Greenland, 1940
Registered letter sent from Thule to Zurich, Switzerland 1 January 1940 bearing a 1 kr. Polar Bear tied by Thule CDS. Censored in Berlin. Correct rate, 25 øre registration fee and 75 øre 4th letter rate (60-80 gramms), total 100 øre. Correct franking.
GBP 299.00
Greenland, 1938
Canadian 3c stationery written in Thule, Greenland aboard the “Eastern Arctic - Mail Service - R.M.S. “Nascopie - AUG 24 1938” cachet stamped on the 3c Canadian stamp and sent to England, and with the card written inside. Rare example of a Canadian stamp used in Greenland.
GBP 1,282.00
Greenland, 1938
"Thule letter from approx. 1938-39 to Denmark, sender "Aage Gilberg, Distriktslæge, THULE" – Fine and well-preserved item with senders details on flap."
GBP 470.00