Transition 1917

Danish West Indies, 1917
Postcard from Frederiksport at Frederiksted, St. Croix March 31st, 1917 with a scenery from Last Honors to Old Dannebrog, Fredericksport, St. Croix. March 31st, 1917. A Ovesen, Photo, St. Croix.
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Danish West Indies, 1918
Commercial envelope sent from Charlotte Amalie Saint Thomas to Copenhagen 16 July 1918, franked with 5¢ US. British censor resealing tape “OPENED BY/CENSOR./5213”. Sent the year after the transition to the US.
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Danish West Indies, 1917
"Transition letter. British censored WWI letter sent from St. Thomas 3 May 1917, bearing five 1 cent US stamps tied by Danish type CDS "ST. THOMAS 3.5.1917". 5 US Cents equals 25 BIT. Faults on some of the US stamps and cover, however an extremely scarce letter in this appearance."
GBP 839.00
Danish West Indies, 1917
Transition period 1917. Two postcards from the same sender and to the same addressee, sent with a DWI stamp the last day 31 March and with US stamp the 2 April 1917, very interesting and historical post cards.
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