thomas to US.
GBP 1,197.00
Denmark, 1856, 4
Prepaid letter Fredericia 10 October 1856 to Holstebro. 4 sk. 1854 dotted spandrels III printing tied by Fredericia numeral “17”. Due to the absence of Fredericia date stamp, the office line mark “Fredericia” was stamped on reverse and date added “10/10”.
GBP 513.00
Danish West Indies, 1911, 24
Domestic letter sent from St. Thomas 10. March 1911 to Frederiksted, bearing pair of 5 BIT King Christian IX tied by CDS “ST. THOMAS 10/3 1911” and receiving mark “FREDERIKSTED 10/3 1911” on reverse.
GBP 85.00
Denmark, 1919, 68
Postal receipt for purchase of stamps at the Bornholm Nexø post office, issued 24 September 1919. Receipt paid with 5 øre King Christian X 5 øre, cancelled with 1-line mark “NEXØ”.
GBP 43.00
Denmark, 1873, 5a, 5ay
1 Cent bicolored I printing, position 17-18 in the sheet, used pair cancelled ST. THOMAS 16.9.1877. Right stamp pos. 18 with INVERTED FRAME, in this condition and in pair a most desirable bicolored rarity of DWI stamps, left stamp with round SW-corner.
GBP 2,051.00