Christian IX

Iceland, 1905, 36
Postcard Reykjavik 16 August 1905 to Thorshavn, Faroe Islands. Franked with pair of 4 aur King Christian IX tied with swiss type 'REYKJAVIK 16-8-1905' and receiving 'THORSHAVN 14-9.-1905' swiss type on front.
GBP 199.00
Iceland, 1907
Postcard sent from Seydisfjördur to Copenhagen 20 June 1907 bearing two 4 øre King Christian IX tied by CDS “Seydisfjördur” with Copenhagen arrival mark on front 29.6.1907. Carried aboard s.s. “Vesta”.
GBP 142.00
Iceland, 1911, 35,36
Postcard sent from Reykjavik 2. May 1911 to Rosario de Santa Fé, Argentina. On picture side bearing a pair 3 aur and a 4 aur King Christian IX tied by “Reykjavik 2.V.11” CDS, transit mark “LONGHOPE – ORKNEY MY 8 11” on address side.
GBP 354.00
Iceland, 1905
5 aur King Chr. IX BRJEFSPJALD, Schilling #16 sent from Reykjavik to Brünlos, Sachsen. Add. franked with 5 aur green King Chr. IX paying for 10 aur foreign post card rate. Sent via UK, and stamped with boxed “SHIP LETTER - TROON” alongside “TROON JY 17, 05”.
GBP 398.00
Iceland, 1913
Letter sent from Reykjavik to Erlanger, Germany 24 July 1913 bearing 5-strip of 4 aur King Chr. IX, tied by Reykjavik CDS. Envelope slightly cut down above and right side.
GBP 133.00
Iceland, 1902, 47
5 Kr. King Christian IX 1902 with sheet corner margin, never hinged.
GBP 177.00