Denmark, 1997
Bogen om Danske Skillingsbreve 1851 - 1874. Danish Skilling Letters 1851 - 1874. A listing off all types of letters and postal history with every letter type illustrated, postal rates and currency tabel. In color. In Danish. 169 pages. Postage to be added, request price.
GBP 47.00
Danish West Indies, 1981
Danish West Indies Mails, 1754 – 1917, Volume 2 The Postal Emissions, with reprint Postage to be added, request price.
GBP 235.00
Greenland, 1998
"DAKA Classic North Atlantic 1998 Comprehensive catalog of Iceland, Greenland and Faroes. Iceland to 1918, Greenland to 1958, Faroes until 1945; stamps, postmarks, frankings, postal history. The Iceland chapter has updated data on covers to foreign destinations, postmarks, crown marks, prices for numerals on different stamps, prices for numerals on cover. In Danish and English. 208 pages. Postage to be added, request price."
GBP 21.00
Greenland, 1985
GF4 Greenland Thule (1985). The authoritative catalog and handbook on the five Thule stamps, with extensive chapters on plate flaws and postal history. In Danish and English. Postage to be added, request price.
Price GBP 13.00
Greenland, 1999
GF5 Greenland 1999. After treating the Pakke-Portos , there is a full coverage of postal issues since 1938, including booklets, official year sets (and forerunners), presentation packs, FDCs, maxicards, promotional cards, plate number blocks, se-tenant stamps from booklets and souvenir sheets, special fee stamps, postage due material. Thule locals, flight covers. Profusely illustrated, in Danish and English. 192 pages. Postage to be added, request price
GBP 23.00
Iceland, 1998
Iceland I GILDI 02-03 In 1941, Erik Lundgård wrote a treatise based on primary sources and interviews. This work, now published, throws new light on the stamps, covers philatelic side in detail, with information on the overprints and varieties. In Danish, but with many illustrations and tables. 80 pages. Postage to be added, request price.
GBP 27.00
Greenland, 1999
"GF7 Greenland Cincerella 1999. Spans the range of Cinderella material. There is a detailed chapter on meter marks and specialized treatment of Christmas and charity seals, Greenland Childrens Society labels and sheets, Gentofte Greenland Committee, promotion labels, commemorative sheets, locals, savings stamps, private stamp booklets, essays. Profusely illustrated; in Danish and English. Postage to be added, request price."
Price GBP 19.00
Denmark, 2004
Bogen om julemærkets posthistorie The book on the postal history of the Christmas Seal. Both in Danish and English, many illustrations. 96 pages. Postage to be added, request price.
GBP 30.00
Danish West Indies, 2012
A study of the Crown watermark in Danish postal stationery envelopes, by Willy Lauth. Watermarks used both in Danish and Danish West Indies postal stationery envelopes. 4. Issue, in Danish and English. 23 pages, many illustrations of watermarks. Postage to be added, request price.
GBP 9.00