Slesvig-Holsten, 1865, 4
Letter from Apenrade to Ottensen near Altona, January 27, 1865 franked with the 1 1/4 sch. green tied by the prussian two ring Apenrade. The stamp is perforated vertical through the stamp for which reason the stamp has been cut out of the sheet and appear vertical imperforate.
GBP 321.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1811
Napoleonic war. Entire Royal Service by Field Post Estafette sent from Rendsburg to Copenhagen 28 June 1811, endorsed on front “K. D. pr. F.P.E. Afsendt Lieutn Zimmermann xxx”. Endorsed “8” on front, quite unusual for this type of letters.
GBP 684.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1813
Napoleonic War. Urgent military letter sent from Louiseburg near Eckernförde in Schleswig to Meldorf in Holstein, endorsed “Kriegs-Sache, pr. Feldpost Estafette, über Schenefeldt”, datiert 12. December 1813.
GBP 342.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1862
Postal Money Order with 2 Rdl. sent from Garding to Husum 25 May 1862 with town manuscript “Garding 25/5” in red crayon, paid with 6 sk. in cash and 4 sk. paid for the form and filling, list no. 2. Town manuscript “Garding” is not recorded in the ARGE handbooks, this copy might be only recorded. Garding is located to the west of Tönning.
GBP 385.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Letter sent from Wedel through Bahnhof Pinneberg to Segedorf in Holsten stamped with “Wedel” 1-line mark, bearing a rouletted 1_ Sch. Crt. blue “HRZGL POST FRMRK” Mi. 7, cancelled with separated duplex “170” alongside CDS “BAHNHOF PINNEBERG 8.12” (1864). Aged.
GBP 427.00
Denmark, 1807
Unpaid letter from Cadiz, Spain 13 March 1807 to Copenhagen, Denmark. Postmarked red ‘CADIZ’ and list no. ‘1’. French border transit border mark ‘ESPAGNE / PAR BAYONNE’ and BGD mark Hamburg in red ‘HAMBOURG. 4 / B.G.D. 6 Avrio 1807.’ On reverse list no. ‘25’, share of postal rate ‘46’, and front ‘39’ red crayon being rate from Cadiz to Hamburg, 7 Lybske Skilling Hamburg-Copenhagen, total due 46 Lybske Skilling.
GBP 342.00
Slesvig, 1920
5 Kr. and 10 Kr. cancelled with oval cachet 'COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE * SLESVIG *', 5 MK green canceled 9 APR 1920 and 10 MK canceled 26 MAJ 1920.
GBP 128.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864, 6
4 SRM blue, thick letters, vertical pair with part of sheet margin, lower stamp mint never hinged.
GBP 299.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1861
Unpaid letter sent from Amsterdam to Delve in Holstein October 1861, with 30 sk. due by receiver. 30 sk. rate from Denmark to Holland used 15.7.1854 to 30.6.1864.
GBP 85.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1845
Unpaid letter sent from Ratzeburg to Mölln in Lauenburg 1 May 1845 and postmarked by “Ratzeburg” Antiqua type IIb, very early use of this postmark.
GBP 68.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1813
Entire local letter in Husum from the “Kaiserlich Russischen Kommandos” in Husum dated 26 December 1813.
GBP 171.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1866
Letter sheet from Moelln 21 April 1868 to Ratzeburg, Duchy of Lauenburg. A Prussian Ein Silb. Gr. red adhesive tied by ‘MOELLN 21/4 66 7-8N.’, has been used in payment for the letter rate, the use of Prussian stamps in Lauenburg is known and rarely seen. A small and attracive quality of the use of a foreign stamp in the Duchy of Lauenburg.
GBP 2,051.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Letter sent from Christiansfeld 5 June 1864 to Fole, a few km North West of Gram. HERZOGTH.SCHLESWIG 4 Schillinge red tied by Danish 3-ring numeral ‘12’, datestamped Danish Antiqua VI ‘CHRISTIANSFELD 5/6’, backstamped transit Prussian 2-ring ‘HADERSLEBEN 6/6 64 7-8V’ and Danish cds ‘RIBE 7/6 7-9Fo.’ receiving cds before being sent to Fole, on the road to Gram, nearer Gram than Ribe.
GBP 1,709.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Wrapper band sent from Hadersleben 7 July 1864 to Bergedorf, Hamburg. Herzogth.Schleswig 1¼ Schilling green tied by Danish 3-ring numeral ‘23’ Haderslev with half-ring cds ‘BREGEDORF 8.7’. The letter rate for wrapper band until 4 lod was 1¼ Sch.Ct., a very rare wrapperband sent from Sønderjylland in superb quality.
GBP 1,709.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1865, 17
Lettersheet Sonderburg 27 November 1865 to Copenhagen, Denmark. 2 Schilling HERZOGTH-SCHLESWIG grey-ultramarine cancelled with Prussian two-ring 'SONDERBURG 27/11 65 4-5N'. Backstamped 'HADERSLEBEN 28/11 65', 'KOLDING 28/11' and 'KIØBENHAVN 29/11'. The rate to Denmark after 1.8.1865 was 2 Sch. Blue ink cross under the stamp noting that postage was paid in cash to a rural mail carrier.
GBP 171.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1867, 8
Local letter sent within Hadersleben 2 August 1867. 1/2 Sch. SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN rose cancelled with Prussian 1-ring 'HADERSLEBEN 2/8 67 7-8V. Local letters are scarce and this letter is in outstanding quality.
GBP 1,026.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1867, 14
Lettersheet Mögeltondern 5 January 1867 to Tønder, Denmark. 1 1/4 Schilling HERZOGTH-SCHLESWIG rose lilac cancelled with Prussian 1-ring 'MÖGELTONDERN 5/1 67 5-6N'. Backstamped Prussian two-ring 'TONDERN 5/1 67'. Domestic rate 1 1/4 Sch. C.
GBP 256.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Senders receipt 'Aufgabs-Recepisse' for a money-letter with 36 Thaler, postmarked 20 March 1864 and sent to Cologne. Austrian forces in 1864 occupation of Denmark, postmarked 'K.K.FELDPOST No. 1 20/3' 1864. Few known and extremely rare postal receipt with the Austrian Forces postmark.
GBP 855.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864, 9
Letter from Kappel 25 September 1863 to Brunswick, Kiel. 4 sk. 1863 roulletted cancelled with numeral '11' alongside cds 'KAPPEL 25/9'. Backstamped 'ECKERNFÖRDE 25/9' and 'KIEL 25/9'.
GBP 154.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1858, 7
Letter from Glückstadt 30 January 1862 to Brockdorf. 4 sk. 1858 wavy-line, 4. printing, margin above slightly cut, cancelled with numeral '116' alongside cds in blue 'GLÜCKSTADT 30/1 1862'. Town manuscript 'Wevelsfleth' known from 1862-1867, rarely seen on letters in combination with 4 sk. danish stamp.
GBP 427.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1852, 1
Letter from Marstal 8 March 1854 to Næstved. 4 RBS THIELE II blackish brown cancelled with numeral '89' alongside cds 'MARSTAL 8/3 1854'. A rare letter.
GBP 299.00