Greenland, 1945, 21ax
15 øre DANMARK BEFRIET with small overprint, hinged.
GBP 1,770.00
Greenland, 1940
UNCENSORED Airmail letter from Copenhagen 11 September 1940 to Nanortalik, Greenland. Nine 20/15 øre provisional and a 10 øre wavy-line tied by CDS KØBENHAVN 11.9.1940. Rate to Greenland 20 øre, 2x 85 øre air mail surcharge per 5 gram = 190 øre. Passed through the censorship witihout being censored, as the received was a government official at the Colony Nanortalik, postal routing instruction “Greenland” in blue crayon. Few such letters known to Greenland without any censor markings.
GBP 664.00
Greenland, 1938, 6/6I
1936-1938. Large piece from parcel wrapping with two 5 øre 1918 and 1924 issue Pakke-Porto stamps apllied and cancelled with the oval mark ”KOLONIEN GODTHAAB” 1921-38 and on arrival in Copenhagen cancelled ”GRØNLANDS STYRELSE” 1931-38, but incomplete franking. Parcel registration no. 924, Kbh 19, ”fragile” parcel and with the entire addressee kept intact. Only a few such pieces recorded.
GBP 2,213.00
Greenland, 1945
"Greenland American Issued with superbly cancelled "GODTHAAB 1.2.1945""
GBP 531.00
Greenland, 1950
"Letter sent to Scotland from "Santa Claus, Greenland, Denmark" paid by 10 øre green King Frederik IX stamp, tied by "Grønlands Departementet 12.12.1950" CDS, scarce letter."
GBP 133.00
Greenland, 1957
Envelope sent from Derby to Santa Claus, Greenland 1957, with letter inside.
GBP 71.00
Greenland, 1865
Parcel letter sent from Copenhagen 10 May 1865 to Egedesminde, Greenland. Sent with Briggen “Mariane” which was in Greenland voyages from 1839 to 1869. The ship ran aground 7 May 1869 on the rocks the fake Kookøer 4 mil north of Nuuk, no one died, but wrecked. The letter is complete, including St. Croix Rhum. Noted “25” in blue crayon, the number on the ship mail list. Beautifully preserved.
GBP 1,239.00
Greenland, 1938
Canadian 3c stationery written in Thule, Greenland aboard the “Eastern Arctic - Mail Service - R.M.S. “Nascopie - AUG 24 1938” cachet stamped on the 3c Canadian stamp and sent to England, and with the card written inside. Rare example of a Canadian stamp used in Greenland.
GBP 1,328.00
Greenland, 1923
Postcard sent from Wittenberge (Potsdam) 31 October 1923 to Godthaab bearing fur 5 MILLIONEN inflation stamps tied by Wittenberge CDS. Rare destination for an infla cover.
GBP 354.00
Greenland, 1936
Parcel letter bearing 10 øre (1928) and 20 øre (1933) Pakke-Porto stamps tied by CDS “GRØNLANDS STYRELSE 21.VIII.36”. The parcel with label “1646” for sending 1 kg. of printed matter marked by 1-line mark “Tryksager”. Scarcely found with shipment of printed matters.
GBP 1,239.00
Greenland, 1939, 7,9,11
Parcel card to Blicher Nielsen, Upernavik. One 10 øre 1915 IV printing, 70 øre and two 3 Kr. 1930-issue (AFA 7, 10, 12) tied by oval mark “GRØNLANDS STYRELSE” in black, GF1, no. 21.01). Two parcels weighing 6,75 and 6 kg., total postage 680 øre. Parcel card “Form. Ah. 57019” GF13.
GBP 1,416.00
Greenland, 1938
"Thule letter from approx. 1938-39 to Denmark, sender "Aage Gilberg, Distriktslæge, THULE" – Fine and well-preserved item with senders details on flap."
GBP 487.00
Greenland, 1923, PP 8I
15 øre Parcel-Post II. printing 1923 on thick paper, mint never hinged (Kartonpapir)
GBP 575.00
Greenland, 1959
Telegram received 25 July 1956 and posted Julianehåb 1 August 1959 bearing a 30 øre King Frederik VIII tied by “Julianehåb” CDS, telephoned twice the 25th and 31st of July. Scarce usage.
GBP 398.00
Greenland, 1940
Surface letter sent from Ritenbenk to Varde 17 October 1940 bearing 5 and 10 øre Kings issue tied by Ritenbenk CDS. 20 øre letter rate underfranked by 5 øre, postage due double and 10 øre marked on the front. German censorship and line mark “Ohne Inhalt eingegangen”. Philatelic item.
GBP 212.00
Greenland, 1996, 283x
Queen Margrethe II issued with INVERTED OVERPRINT. Mint never hinged.
GBP 531.00