Greenland, 1930, PP 10,11
Parcel-Card (Formr. A 4 g. 37181) with 70 øre and 1 Kr. PP Thiele 1930-issue, cancelled with oval mark '[Crown] / GRØNLANDS / STYRELSE' and registration label '151', and blue crayon '1,70' postage and pencil note 'betalt af afs.' 1 Parcel weighing 3 kg. 1 kr. stamp tear top right.
GBP 90.00
Greenland, 1915, PP 7
Parcel-Card (Formr. A 4 a. 57206.) with 10 øre PP Thiele 1915-issue, cancelled with 3-line mark '[Crown] / STYRELSEN / AF / KOLONIERNE I GRØNLAND.' and registration label '541'.
GBP 203.00
Iceland, 1902, 24
3 AUR 'large 3' yellow with black Í GILDI '02-'03' overprint, overprint shifted both on stamps and partly overprinted in the margins. Two upper pair mint never hinged, the lower hinged. A rare an attractive overprint errror.
GBP 180.00
Iceland, 1902, 10B omv
Official 3 aur perforation 12¾ with INVERTED overprint Í GILDI ’02-’03, block of four mint never hinged with corner sheet margin, margin with hinge remnants (FACIT TJ21bv1) and small piece of sheet margin affixed on above pos. 1 in the sheet margin.
GBP 225.00
Iceland, 1903, 28B
10 aur Í GILDI '02-'03 perforation 12 3/4 on postcard sent from Reykjavik 29 August 1903 to Bruxelles in Belgium, with transitmark 'KJØBENHAVN 5.9.03' stamped on front. Rare - 10 AUR UPU postcard rate.
GBP 270.00
Iceland, 1925
Envelope from Nordfirdi, Iceland 25 July 1925 to Copenhagen, Denmark. 20 aur brown King Christian X cancelled with Danish cds ‘VEJLE 52.7.25 9-11F’ alongside rectangular framed ‘Paquebot’ and noted ‘Pr. S/S. Godafoss’. The Icelandic letters arriving on board ships sailing to Vejle were all horse shipment’s, carrying also the postal mail to Denmark. Horsetrader Carl Sørensen imported the horses and the last known date with these ships from Iceland is 25 July 1925, first of these ships arrived 1920 in Vejle.
GBP 2,251.00
Iceland, 1923
Letter from Reykjavik June 1923 to Copenhagen, Denmark. 20 aur brown King Christian X cancelled on arrival with cds AALBORG 15.6.23 12-5E and ship letter origin 'pr. Skib fra Island.' with reception mark KJØBENHAVN 2 OMB. 16.6.23 B. An extremely rare ship letter cancellation, very fresh and every aspect of this letter in superb condition.
GBP 2,701.00
Iceland, 1937, 192
Die proof in black of 50 aur King Christian X Jubilee 1912-1937 on large piece, the 50 aur is the high value of the souvenir jubilee sheet. Apparently only recorded.
GBP 900.00
Iceland, 1926
Parcel card from Amsterdam 27 September 1926 to Reykjavik, Iceland. Two 60 CENT Queen Wilhelmina cancelled with cds Amsterdam, vertical fold in card affecting lower stamp on the card. Rarely seen destination for parcelcards from The Netherlands at this time period.
GBP 135.00
Iceland, 1922
Parcel card from Hamburg 27 June 1922 to Reykjavik, Iceland. Prepaid in cash, no German stamps. Charged with Icelandic 1 kr. King Christian X and cancelled with datestamp 'REYKJAVIK 17.VII.22', with the stamp used as TOLLUR but cancelled with ordinary postmark.
GBP 675.00
Iceland, 1922
Parcel card from Remscheid 31 October 1927 to Reykjavik, Iceland. Deutsches Reich with two 100 pf (MI 343) and three on the back (one defect) and 40 pf Leibniz (MI 395) cancelled 'REMSCHEID 31.10.1927'. Rare destination.
GBP 180.00
Faroe Islands, 1905
Postcard from Trangisvaaag 17 December 1905 to Thorshavn. 5 øre Coat-of-Arms paying postcard rate and two pairs of 1905 CHRISTMAS SEAL tied by Trangisvaag postmark. Postcards with 1905 Danish Christmas seals are very unusual on local postcards within the Faroe Islands.
GBP 1,620.00
Faroe Islands, 1880
Parcel letter from Thorshavn 12 December ca. 1888-99 to Sorø, Denmark. Franked with pair 12 øre inverted frame tied by grotesque ‘THORSHAVN 30/11’ and receiving cds ‘KJØBENHAVN PP 12/12 K’, one parcel weighing 3π 30 kv., parcel registration label ‘Fra Thorshavn 249’. Receiving cds ‘SORØ 123/12 2 POST’ on reverse.
GBP 675.00
Faroe Islands, 1870
Sailing plan 1870 for the Royal Postal Steamer between Copenhagen – Faroe Islands and Iceland, with arrival and departures at Copenhagen, Lerwick, Leith, Thorshavn, Seydisfjord and Reykjavik. Includes tables with rates for passengers and freight.
GBP 675.00
Faroe Islands, 1870
Sailing plan 1872 for the Royal Postal Steamer between Copenhagen – Faroe Islands and Iceland, with arrival and departures at Copenhagen, Lerwick, Leith, Thorshavn, Seydisfjord and Reykjavik. Includes tables with rates for passengers and freight.
GBP 450.00
Faroe Islands, 1952
Printed matter from Porkere 1 March 1952 to Trangisvaag. 6 øre wavy-line tied by removed star cancel “PORKERE” alongside cds. “VAAG 1.3.52 9-14”. One of the most sought after removed star cancel from Faroe Island.
GBP 720.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864, 4
Lettersheet from Rothenkrug 21 July 1864 to Hadersleben, in the Duchy of Schleswig. 1 1/4 Schilling HERZOGTH-SCHLESWIG green and cancelled with postmark from the occupying Prussian forces 'K:PR:FELDPOST-RELAIS No. 16.' Only recorded town manuscript 'Rothenkrug' and only recorded example of 'K:PR:FELDPOST-RELAIS No. 16.', furhtermore here used as a extremely rare cancelling of a postage stamp.
Price on request
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Senders receipt 'Aufgabs-Recepisse' for a money-letter with 36 Thaler, postmarked 20 March 1864 and sent to Cologne. Austrian forces in 1864 occupation of Denmark, postmarked 'K.K.FELDPOST No. 1 20/3' 1864. Few known and extremely rare postal receipt with the Austrian Forces postmark.
GBP 900.00
Slesvig, 1920, 6
Danish parcel card (cut down) from Møgeltønder 16 June 1920 to Berlin, Germany. Three 20 øre 1. ZONE Plebiscit Slesvig tied by datestamp LØGUMKLOSTER 16.6.20 6-8F. White numbered label ‘423’ and stamped 1-line ‘Møgeltønder’, parcel weighing 5 Kg., parcel fee 0-5 kg 72 øre according to the Danish ‘Post- og Rejsehåndbog von 10.12.1919 s. 54’, underfranked 12 øre and not charged. ‘50’ blue crayon which apparently is customs duties.
GBP 900.00
Slesvig, 1920, 2,9,11
Danish parcel card for two parcels from Haderslev 4 June 1920 to Soltau, Hannover, Germany. 5 Øre, pair 40 øre and two 1 Kr. 1. ZONE Plebiscit Slesvig, total franking 2,85 Kr. Purple value label without value ‘143 HADERSLEV’, red crayon ‘R’. Parcels weighing 11,5 Kg. Parcel fee 0-5 kg 60 øre, 5-11,5 kg, = + 6,5 kg. rounded up to 7 kg. with each kg. at 30 øre = 210 øre, registration fee 15 øre, total 285 øre, correct franking, minor faults on some stamps.
GBP 3,151.00
Slesvig, 1920
Official letter free of postage sent within Flensburg 14 May 1920. Stampless envelope and stamped with the cachet ‘PRESSEBUREAU DER / Internationalen Commission –Den Internationale Kommissions / PRESSEBUREAU – SLESVIG PORTOFREI’.
GBP 450.00