Denmark, 1852, 2bx
Thiele 2 Rigsbankskilling type 2 disjoined foot in pair, plate I type 10 & 2, pos. 48-58 with black numeral 1 cancellation. Clearly visible disjoined foot in pair with huge margins.
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Denmark, 1874, 18
Registered letter from Korsør to Copenhagen August 22, 1874 franked with strip of three 4 sk. bicoloured tied by duplex 37. 8 sk. registration fee and 4 sk. letter rate. List no. 53 and boxed Anbefalet. Fine cover
GBP 135.00
Denmark, 1965
25 øre brown King Frederik IX with additional 15 øre wavy-line, printing 206. EB 131. Rare.
GBP 225.00
Iceland, 1903
”ARDEGIS ”posted to late for morning delivery” mark in violet on front of local 3 aur King Christian IX stationery, Reykjavik December 13, 1903. Fine and clean Ardegis strike, lightly creased card.
GBP 360.00
Denmark, 1935
Airmail letter sent from Odense to Paraguay 19 November 1935 bearing 5 øre HC Andersen and three 1 kr. Airmail stamp tied by Odense CDS. This flight from Africa to South America is aboard the 2nd pendular flight. A short time in November 1935 the ship was taken ashore for repairs and flights was carried out by a Zeppeliner across the Atlantic sea.
GBP 900.00
Denmark, 1911, 37
Domestic letter sent from Kingshill 24 August 1911 to St. Thomas. 10 BIT King Frederik VIII red/red tied by KINGSHILL 24/8 1911 LAP1, with ST. THOMAS 25/8 1911 LAP4 receiving mark on reverse.
GBP 315.00
Denmark, 1916
10 øre Chr. IX postcard from Copenhagen 28 April 1916 to Reykjavik, Iceland. Sent from S/S Vesta mentioning sailing route via Scotland.
GBP 36.00
Denmark, 1921, 68,113
Parcel letter (Adressekort) 800 gram from Copenhagen Railroad station 21 October 1921 to Udbygade, Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Block of four 20 øre re-union, sinle and pair 5 øre King Christian X tied by 3-ring 'K 2' Esrom type alongside swiss type 'KJØBENHAVN21.10.21 6 1/4-7 E 17 *B.* ', parcel label '390 Kjøbenhavn B..'. Vagn Jensen recorded from 3.3.1910 - 5.10.1916, this letter is postmarked October 1921.
GBP 135.00
Denmark, 1957
Freight Bill „s/s Skjelskør” of the DAMPSKIBSELSKABET SKJELSKØR dated 3 December 1957, franked with 5, 10 and 50 ØRE freight stamps, for 4 1/2 kg. tobacco sent from Skjælskør to Omø. Rare
GBP 495.00
Denmark, 1929, RE19
Advertising pair '10 øre green BUICK' 2nd emblem (AFA type t) on postcard from Korsør 5 March 1929 to Copenhagen.
GBP 180.00
Denmark, 1930, RE24
Advertising pair '10 øre green CHEVROLET' 2nd emblem (AFA type w) on postcard from Korsør 17 February 1930 to Copenhagen.
GBP 135.00
Danish West Indies, 1891
Printed matter wrapper band sent from St. Thomas to Jersey City 10 March 1891 bearing two 1 cents VI printing tied by “St. Thomas” CDS. Printed matters are extremely unusual from Danish West Indies, small defect on lower left corner of stamp.
GBP 450.00
Danish West Indies, 1890
Letter sent from St. Thomas to Jersey City 31 December 1890 bearing a 10 cents V printing tied by “St. Thomas” CDS and NY transit and Jersey City arrival mark on reverse.
GBP 225.00
Denmark, 1908, 40
Letter from St. Thomas 28 December 1908 to nearby neighbour Island, Tortola. 25 BIT blue/blue Frederik VIII, I printing with medillion shifred exposing a white are above the Kings head, tied by CHRISTIANSTED 28/12 1908 LAP2, transit mark St. Thomas 28/12 on reversing and receiving mark on reverse ROAD-TOWN / TORTOLA V.I. / 8 AM / DE 31 / 1908. Within a 300 miles zone in the Caribbean area a favored rate of 25 BIT were in use from 15.7.1905 – 31.12.1909, a quite scarce DVI letter rate.
GBP 675.00
Denmark, 1862, 3, 8
Letter sent from Copenhagen to Barth 17 November 1862 bearing a 2 sk. 1855 and pair of 8 sk. 1858-issue, both tied by duplex “181 - SJ.JB.P.SP.B. 2 TOG” alongside boxed “Aus Dänemark” with transit marks “KDOPA Hamburg”, 2-ring “HAMBURG” and two-ring “BAHNHOF-HAGENOW” on reverse. Rare combination.
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Denmark, 1943
Letter from Copenhagen 15 April 1943 interned diplomat A. K. Dutchie at the Internee Camp Store Grunnet, Vejle sent to Aberdeen, Scotland. Higher ranking staff at British and American embassies in Denmark were interned and sent to Store Grunnet. Danish and British censored and stamped 'Post- og Teletrafvæsenet i Danmark'. Reverse 'A. K. Dutchie, British Internment Camp., Str. Grundet, Pr. Vejle, Denmark.'
GBP 252.00
Denmark, 1946
Letter from an Austrian refugee, Josef Ulm, sent from the Austrian Refugee Camp Tarp, Esbjerg to Christiansminde, Svenborg on 3 April 1946, returned to Esbjerg witih backstamped message 'moved, where not known' - with scarce label affixed 'Kun gyldig i Danmark / Interneret Post-forsendelse / Portofri' - tied by postmark.
GBP 180.00
Denmark, 1946
Letter from Refugee at Rye Refugee camp 16 October 1946 to Bramsche, Osnabrück, Germany. Backstamped with hand stamp in red ink 'Flygtningelejren / „ Rye Flyverplads” ', letter inside.
GBP 135.00
Denmark, 1879
Unpaid parcel letter from Copenhagen 6 November 1879 to Frankurt a/m, Germany. Parcel registration label 'Fra Kbh. Pakke. 679' and cds 'KJØBENHAVN PP 6/11', Slesvig border transit mark boxed 'Aus /über) Dänemark / via Hamburg 2 / Porto von Woyens'. Charged '100' in blue crayon, backstamped Hamburg 7/11 and Frankfurt a/m 8/11 79. Rare sealing label in blue on back ' ·KONGL.BREVPOSTKONTOR / KIØBENHAVN.' with crown and posthorn in the seal.
GBP 225.00
Denmark, 1871
Parcel letter from Copenhagen 13 August 1871 to Potsdam, Germany. Hand stamp 'KIØBENHAVN 13/8' and parcel registration label 'Fra Kbh. Pakkep. 548' and Slesvig transit Train Post Office TPO boxed 'Aus (über) Dänemark / via Woÿens.' and 'Auslagen' in red. Blue crayon '4/6' 4 Sgr. (4 sk. per pound, but minimum 16 sk.) Danish share and 6 Sgr. German share (Rayon IV 8-120 mil) 4 Sgr. pr. 2 pound but minimum 6 Sgr., total charge 0f 10 Sgr. '10' blue ink.
GBP 360.00
Denmark, 1915, 68
Postcard from Soldiers dated Gudumholm, 28 November 1915 to Aurillac, France. Photocard with soldier friends, sent to prisoner 'Soldat Christian Birch de Apenrade, 6'/86' Nr. 4618, Depôt spécial de Prisoniers de Gùerre, Aurillac, Cantal, France'. Censored and hand stamp 2-ring oval cachet ' Depôt spécial de Prisoniers de Gùerre / VISE / AURILLAC '.
GBP 41.00