Denmark, 1853
Passenger Ticket for one passenger from Nakskov to Copenhagen 17 August 1853, signed at the Royal Post Office in Nakskov. Highly decorative item.
GBP 427.00
Slesvig, 1920
Plebiscit overprinted ”MAK.” on imperforated blocks of four of the values 7 1/2pf, 10, 2, 35, 40 and 75 pf. from printers bin.
GBP 205.00
Danish West Indies, 1909, 36
5 BIT King Frederik VIII postcard additional franked with a 5 BIT Fr. VIII stamp from St. Thomas 18. September 1909 to Karlsbad in Austria.
GBP 128.00
Denmark, 1933
Parcel shipped from Copenhagen to Stokkseyri, Iceland via Reykjavik 21 May 1933. From Reykjavik to Stokkseyri a charge for transportation by car of “Bilgj ób 1 kr.” were paid upon arrival by receiver. The rate was 5 aur per 50 km, thus for parcel of kg. 10 x 10 aur (50-100 km) makes 100 aur. It is very unusual to find this sort of local charge by car.
GBP 137.00
Denmark, 1852, 2b
"2 Rigsbankskilling Thiele printing, plate II-59, type 1 with numeral "1" Copenhagen cancel."
GBP 470.00
Greenland, 1945, 20a-25a
DANMARK BEFRIET - Complete set with changed overprint colours. Hinged.
GBP 556.00
Iceland, 1903
”ARDEGIS ”posted to late for morning delivery” mark in violet on front of local 3 aur King Christian IX stationery, Reykjavik December 17, 1903. Fine and clean Ardegis strike.
GBP 427.00
Iceland, 1919
Mint postal stationery reply card with overprint 5 aur on 8 aur Double Kings issue.
GBP 256.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1865, 4
Letter from Apenrade to Ottensen near Altona, January 27, 1865 franked with the 1 1/4 sch. green tied by the prussian two ring Apenrade. The stamp is perforated vertical through the stamp for which reason the stamp has been cut out of the sheet and appear vertical imperforate.
GBP 321.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1811
Napoleonic war. Entire Royal Service by Field Post Estafette sent from Rendsburg to Copenhagen 28 June 1811, endorsed on front “K. D. pr. F.P.E. Afsendt Lieutn Zimmermann xxx”. Endorsed “8” on front, quite unusual for this type of letters.
GBP 684.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1813
Napoleonic War. Urgent military letter sent from Louiseburg near Eckernförde in Schleswig to Meldorf in Holstein, endorsed “Kriegs-Sache, pr. Feldpost Estafette, über Schenefeldt”, datiert 12. December 1813.
GBP 342.00
Denmark, 1871
Parcel letter franked with 161 sk. paying the parcel rate from Aalborg to Montgomery County, Alabama USA sent from Aalborg 12 March 1871 and from Bremen 15 March to NY aboard the steamer “Silicia” arriving NY 27 March. Lovely five-colour transatlantic letter from Denmark, highest recorded skilling franking to US and only one of two parcel letters to US. An impressive exhibition item.
Price on request
Danish West Indies, 1900
King Christian IX, imperforate colour essay, light blue colour with wide margins, with gum. Considered to be the work of Alfred Jacobsen.
GBP 321.00
Danish West Indies, 1873
Letter from Curaçao 19 July 1873 via St. Thomas to Havana, Cuba. Sent through the St. Thomas French Post Office, Caribbean 60c rate paid with two 30 C REPUB FRANC, tied by lozenge of dots and anchor, boxed PP (port partial), and the extremely rare consular St. Thomas octagonal ST. THOMAS 3 AOUT 73 and oval NA1 at Havana for mail arriving from Area de Norteamérica.
GBP 4,274.00
Danish West Indies, 1873, P12B
12 cents bicoloured INVERTED frame. Imperforate proof without watermark and gum. Small thin, rare.
GBP 470.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1862
Postal Money Order with 2 Rdl. sent from Garding to Husum 25 May 1862 with town manuscript “Garding 25/5” in red crayon, paid with 6 sk. in cash and 4 sk. paid for the form and filling, list no. 2. Town manuscript “Garding” is not recorded in the ARGE handbooks, this copy might be only recorded. Garding is located to the west of Tönning.
GBP 385.00
Danish West Indies, 1915
5 BIT King Christian IX, imperforate trial colour proof ultramarine/black, glued on thick gray carton from “GRAVIERABTEILUNG - REICHSDRUCKERIE”. Great rarity and apparently only one other with red frame known from Reichsdruckerei.
GBP 3,419.00
Iceland, 1879
Early stage proof of ornamentation alone in orange-brown, on grey stock with smooth surface.
GBP 171.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Letter sent from Wedel through Bahnhof Pinneberg to Segedorf in Holsten stamped with “Wedel” 1-line mark, bearing a rouletted 1_ Sch. Crt. blue “HRZGL POST FRMRK” Mi. 7, cancelled with separated duplex “170” alongside CDS “BAHNHOF PINNEBERG 8.12” (1864). Aged.
GBP 427.00
Denmark, 1885
Parcel card franked with three 20 øre Coat-of-Arms issue perforation 14 x 13 1/2 and 12 øre bicolored pen-cancelled to be sent from Copenhagen to Stettin. Noted on top margin “pr. „Titania””. Quite remarkably not with any postmarks, dates or note of parcels, a piece that I never have the the like of earlier.
GBP 855.00
Denmark, 1858, 7x
4 sk. 1858 V printing 1861, burelage IIa. The burelage was always ment to be on the same side as the stamp imprint itself. The printing process was first to print the watermarked paper sheet with the burelage, when ink was dry, the printing of the stamp design above the burelage was made. Only a very few times, the burelage printed sheet were mixed up and the stamp imprint actually was printed on the other empty side of the paper sheet, thus one side has the burelage, the other the stamp imprint. A true Danish gem of the squared issue in mint condition, extremely rare.
GBP 2,051.00