Denmark, 1945
Letter from Kolding June 1945 to Geneva, Switzerland. Stamped on front 'Postforbindelsen kun for Brevkort - RETUR AFS.' and crossed out with blue crayon - Backstamped date line mark '14 JUNI 1945', front with red line stamp '1239 - 7SEP 1945' in red, opened and closed with 'Brevåbningskontoret' red resealing label. Rare return mark, letter opnened on three sides.
GBP 310.00
Denmark, 1869
Envelope from Broager 11 April 1869 to Flensburg. Three 1/3 Groschen NDP tied with upright Prussian 1-ring BROACKER 11/4 69, reception mark AUSG. 11/4 No. 2 on reverse. The rate for a single rate letter was 1 Groschen.
GBP 664.00
Denmark, 1777
Prepaid letter from Copenhagen General-Post-Amt 8 April 1777 to Christiansand, Norway. On back with red wax-seal GENERAL POST AMTS SIEGEL, letter is about pension to Fräulein Cathrine Dorothea von Dumbsdorff zu Christiansand. List no. on back 30-11, paid 11 sk. for the postage. Letters to Norway as early as this is very unusual. Although sent from an Official administration, not sent as Royal Service KT, since the addressee is a private person.
GBP 974.00
Danish West Indies, 1879, 12a
Complete letter sheet sent from St. Thomas 25 January 1879 to Saint-Pierre, Martinique. 12 cents I printing tied by datestamp ANT2 'ST. THOMAS 25/1 1879', routing instruction RMSPC ‘ PAR EIDER ’. EIDER left St. Thomas 26th of January and arrived at Martinique en route to Barbados, reception mark on reverse MARTINIQUE * ST. PIERRE * 28 JANV. 79. 12 cents 1st transitional UPU rate from 1.9.1877 - 1.4.1879, a rare example of 12c Intra- Caribbean rate, only two such letters recorded in the census with 12c single franking. The 12 cents was the first UPU rate and lowered to 10 cents on 1.4.1879.
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Danish West Indies, 1895
3 CENTS single postal card sent from St. Thomas 20 November 1895 to Berlin, Germany. 3 CENTS with 5 text lines (PC5B3a – FG5GII) with imprint type 3, NE-frame line broken near NE-feathers. Cancelled with cds ‘ST. THOMAS 20/11 1895’ and receiving cds ‘GROSS-LICHTEFELDE 2. KADETTEN-ANSTALT / 13/12.95 4-5N’ struck on front. On the back a wonderful drawing depicting Caribbean scenes made by the sailor Pfeiffer, a similar cards from the same sender exists in the Lauth collection. UPU postcard rate 3¢ until 31.12.1901.
GBP 885.00
Denmark, 1945
Censored parcel card from Copenhagen 19 April 1945 to Røykenviken, Norway. Card checked with chemical censor and stamped red 'Zensurstelle / K Geprüft K'. Parcel weighing 2,70 kg. and franked with 180 øre.
GBP 336.00
Denmark, 1947
Letter from Refugee at Dragør Refugee camp 29 April 1947 to Hamburg-Poppenbüttel, Germany. Refugee camp hand stamp red ink 'FLYGTNINGELEJR NR. 126 / DRAGØR'. rare
GBP 177.00
Iceland, 1901, 13B
Postcard from Dyrafjördur 26 March 1901 to Reykjavik. Oval 5 aur dull green III printing 1898 tied by grotesque ‘DYRAFJÖRDUR 26/3’ with receiving cds ‘REYKJAVIK 29.3.1901’ struck on front. Domestic postcard rate 5 aur from December 1879 – 15.10.1917.
GBP 885.00
Denmark, 1855, 3
2 skilling 1855 pair, mint never hinged. Plate I pos. 52-53 with white line through 2 in right stamp which make it looks like an '8'.
GBP 354.00
Danish West Indies, 1902, 8,12,13
3 CENTS stationery envelope from Frederiksted 13 May 1902 sent locally. 3 CENTS red-orange envelope watermark III (Engström E7A) with buttom flap above side flaps. Uprated with 7 CENTS bicolored II printing, 12 CENTS bicolored II printing and 50 CENTS first and second printing, tied by LAP 'FREDERIKSTED 13/5 1902'. Overfranked but hardly any letter is known with the 50 CENTS stamp, here it is with both of the printings.
GBP 2,655.00
Denmark, 1873
Letter from St. Thomas 27 April 1873 to Paris, France. British 4d plate 12 and 3d plate 9 cancelled with duplex 'C51 ST-THOMAS / A AP27 73 PAID' alongside red 1-ring 'LONDON M / PAID / F 4 MY73'. From St. Thomas with RMSPC steamer 'ELBE' 28 April and arriving Plymouth 14 MAY 1872. Rate 7d to France from July 1875 - 31.12.1875. One round corner on 4d stamp.
GBP 310.00
Denmark, 1944
P.O. Box 164 Viggo Beckmann, Lissabon 1 December 1944 sent to Copenhagen. Viggo Beckmann acted as undercover Post Office Box for mail being sent to Greenland and the Faroe Islands. German and chemical censorship, fragile paper and tear.
GBP 133.00
Danish West Indies, 1857
Prepaid entire from Copenhagen 30 October 1857 to St. Croix, Danish West Indies. The rate to DWI 60 sk. paid in cash, the Danish/Foreign share of the rate noted on the front 51 / 9. Postmarked KJØBENHAVN 30/10 1857, KDOPA HAMBURG 31/10, HAMBURG 31 OCT 1857, transit LONDON BG NO2 57 PAID, British post office ST. THOMAS NO 20 1857 and ST. THOMAS 20/11 1857. A due mark in circle PORTO stamped in Danish West Indies, 4¢ due by addressee, this is the earliest recorded PORTO and the most beautiful of letters recorded with this scarce due cancellation.
Price on request
Denmark, 1871
Pair 48 sk. bicoulored normal frame pos. pos. 89-90, with watermark, no gum, imperforate colour proof with right sheet margin. Very rare with full sheet margin (AFA P21B)
GBP 1,062.00
Iceland, 1886, 15
40 aur light-liac II printing perforation 14 x 13½, cancelled with DANISH grotesque type cds ‘KJØBENHAVN.III 4/7 1POST’ – Extremely beautiful stamp and maybe the best cancelled copy of this printing.
GBP 531.00
Faroe Islands, 1947
Printed matter BARNATIDINDI postmarked Trangisvaag 3 March 1947. 6 øre orange wavy-line paying the 6 øre printed matter inland rate 10.7.1940 – 1.7.1952.
GBP 89.00
Denmark, 1871
16 sk. bicoulored normal frame pos. A70, with watermark, no gum, imperforate colour proof with right sheet margin. Very rare with full sheet margin (AFA P20B)
GBP 531.00
Denmark, 1852, 2bx
Thiele 2 Rigsbankskilling type 2 disjoined foot in pair, plate I type 10 & 2, pos. 48-58 with black numeral 1 cancellation. Clearly visible disjoined foot in pair with huge margins.
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Denmark, 1874, 18
Registered letter from Korsør to Copenhagen August 22, 1874 franked with strip of three 4 sk. bicoloured tied by duplex 37. 8 sk. registration fee and 4 sk. letter rate. List no. 53 and boxed Anbefalet. Fine cover
GBP 133.00
Denmark, 1965
25 øre brown King Frederik IX with additional 15 øre wavy-line, printing 206. EB 131. Rare.
GBP 221.00
Denmark, 1935
Airmail letter sent from Odense to Paraguay 19 November 1935 bearing 5 øre HC Andersen and three 1 kr. Airmail stamp tied by Odense CDS. This flight from Africa to South America is aboard the 2nd pendular flight. A short time in November 1935 the ship was taken ashore for repairs and flights was carried out by a Zeppeliner across the Atlantic sea.
GBP 885.00