Greenland, 1929
Registered Air Mail letter poste restante from Stockholm 7 June 1929 to New York City, USA. Two types of 15 øre, and 5 Kr. block of four King Gustaf V 5 Kr. block of four, 5 and 10 øre Lion tied by cds ‘STOCKHOLM-NEWYORK 1929’ and datestamp STOCKHOLM 7.6.29, registration label ‘Stockholm PFFS nr. 9697’. 26 June the plane left REYKJAVIK for USA, only to make an emergency/crash landing near Ivigtut, Greenland. The plane was shipped by ship to New York. An airmail service fee was paid in stamps with 20 Kr.
GBP 398.00
Greenland, 1940
Letter sent from “Grønlands Styrelse” in Copenhagen 16 August 1940 to Julianehaab bearing a 20/15 øre provisional tied by the “Grønlands Styrelse” CDS. With Berlin censorship and most likely went via Siberia. Marked on the front “VIA SIBERIA - U.S.A.”. RARE LETTER sent from the administration in Copenhagen.
GBP 708.00
Greenland, 1948, 2,14,28
Parcelcard from Julianehaab 16 October 1948 to Haslev, Denmark. 5 øre King Christian X pair 40 øre Polar Bear and 1 Kr. American Issue cancelled with datestamp JULIANEHAAB 16.10.1948, with Copenhagen transitmark 5.11.48. Parcel weight 1,5 kg, rate 1-3 kg. 185 øre, correct franking.
GBP 2,655.00
Greenland, 1946, 11-13, 14,15
Registered airmail letter from Sukkertoppen 6 May 1946 to Steffrisburg, Switzerland. Franked with 10, 15 and 30 øre, 1 and 2 Kr. American Issue stamped with datestamp SUKKERTOPPEN -6-6-1946, registration label without town name, numeral 189. A most unusual destination with the American issue.
GBP 2,213.00
Greenland, 1945, 11,12
Letter from Ivigtut 1 September 1945 to Fredericia, Denmark. 10 and 15 øre American issue tied by datestamp IVIGTUT 1.9.1945, with senders note on reverse ‘H. Møller, s/s „LINDA”, Ivitgut, Grønland. Letter rate 20 øre from 1.5.1945, overfranked with 5 øre. A most unusual letter.
GBP 2,478.00
Greenland, 1943
Letter from Godthaab -9-1-1943 to Malmö, Sweden. 30 øre Polar Bear tied by GODTHAAB 9-1-1943 and opened by US censorship, and transparent resealing tape EXAMINED BY CENSOR 9830, no other censor marks. 30 øre postage to foreign destinations remained the rate during WWII, although the rate actually were increased to 40 øre, but only few were aware of the rate hike.
GBP 266.00
Greenland, 1922, 4,5,7
Parcel card to C. Simony, Julianehaab. 1 øre II printing on reverse, 2 øre II printing and 10 øre I printing (AFA 4,5,7) tied by “STYRELSEN AF KOLONIERNE I GRØNLAND” cachet GF14.01. 14 øre franking for 7 kilos, 1 øre per 0,50 kg., registration label type B, no. 162 type b. Sent with “Fox” 10 June 1922 from Copenhagen. 1 øre with some short perforations.
GBP 885.00
Greenland, 1946
Domestic letter sent from Julianehaab 13 May 1946 to Frederikshaab, Greenland. With both JULIANEHAAB 6-5-1946 departure and FREDERIKSHAAB 13-5-1946 receiving marks on front. Very fine condition of both postmarks.
GBP 266.00
Greenland, 1937
Danish Adressekort from Korsør to “Inspektionsskibet „Ingolf” in Greenland waters 23 July 1937 via Grønlands Styrelse. Danish rate 40 øre, rate to Greenland 3-5 kilo kr. 1,90 charged. Mail to the Military ships, should always be sent to Copenhagen’s Letter/Parcel Office and from there sent to the ship, here via Grønlands Styrelse for transport to Greenland.
GBP 531.00
Greenland, 1940
Letter from Godthaab 8 August 1940 to San Francisco, USA. King Christian X 5 øre, 10 øre and 15 øre tied by CDS GODTHAAB –8-8-1940 and on arrival in US, a straight line cancel ”PAQUEBOT struck on front. 30 øre was the rate to US and Canada during WWII, from July 1940 until May 1945 for letters under 20 gram.
GBP 310.00
Greenland, 1941
Letter from Ivigtut 8 October 1941 to New South Wales, Australia. Two 15 øre King Christian X tied by IVIGTUT 8.10.1941, Australian resealing tape Opened by Censor 2 and boxed censor stamp 2 / PASSED BY CENSOR 1193. Sent by a Mr. Zielke from San Francisco. Mail from Greenland via US was not censored at this time prior to Pearl Harbor attack December 1941.
GBP 1,416.00
Greenland, 1905, 2
5 øre Parcel Post I printing 1905 cancelled twice with line mark “Administrationen for Kolonierne I Grønland”, excellent centring.
GBP 354.00
Greenland, 1940
Registered letter sent from Thule to Zurich, Switzerland 1 January 1940 bearing a 1 kr. Polar Bear tied by Thule CDS. Censored in Berlin. Correct rate, 25 øre registration fee and 75 øre 4th letter rate (60-80 gramms), total 100 øre. Correct franking.
GBP 310.00
Greenland, 1942
Iceland APO 809-a, FIRST COVER stamped 16 March 1942, the number 809-a quite scarce.
GBP 177.00
Greenland, 1941
Wrapper sheet sent from Uxbridge August 1941 to the Ivigtut Kryolit-mine, Greenland, via the Greenland Delegation, NY. Sent to a seaman Arne Jørgensen onboard LERCHENBORG. Franked with 1/2d green. The wrapper contained three copies of the magazine FRIT DANMARK, Danish Counsil, the Danish excile government in UK. A rare postal document.
GBP 398.00
Greenland, 1940
Air mail letter sent from Greenland to Denmark 26 October 1940 via USA-Lissabon, German censorship Frankfurt (Hopballe label 34.03), bearing a block of 10 of 1 øre stamps, 5 øre and 1 kr. Polar Bear, overpaying the letter with 10 øre.
GBP 221.00
Greenland, 1933, 9
Danish parcel card to Mr. T. Wodschouw, Godthaab with three 20 øre (AFA 9) tied by oval GRØNLANDS STYRELSE. Danish ADRESSEKORT type Bet. 4. 10/80, for a parcel of books weighing 2 kg. and label CI 1460 / Grønland, sent with DISCO on 22 May 1933 from Copenhagen to Greenland.
GBP 708.00
Greenland, 1945
Domestic letter free of postage, sent from Umanak to Frederikshaab 16 August 1945. Danmarkimut adhesive affixed on front and back.
GBP 177.00
Greenland, 1933, 7,9,11
Parcel card to Hejlmann, Godthaab. Two 10 øre 1915 IV printing, 20 øre VII printing 1915 and two 1 kr. 1930 (AFA 7, 9, 11) tied by oval mark “GRØNLANDS STYRELSE” in black, GF1, no. 21.00). Two PRINTED MATTER parcels weighing each 5-10 kg, 120 øre per parcel 1931-rate, correct 240 øre franking. Sent with „Disko” from Copenhagen 6 October 1933. Parcel card “Form. Ah. 57019” GF13.
GBP 1,416.00
Greenland, 1922
Postcard sent from Auerbach 18 February 1922 to Julianehaab, Greenland. Postcard written in Esperanto, a most unusual destination for a Esperanto letter.
GBP 443.00
Greenland, 1941
Letter sent surface mail from Egedesminde 6 November 1941 to Copenhagen, Denmark. At this time, all mail was sent through US. The letter arrived in NY, there censored and sealed with censorstrip “EXAMINED BY / 6428” and after the attack on Pearl Harbor on 6 Dec 41 and mail to Denmark was then censored, and suspended. NY Morgan Annex 17 APR 1942 on reverse, on front stamped large type “SERVICE SUSPENDED / RETURNED TO SENDER.”
GBP 664.00