Danmark, 1864
Field Post letter sent from Kolding to Flensburg 26 May 1864 and postmarked “K.PR.FELDPOST-RELAIS No. 9”. The Prussian troops occupied Jutland in the 1864-war and opened a Field Post office in Kolding where the postmark was used during the occupation. Letters with these postmarks are rarely seen.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1850
1 Schilling Essay 1850 on large piece. The stamp design has been printed in black on a dull khaki burelage and colourless centre, and a negative white appearance of the text “SCHLW.-HOLST.POSTSCHILLING”, corner figures on shaded background. Almost similar to Krötzsch no. 4. Very fine embossed coat of arms in the centre. Rare.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1857
K.D.S. m.att, Official letter sent from Bordesholm to Itzehoe 22 November (1857) applied with a clear strike of “Bordesholm” line mark in antiqua.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1867
Letter sent and dated from Neukirchen to Eutin 24 May 1867 bearing a 1/2 Sch. “SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN” Mi. 8 tied by double ring “EUTIN 24 5 67 6-7N” and cancelled when received in Eutin.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1862
Letter sent from Friedrichstadt to Copenhagen and then re-directed to Stettin 13 May 1862. For the forwarding the Danish share marked in red crayon 1 1/4 Sch. C and due 4 1/4 in blue ink for the Mecklenburg by the addressee. Unusual letter.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1866
Letter sent from Plön to Sandel near Jever 19 August 1866, bearing a 1 1/4 Sch. Herzogth. Holsten tied by CDS “Plön” Danish type. The letter has been found in the mail box “Aus dem Briefkasten, Rosenkranz”, and charged by the addressee in the Duchy of Oldenburg.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1864
SOLDIERS letter sent from Gammelgaard near Broager to Bockum 31 July 1864 and postmarked “K.PR.FELDPOST-VII. Armee Corps” alongside a beautiful troop mark stamp “COMMANDO DER XII.ten DIVISION”.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1852
"Official letter sent from Barmstedt to Breitenburg near Itzehoe 12 May 1852. Postmarked "Barmstedt" CDS Ant. IIb type, with manuscripted date. Very fine and clear strike."
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1829
Royal Service Letter “K.D.S.” letter sent from Gross Brebel to Husum and paid to Schleswig 14 September 1829 and delivery fee of 2 Sch. C. paid by the addressee. It was not until 1855 that a small collecting office was opened in Gross-Brebel, located South East of Kappeln.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1822
Letter sheet from Itzehoe 3 March 1822 to Uslar near Göttingen, Germany. Boxed – ITZEHOE Marts 3 – struck on front. Instruction to the post: cito cito, for express service.
DKK 4.840,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1852
Letter sent from Nordstrand via Husum to Bredstedt 4 April 1852, prepaid (fr.) 2nd class of weight “2” crayon in upper left corner, stamped with a rare two-line mark “HUSUM 1852” and manuscript date “4/4”, used from 16.3 – 4.9.1852.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1860
Unpaid parcel letter sent from Dagebøl via Læk to Kiel, 1 January 1860, with the latest recorded use of manuscript in chalk “Dagebøl”, alongside “LÆK 1.1.” and “LÆK 2.1” Antiqua VI, parcel weighing 6 1/2 and postage “36” red crayon. Dagebøl is located in Schleswig and near the Dagebüll harbour servicing the Island of Föhr.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1824
Letter sent from Flensburg 24 February 1824 to Bordeaux, franco Hamburg. – T.T.R.4 – DANEMARCK / PAR HAMBOURG – and Danish boxed – FLENSB. / Febr. 24. – possible type RAM-1.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1836
Unpaid letter from London 1 May 1861 to Stockholm. Privately carried to Hamburg, from there posted at the Danish post office and struck - K.D.O.P.A. HAMBURG 4-5 3/5 – Charged in Sweden 90 öre in red crayon due du by addressee.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1864
Field Post letter sent from Kr. Pr. Feldpost in Flensburg to Gustrin, Prussia 18 April 1864. Stamped with two-ring “K.Pr.FELDPOST RELAIS FLENSBURG” and boxed soldiers unit.
DKK 1.490,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1855
Letter sent from Glückstadt til Witzwort near Tönning 31 March 1855, bearing a 4 sk. 1854 dotted spandrels (close cut at right side), tied by numeral “116” Glückstadt alongside CDS “GLÜCKSTADT 31.3.1855”. Due to apparently a weak cancellation on the stamp, once again cancelled in Tönning with numeral “74” alongside CDS 1 1/2-ring “TÖNNING 1 4 1855”. Indeed a very unusual seen double cancelling.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1848
Military parcel letter with value 35M 14s sent from IV. Compangnie II. Jäger Corps to Bredstedt (1848-50) and weighing 23 loth.
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Schleswig-Holstein, 1864
1 1/4 Sch. imperforate, greyish ultramarine Schleswig-Holstein without dots in abbreviations in strip of four with sheet margin “HERZOGLICHE” and full margins all around. Mint never hinged, vertical folds not affecting the stamps. Exhibtion item in superb appearance, ex. Burrus.
DKK 11.900,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1867
Letter sent from Flensburg to Mehlbye near Cappeln 11 September 1865 bearing a 1 1/4 Sch. “SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN” Mi. 9 tied by two-ring “AHRENSBURG 11 9 65 8-12N”. 1/2 Sch. red crayon charged by the addressee for rural carriage to Mehlbye.
DKK 1.860,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1874
1 Gr. Brustschilde large shield stationery sent from Ekensund to Tondern stamped with PER I-o “EKENSUND 15 3 74” (1874). DAKA 41.01.
DKK 740,00
Schleswig-Holstein, 1809
Entire dated Paris 1 January 1809 to Copenhagen via Hamburg. Opened and censored in Hamburg according to circular 12 DEC 1807, re-sealed with red wax seal “Königlich Dänisches Post Amt zur Hamburg / FR VI”. Hamburg mark 9 JAN 1809, list no. 258-36”. A rare example of early Danish censorship.
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