Danmark, 1944, (285)
20 øre essay for the 1944 Church issue in black on large paper 145 x 133 mm with impression of the copper block. Fine quality of a rare essay.
DKK 5.580,00
Danmark, 1852, 2by
2 Rigsbankskilling, Thiele printing, Plate I, pos. 95, type 9. The NEWLY DISCOVERED error with think throat on figure 2, listed in AFA Denmark as 2by. Only 1 in 200 stamps, with wide margins.
DKK 18.600,00
Danmark, 1870, 13
Letter sent to Stockholm from Denmark 5 January 1870 bearing two 4 sk. 11 Printing tied by Swedish CDS “PKXP N:R2 - 5.1.1870” tying the 4 sk pair, paying the 8 sk. rate to Sweden. Excellent quality.
DKK 5.580,00
Danmark, 1851, 1
Entire sent from Frederiksborg 15 May 1851 to Helsingør, bearing a 4 RBS Ferslew plate I, pos. 30 tied by mute cancel. Antiqua Frederiksbrog appears as month is a “3” instead of 5.
DKK 1.860,00
Danmark, 1871, 20
Value parcel letter from Aalborg 8 February 1871-72 to Middelfart. Two 16 sk. I. printing tied by numeral “4”, CDS Lapidar “AALBORG 8/2 4 POST”. Lilac value parcel label “Fra Aalborg. 344” for 500 Rdl., weighing 80 kvint. Parcel 250-500 gr. = 16 sk., fee value parcel 8 sk. plus insurance 100-1000 RD = 8 sk., total 32 sk. Correct franking. Superb looking, but right stamp a horizontal crease at lower left corner.
DKK 2.980,00
Danmark, 1871, 21
Parcel letter sent from Aalborg 10 February 1871/72 to Hagerud via Christiania, Norway. Two 48 sk. bicolored issue tied by numeral 4, CDS lapidar IIa-1 “AALBORG 10/2 4 POST”. Parcel label “Fra Aalborg. 865”, one parcel 4 3/4 . Letter 8 sk. plus, parcel rate 8 sk. plus 16 sk. for each of the 5 , = 96 sk. Very few such impressive 48 sk. letters known, and the purple colour of the stamps are far better than what to expect of this stamp.
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Danmark, 1863
Letter privately carried on board the steamer “Jutland” to Copenhagen from Hull 19 March 1863. The “Consignee letter p. Jutland” then handled by the shipping agent “C. K. Hansen” and handed over to for postal service. The post stamped the letter “SKIBSBREV - KIØBENHAVN”, charged with 15 sk. in red crayon. The postage calculated as 9 sk. for a ship letter and then 6 sk. fee to the ship. Rare.
DKK 2.980,00
Danmark, 1852
Franco letter sheet dated Aalborg 4 September 1852 via Frederikshavn to Horten, Norway. Postmark – K.D.P.A. AALBORG. 4/9 – struck on front, and then from Frederikshavn directly to Norway. Straight line mark – Frederikshavn. – 28mm applied, extremely scarce postmark.
DKK 7.440,00
Danmark, 1870
48 Sk. colour Essay olivegrey/purple, AFA 21F, normal margins.
DKK 2.790,00
Danmark, 1919
Registered letter to Belgium from Skovsgaard 1 February 1919 bearing 1 øre wavy-line, 7 øre Chr. X yellow and the 27 øre bicoloured King Christian X all tied by CDS Skovsgaard. Very good looking letter, correct franking. On the back a 10 øre adhesive CARITAS “BELGISKE BØRN” quite a scarce label.
DKK 2.230,00
Danmark, 1926
SCADTA Letter sent from Copenhagen to Columbia September 1926 bearing two Columbian 4C stamps and 3-strip of 30C with the Berlin overprint “D”. Very scarce combination with Columbian and SCADTA stamps used on letter sent from Denmark.
DKK 16.370,00
Danmark, 1882
Danish City Post. Letter franked with 1 and 2 øre sent to Frederiksberg Alle and with pencil marking “21/11 82”. Small and beautiful ladies letter, with a defect on the 1 øre stamp in the lower perforations.
DKK 2.230,00
Danmark, 1766
"Banco-letter (value letter) 129 Rdl. 38 sk. sent from Nyborg to Copenhagen (Baumgarten 1766-1791), with Nyborg's post office seal “NYBORG C7” and roayal insignie "C7 timus"."
DKK 2.680,00
Danmark, 1917
Registered letter sent form Copenhagen to Berlin 24 March 1917, bearing a 35/20 øre provisional tied by Copenhagen CDS, opened by German Customs in Charlottenburg and resealed.
DKK 1.490,00
Danmark, 1854
Market report sent from London to Copenhagen 5 October 1854, franked with a Danish 4 RBS Thiele III olivebrown plate IV-49 tied by pen cancellation alongside Altona two-ring CDS, showing Copenhagen Compass mark on front. Without the ban, though still a rare item with ink cancellation.
DKK 2.980,00
Danmark, 1901, 34
10 øre postal stationery card from Fredericia April 20, 1892 to Nellikuppam and re-addressed to Katagiri with a supplementary franking of 5 øre paying the 15 øre UPU overseas rate for postcards with a seapost office mark and various transitmarks.
DKK 3.720,00
Danmark, 1846
Letter sent from Buenos Aires to Bornholm November 1846 via Hamburg. Hamburg Schiffspost transit mark on reverse. List number 1-13/35, total charge of 48 sk. and 4 sk. rural carrier fee, all together 52 sk. due by the addressee. Extremely scarce and early letter from overseas to Bornholm.
DKK 3.720,00
Danmark, 1870
48 Sk. colour Essay olivegrey/ultramarine, AFA 21F, good margins.
DKK 3.530,00
Danmark, 1853, 1Ia
Letter sheet originally sent from Kiel to Copenhagen on 13 September 1853, charged “6” sk. due in red crayon. In Copenhagen re-posted and sent to Helsingør on 14 September and affixed with a prominent plate-flaw of the 4 RBS Thiele I, plate I, pos. 1 (Hakmærket) tied by numeral 1 (Copenhagen) alongside letter-box mark “Compass KB” type. An interesting combination showing the unpaid rate of 6 sk. in cash either due or prepaid and the favored 4 RBS rate when affixed a postage stamp. Circular 3/1852. If a cover had been out of the care of the post office a new postage had to be paid again.
DKK 11.910,00
Danmark, 1856, 4
Ladies envelope with embossed ornamention sent from Sorøe to Kjøge on 3 February 1856 bearing a 4 sk. 1854-issue tied by numeral “67” alongside CDS “SORÖE 3/2 1856”. Decorated letter sheet included. Rare in this condition.
DKK 7.440,00
Danmark, 1921
Union Postale Universelle, SPECIMEN COLLECTION MAURITANIEN – Denmark, King Christian X values 20, 25, 40 and 60 øre on cuts.
DKK 3.350,00