Dansk Vestindien

Dansk Vestindien, 1914, 51
50 BIT King Christian X die colour proof in the red/grey colours approved for the 40 BIT stamp. Printed on cross watermarked white paper stamped by the printing house H. H. Thieles Bogtrykkeri København, dated manuscript 30/10 (1914). A most spetacular exhibition item. Unique.
DKK 22.320,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1905
King Christian IX, imperforate colour essay, greyish brown. Considered to be the work of Alfred Jacobsen.
DKK 2.980,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1905
King Christian IX, imperforate colour essay, light green with wide margins. Considered to be the work of Alfred Jacobsen.
DKK 3.570,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1917, 37
Censored letter sent from St. Thomas to Copenhagen 10 February 1917 bearing five 10 BIT King Frederik VIII issue, tied by CDS “ST. THOMAS”, opened and with British censor resealing tape “OPENED BY/CENSOR./999”. Randers receiving mark on reverse 28.3.1917.
DKK 4.460,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1899, 5By
Printed matter St. Thomas 15 May 1899 to New York, NY, USA. Pair 1¢ bicolored X printing inverted frame perforation 12 3/4 tied by CDS “ST. THOMAS 15/5 1899”. Routing order - Per “Caribbee” via St. Croix, with “FREDERIKSTED 18/5 1899” CDS on reverse. A most unusual routing at this time for mail via St. Croix from St. Thomas to US.
DKK 10.420,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1911, 24
Domestic letter sent from St. Thomas 10. March 1911 to Frederiksted, bearing pair of 5 BIT King Christian IX tied by CDS “ST. THOMAS 10/3 1911” and receiving mark “FREDERIKSTED 10/3 1911” on reverse.
DKK 740,00
Danmark, 1873, 5a, 5ay
1 Cent bicolored I printing, position 17-18 in the sheet, used pair cancelled ST. THOMAS 16.9.1877. Right stamp pos. 18 with INVERTED FRAME, in this condition and in pair a most desirable bicolored rarity of DWI stamps, left stamp with round SW-corner.
DKK 17.860,00
Danmark, 1916, 40
Letter from St. Thomas 22 May 1911 to St. Louis, USA. 25 BIT blue/blue King Frederik VIII II printing tied by ST. THOMAS 22/5 1911 LAP. Routing instruction PER S/S PARIMA VIA NEW YORK. 25 BIT UPU letter rate from 1.10.1910 – 31.3.1917.d
DKK 740,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1912
Wrapper band for printed matters bearing two 5 BIT King Fr. VIII issue sent from Christiansted to Saxkjøbing 24 May 1912, paying the 10 BIT UPU printed matter double rate. Rare.
DKK 7.440,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1871
Letter sent from P. Camp to Paris through the British Post Office at St. Thomas 23 October 1871, franked at St. Thomas with 3 and 4d tied by C51 vertical format, showing 1-ring “St. Thomas PAID A” in red, London transit mark and exchange office “Angl. Amb. Calais F”. Round corner at 3d stamp and interesting plate flaw at 4d stamp, vertical fold in cover not affecting the stamps.
DKK 5.950,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1864
Letter sent from St. Thomas to Kingston, Jamaica 12 April 1864 with British mail at 4d rate. Red “ST. THOMAS A - PAID” and Kingston receiving mark on front, with contents.
DKK 1.120,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1850
Envelope forwarded from St. Thomas to Rocky Hills, Conn, charged “6” cents and Boston, Mass. CDS on front and “SHIP” mark, ca. 1850'ies. On reverse forwarding agent mark “FORWARDED BY - G.W. SMITH & CO. - ST. THOMAS” in greenish blue.
DKK 1.860,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1862
Entire sent from St. Thomas to New York 1862, charged 5 cents stamped with 1-ring “5”.
DKK 740,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1909, 36
5 BIT King Frederik VIII postcard additional franked with a 5 BIT Fr. VIII stamp from St. Thomas 18. September 1909 to Karlsbad in Austria.
DKK 1.120,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1900
King Christian IX, imperforate colour essay, light blue colour with wide margins, with gum. Considered to be the work of Alfred Jacobsen.
DKK 2.790,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1873
Letter from Curaçao 19 July 1873 via St. Thomas to Havana, Cuba. Sent through the St. Thomas French Post Office, Caribbean 60c rate paid with two 30 C REPUB FRANC, tied by lozenge of dots and anchor, boxed PP (port partial), and the extremely rare consular St. Thomas octagonal ST. THOMAS 3 AOUT 73 and oval NA1 at Havana for mail arriving from Area de Norteamérica.
DKK 37.200,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1873, P12B
12 cents bicoloured INVERTED frame. Imperforate proof without watermark and gum. Small thin, rare.
DKK 4.090,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1915
5 BIT King Christian IX, imperforate trial colour proof ultramarine/black, glued on thick gray carton from “GRAVIERABTEILUNG - REICHSDRUCKERIE”. Great rarity and apparently only one other with red frame known from Reichsdruckerei.
DKK 29.760,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1906, 25,26
Envelope sent from Frederiksted 5. September 1906 to New York, USA. Franked with pair 10 BIT and 20 BIT King Christian IX issued tied by CDS “FREDERIKSTED 5/9 1906”, paying the 40 BIT UPU rate 15.9.1905 – 31.12.1909. Routing instruction “Pr. Trinidad”.
DKK 1.340,00
Danmark, 1873, 7a
4 Cents bicolored I printing, mint never hinged block of 4 with right sheet margin.
DKK 10.420,00
Dansk Vestindien, 1905
"Commercial letter from St. Thomas to Marseille 2 October 1905 bearing 40 BIT King Christian IX tied by "ST. THOMAS 1 10 1905" CDS. Correct franking with 40 BIT rate to UPU countries. Manuscript endorsed "Pr. S/S St. Thomas". "
DKK 2.230,00