Two Kings

Iceland, 1917, 76,77
Letter from Reykjavik 23 August 1917 to Hässleholm, Sweden. Eight 1 Eyr and four 3 aur Two-King's issue tied with 'REYKJAVIK 23VIII.17' and backstamped in Sweden 22.11.17. Opened by British censor and resealing tape 'OPENED BY CENSOR / 4983'.
GBP 266.00
Iceland, 1909, 48,50
Postcard from Reykjavik 29 April 1909 to Gentinnes, Belgium. 1 Eyr and 4 aur Two-King's issue tied with 'REYKJAVIK 29.4.09' and 'GENTINNES 6 MAI 6-7 1909', sent at 5 aur printed matter rate.
GBP 44.00
Iceland, 1908, 51
Postcard from Hafnarfjördur April 1908 to Esbjerg, Denmark. 5 aur Two-King's issue tied with numeral '157' HAFNARFJÖRDUR and 'KJØBENHAVN K 1 OMB. - 1 5 08', sent at 5 aur printed matter rate.
GBP 221.00
Iceland, 1910
Letter from Reykjavik sent to Osnabrück 11. August 1910 and franked with five 1 eyr and 3 aur two-kings issue. Forwarded to St. Anton, Konstanz, Schwarzwald. On UK arrival marked with boxed “SHIP LETTER – TROON”. A very decorative letter.
GBP 443.00
Iceland, 1909
Insufficiently franked 10 øre Postcard sent from Trondhjem via Leith to Reykjavik. Charged 20 øre due, for which amount a Two Kings 20 aur (1907) stamp were affixed in Reykjavik and tied by “Reykjavik 11.11.09” CDS. Iceland did not have any postage due stamps and instead ordinary stamps were used instead, and these usages are quite scarce.
GBP 1,328.00
Iceland, 1916
Printed matter sent from Blönduós to Copenhagen 22 June 1916 bearing a 5 aur Two King’s issue tied by Blönduós CDS. Taxed 2 aur in blue chalk with circular “T” alongside boxed shipmark “Skjibsbref”. Unknown for what reason the letter has been taxed, as 5 aur was the correct rate at this time.
GBP 354.00
Iceland, 1918
Registered letter sent from Reykjavik to Christiania, Norway April 1918, bearing nine 4 aur Two-Kings issue, paying 16 aur registration fee and 20 aur foreign rate. Letter opened by British censor and closed with censor resealing tape #5126.
GBP 133.00
Iceland, 1908
Insufficiently paid 5 aur Two Kings stationery sent from Reykjavik to Hamburg 14 December 1908. UPU rate 10 aur, 5 aur under franked, 10 aur due. German 1-ring “T” and 1-line “PORTO” and Hamburg CDS arrival mark on front, manuscript “12 1/2 cts”.
GBP 266.00
Iceland, 1910
Postcard sent from Reykjavik to Nakskov 20 November 1910 bearing two 4 aur Two Kings issue tied by Reykjavik CDS. With manuscript “S/S CERES” and carried by the ship to Copenhagen.
GBP 89.00
Iceland, 1929
50 aur air mail Two Kings issue with airmail surcharge, left stamp with King Chr. IX hair RETOUCHED, extremely rare variety, hinged.
GBP 885.00
Iceland, 1929
50 aur air mail Two Kings issue with airmail surcharge, on registered air mail letter, with variety “Tail of plane broken” and colour dot in L in ISLAND.
GBP 310.00