Dansk Vestindien

Dansk Vestindien, ca. 1900
Postcard 'The Veteran Postman of St. Thomas, Danish West Indies'. He is Mr. Joseph Lorand, the longest serving postal service worker in the Danish West Indies and was honored and received the silver cross of Dannebrogsmand.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1917
O.H.M.S. registered letter from Road Town, Tortola via St. Thomas to Birmingham. Backstamped 'ST. THOMAS 15.3.1917.' with registration mark 'ST. THOMAS / R / 4155' and office stamp 'Post Office, / Virgin Islands' and signature, a very unusual postmark on letters.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1916
“Gratis Postbevis” with printed 'Christiansteds Postkontor / den .... 191 '. Postal receipt for REGISTERED letter '2316' sent from Christiansted to Copenhagen 14 February 1916, for letter franked with 1FR 40 BIT. In total three 'Postbevis' recorded, only known of this type.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1909, 29
Registered letter from Frederiksted 14 May 1909 to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. 50 BIT King Christian IX tied by CDS “FREDERIKSTED 14/5 1909” with registration mark “FREDERIKSTED R. No. 345”. Favored rate 25 BIT within 1500 nautical miles from 1.5.1907 – 30.9.1909 plus 25 BIT registration fee, normal letter rate 40 BIT for all other countries. Announcement in St. Thomas Tidende 16.4.1907, included favored rate to Barbardos, Canada, Cuba, Curacao, USA, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Tobago and Trinidad, lowering the rate from 40 BIT to 25 BIT on 1 May 1907. SUPERB in every respect.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1912
Share affixed with 1 Franc STEMPELMÆRKE paying the fee of 1 franc, stamped '14 MRS 10.08 / THE NATIONAL BANK OF / THE DANISH WEST INDIES', and manuscript of board member 'A. Tofft'. Share of 'The St. Thomas Icefactory - and - Cold Storage Company Limited'. Rare
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Dansk Vestindien, 1917
“Gratis Postbevis” with printed 'Christiansteds Postkontor / den .... 1917 '. Postal receipt for REGISTERED letter '3076' sent from Christiansted to Copenhagen 2 March 1917, for letter franked with 80 BIT. Scarce postal document. In total three 'Postbevis' recorded, only known of this type.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1916, 32
Registered philatelic letter from St. Thomas to Birmingham, England. 5 Francs St. Thomas Harbour cancelled with LAP 'ST. THOMAS / 19./9. 1916.' and registration mark 'ST. THOMAS / R / 9821' and backstamped Registered marks Liverpool and Birmingham 12 October 1916. Censored with British censor seal ' OPENED BY / CENSOR / 1123 ', ONLY RECORDED ST. THOMAS HARBOUR with censorship.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1895
3 cents red-orange stationery envelope with watermark III (1893-94) cancelled with four-ring without dot in St. Thomas and backstamped origin mark 'F' Frederiksted and 'ST. THOMAS 7/11 1895'. 'F' Frederiksted is a scarce postmark.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1906, 24
Letter from St. Thomas 17 December 1906 to Esbjerg, Denmark. A single, two pairs and a 3-strip 5 BIT green I. printing King Christian IX canceled with LAP 'ST. THOMAS 17/12 1906', plate flaw on lower right pair, with coloured dot below '5' on the right stamp. UPU letter rate 40 BIT from 15.7.1905 – (to Denmark) 30.9.1907, on 1.10.1907 Denmark rate was lowered to 30.9.1909, wheras UPU rate remained 40 BIT until 1.10.1909.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1868
'D26' Spanish Mail postmark on a pair of 4d plate 11 (1869), the postmark exists in two slightly different versions was delivered in March 1868 and is known used only from 14 April until 8 November 1868. One of two pairs recorded in DWI census.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1873
Queen Victoria, surface-printed, large white letters, a small group of stamps cancelled with obliterator 'C51' and duplex C51 in various conditions.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1873
Queen Victoria, surface-printed, large white letters, 5 shilling rose, plate 1 and 2, cancelled with obliterator 'C51'. One stamp plate 1 in very fine condition, plate 2 with round corners.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1905, 33,33y
5 BIT 1905 provisional, overprint on 4 cents bicolored, pos. 81-82, 91-92. Lower stamps with inverted isolated frames in mint never hinged block of four with corner sheet margin.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1913
Double rate printed matter sent from Frederiksted to Copenhagen 29 December 1913 bearing a 10 BIT King Frederik VIII red tied by “Frederiksted” CDS and office cancel stamped on front “PRINTED MATTER”. Printed matters are scarce in this form from Danish West Indies.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1876
Entire letter from St. Thomas 26 July 1876 to Carupana, Venezuela. Routing instruction Pr. Ville de St. Nazaire, via Fort de France. Delivered to the Danish Post Office and with cds ST. THOMAS 27/7 1876 struck on front. Franked with pair of 30 centimes REPUB FRANC tied by octagonal ST. THOMAS PAQ. FR. B. NO. 4 27 JUIL 76. Unsual with both ship’s name and routing port Fort de France.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1915
Registered envelope Frederiksted 7 October 1915 to New York, USA. 50 BIT King Christian IX tied by CDS “FREDERIKSTED 7/10 1915”, registration mark “Frederiksted / R / 1836” 9. Registration fee 25 BIT, UPU rate 25 BIT from 1.10.1910 – 31.3.1917, correct franking.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1906, 25
Postcard from Christiansted 29 november 1906 to Hellerup, Denmark. 10 BIT red I. printing King Christian IX tied by 4-ring cancel without dot used at St. Thomas for arriving shipmail from Christiansted and origin mark C large type struck on front, with ST THOMAS 29/11 1906 LAP on front. Instruction to the post JULEAFTEN for delivery Christmas evening and routing instruction BY/GERMAN STEAMER. UPU postcard rate 10 BIT from 15.7.1905 – 31.12.1909.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1813
Letter sheet stamped “ST THOMAS / Aug 2 / 1813” British fleuron mark, sent to London and backstamped circled “D / 9 SE 9 / 13”. Charged 2/2. Single packet letter rate 1/2 (1813-37), to London 1/ (Falmouth-London 1812-39, 200-300 miles), total rate charged 2/2.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1864
Letter sent from St. Thomas to New York, stamped with red “ST. THOMAS - OFFICE - EXPRESS” in red, dated 8 February 1864.
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Dansk Vestindien, 1894
Letter sent from St. Thomas to New Jersey, NY 16 March 1894 franked with a 10 cents VIa printing tied by “St. Thomas” CDS and NY and Jersey City arrival mark March 22 on reverse. Went on American steamer endorsed “Pr. America Mail”
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Dansk Vestindien, 1905, P28
40 BIT King Christian IX imperforate colour proof in the adopted colours with full corner sheet margin, without watermark and gum. Rare.
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