Danish West Indies, 1895, 5y
1¢ bicolored IX printing 1895, with normal frame, pos. 91, a rare isolated frame. Mint never hinged, superb centring and gum
GBP 719.00
Danish West Indies, 1903, 7Bx
Postcard sent from St. Thomas 17. March 1903 to Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2¢ provisional diagonally bisected 4¢ IV. printing (ultramarine blue, scarcer than III. printing) tied by CDS “ST. THOMAS 17.3.1903” with receiving transit markings and Sao Paolo receiving mark on front. Unusual destination and genuine usage.
GBP 270.00
Danish West Indies, 1873
14 cents bicolored, cancelled with a clear strike of the wedge type 5-ring cancel. Very fine quality.
GBP 898.00
Danish West Indies, 1903
PRINTED MATTER WRAPPER band franked with provisional bisected 4 cents bicoloured sent from St. Thomas to Baltimore 2 April 1903, tied by St. Thomas CDS. An unusual postal history item.
GBP 1,258.00
Danish West Indies, 1880
1 Cent III. printing on printed circular sent from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico 21 August 1880. Earliest recorded use of III. printing.
GBP 1,078.00
Danish West Indies, 1893
10 cents V. printing, two pairs cancelled with St. Thomas CDS 21.3.1893.
GBP 180.00
Danish West Indies, 1876, P11
10 cents bicoloured normal frame. Imperforate proof without watermark and gum. Rare.
GBP 494.00
Danish West Indies, 1884, 10
"Lettersheet St. Thomas 25. April 1884 til Bordeaux, Frankrig. To 5 ¢ II. udskrivning bundet af CDS "ST. THOMAS 25/4 1884 "DAKA Ant. 3 bred "O". Routing instruktion "pr. Steamer via Southampton ", Fransk" CALAIS A PARIS 12 MAI 84 "og Bordeaux receing mark. Lodret fold i kuvert gennem to venstre frimærker."
GBP 112.00
Danish West Indies, 1880, 6
Entire dated St. Thomas 8. August 1884 to St. Croix, bearing 3¢ IV printing tied by CDS “ST. THOMAS 8/8 1884” DAKA Ant. 3 “wide O”, and receiving mark “CHRISTIANSTED 9/8 1884” DAKA Ant. 3 on reverse.
GBP 314.00
Danish West Indies, 1893, 11
"Letter franked with 10 cents bicoloured VI printing from Christianssted to Copenhagen December 12, 1895 tied by mute four-ring cancellation and to make up the 10 cents UPU rate. On reverse Christianssted "C" and St. Thomas transit. Arrival mark on reverse."
GBP 180.00
Danish West Indies, 1891
Letter sent from St. Thomas to Jersey City 30 October 1891 bearing a 10 cents V printing and a 2c US tying the US stamp to the envelope and not taking into account the 10 cents which were paying the rate to US. Shipped aboard the steamer s.s. “Esqurança”. Rare combination of US and DWI stamps on envelope together, some wrinckles on the left on envelope.
GBP 719.00
Danish West Indies, 1891
Letter sent from St. Thomas to Jersey City 27 February 1891 bearing a 10 cents V printing tied by “St. Thomas” CDS and NY transit and Jersey City arrival mark on reverse. Shipped aboard the steamer s.s. “Smeaton Tower”.
GBP 225.00
Danish West Indies, 1878, 12a
Letter from St. Thomas to Maine, USA July 31, 1878 with singlefranking 12 cents bicoloured II. printing tied by four-ring canceller alongside St. Thomas cds. Some repair to the envelope should not detract this fine item. Ex. Weiergang.
GBP 1,617.00
Danish West Indies, 1903
4 cents bicolored III printing 1901 in pair beautifully cancelled with “CHRISTIANSTED 5.6.1903” date stamp. One short perf.
GBP 135.00