Slesvig-Holsten, 1866
Letter sheet from Moelln 21 April 1868 to Ratzeburg, Duchy of Lauenburg. A Prussian Ein Silb. Gr. red adhesive tied by ‘MOELLN 21/4 66 7-8N.’, has been used in payment for the letter rate, the use of Prussian stamps in Lauenburg is known and rarely seen. A small and attracive quality of the use of a foreign stamp in the Duchy of Lauenburg.
GBP 2,124.00
Denmark, 1871
Lettersheet from Tandslet 20 December 1871 to Faaborg, Denmark. ½ Groschen and four ¼ Groschen NDP tied with upright Prussian 1-ring TANDSLET 20/12 71 5-6N, reception mark FAABORG on reverse. The rate from Slesvig-Holsten to Denmark for a single rate letter was from 1.5.1868 – 31.12.1874 1½ Groschen.
GBP 664.00
Denmark, 1864
Militaria letter from Horsens 4 September 1864 to Aarhus. Hand stamp 'FIELD POST D. COMB.GARDE INF.DIV * 7/9'. Complete letter inside, sent by the 'Königlich-preußische General-Kommando', sent to General von Falkenstein in Aarhus.
GBP 354.00
Denmark, 1862, 6, 7
Letter from Copenhagen 27 January 1862 to Paris, France. Pair 16 sk. 1857 and 4 sk. 1858 wavy-line spandrels tied by numeral 1 COPENHAGEN, datestamp KIØBENHAVN KB 27/1 and red transit TOUR T – VALENCIENNES 2 1 JAVN 62, on reverse KDOPA HAMBURG and HAMBURG T&T. Rate note ’26 / 9’ with 9 sk. Danish share and 26 sk. foregin share. Postal rate 35 sk. to France from 26.3.1860 – 31.3.1862, inevitably overfranked by 1 sk. since a 1 sk. Danish stamp never was issued. A very beautiful and rate letter.
GBP 2,655.00
Greenland, 1929
Registered Air Mail letter poste restante from Stockholm 7 June 1929 to New York City, USA. Two types of 15 øre, and 5 Kr. block of four King Gustaf V 5 Kr. block of four, 5 and 10 øre Lion tied by cds ‘STOCKHOLM-NEWYORK 1929’ and datestamp STOCKHOLM 7.6.29, registration label ‘Stockholm PFFS nr. 9697’. 26 June the plane left REYKJAVIK for USA, only to make an emergency/crash landing near Ivigtut, Greenland. The plane was shipped by ship to New York. An airmail service fee was paid in stamps with 20 Kr.
GBP 398.00
Denmark, 1874
Unpaid letter from Hadersleben 24 February 1874 to Kolding. Hand stamp boxed 'Porto' and is extremely rare. 4 sk. border rate 1st letter rate - and as unpaid double charge of '8' sk. in red crayon. Very unusual type a border rate letter being unpaid and charged.
GBP 266.00
Danish West Indies, 1907, 36
Pair 5 BIT King Frederik VIII on piece, cancelled with ship mark S/S. „St. Thomas” 1-ring rubber mark. Rare postmark on DWI stamps.
GBP 177.00
Danish West Indies, 1914, 51
50 BIT King Christian X die colour proof in the violet colour approved for the 15 BIT stamp. Printed on cross watermarked white paper stamped by the printing house H. H. Thieles Bogtrykkeri København, dated manuscript 30/10-14. A most spetacular exhibition item. Unique.
GBP 2,655.00
Denmark, 1945
Danish Red Cross 'Deamndeur' form (III-10-44) dated 28 August 1945 to Leif Graae in New York, USA. From Red Cross in London, forwarded with a note attached, to Leif t. Graae, APO 639, New York. and accompanying letter from British Red Cross with a reply to his mother Ella Graae dated 3rd August 1945, including the British Red Cross letter to Ella Graae in Denmark, plus a message form from Leif Graae to his mother dated 20 July 1944 and Danish Red Cross envelope . A RARE SET.
GBP 354.00
Denmark, 1851, 1
Lettersheet from Horsens 30 December 1851 to Altona, Duchy of Altona. 3-strip 4 Rigsbank-Skilling Ferslew printing, Plate I, pos. 54-55-56, cancelled with mute 5-ring cancel and datestamp Antiqua IIb HORSENS 30/12 1851. 12 sk. rate to the Duchy of Holsten from 1.4.1851 – 30.6.1853. Few recorded, exhibition quality.
Price on request
Danish West Indies, 1905
5 Francs St. Thomas Harbour issued cancelled with cds ‘ST. THOMAS 30/7 1908’. Plate flaw with broken white line under ‘K·VE’ in DANSK VESTINDIEN, on the upper stamp of the pair. AFA catalog value for the stamps alone DKK 5.400.
GBP 531.00
Greenland, 1940
Letter sent from “Grønlands Styrelse” in Copenhagen 16 August 1940 to Julianehaab bearing a 20/15 øre provisional tied by the “Grønlands Styrelse” CDS. With Berlin censorship and most likely went via Siberia. Marked on the front “VIA SIBERIA - U.S.A.”. RARE LETTER sent from the administration in Copenhagen.
GBP 708.00
Slesvig, 1920
Registered letter sent by the member of CIS commission, Oscar von Sydow, Chief of Göteborg from Flensburg 1 April 1920 to Göteborg, Sweden. Franked with CIS overprint 2½ Pf, 7½ pf and 20 Pf tied by datestamp FLENSBURG 1.4.20 9-10N. Registration label ‘R Flensburg 1. NO. 119’ and cachet of ‘COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE / SLESVIG’, letter inside with official letter header of the commission.
GBP 885.00
Iceland, 1925
Imperforate black print with 10 aur, 10 aur frame and building center of the Views and Building issue, small paper fold to the right of the frame print. A very rare set printed on one piece of paper.
GBP 885.00
Denmark, 1871
2 sk. inverted frame VIII. printing pos. 18 on letter front together with an 8 sk. , paying the 10 sk. rate to Holland.
GBP 443.00
Danish West Indies, 1912
Registered letter from St. Thomas 15 November 1912 to Steyrermühl, Austria. Franked with the entire set of King Frederik VIII issue except for the 50 BIT, overfranked.
GBP 177.00
Denmark, 1851
PASSAGEER-BILLET for 1 Person med det Kongelige Postdampskib ”Eideren” fra København til Kiel 17 April 1851, betalt 10 Rbdlr. First Classe, Gentlemens cabin no. 10. Rare and very decorative.
GBP 443.00
Denmark, 1872
Esrom type 'VEDBY' on 4 sk. brev-kort from Vedby 15 June 1872 via Slagelse, to Copenhagen. Superb 'VEDBY' strike and rare in this quality, two holes from stapler middle of the card.
GBP 266.00
Denmark, 1811
Royal Service letter from Hobroe 14 February 1811 to Copenhagen, with notice on the front “Fra Byefogeden i Hobroe”, list no. 2 on the back. Content concerning the accommodation of the Spanish and sale through auction. From the Napoleonic war-time period with the British Forces at Anholt.
GBP 133.00
Denmark, 1922, 124,125
Air Mail service introduced due to frozen waters across the belts, airmail letter with two 10 øre wavy-line and 20 øre brown CHR X (round corner) on letter from Copenhagen 18 February 1922 to Aalborg (arriving 20.2.1922), paying 20 øre letter rate and 20 øre Air Mail charge. The plane flew between Aarhus-Samsø and Kalundborg. The Air Force established a tent camp at Gisseløre near Kalundborg and an “Airport” was made directly on the ice.
GBP 142.00
Denmark, 1858
Royal Service letter sent from Rødbye to Copenhagen 12 December 1858 stamped with curved 1-line mark “RØDBYE 1858” and ink date “12/12”. Postmark used a year between 1858 and 1859.
GBP 708.00