Danish West Indies, 1873
Letter from Curaçao 19 July 1873 via St. Thomas to Havana, Cuba. Sent through the St. Thomas French Post Office, Caribbean 60c rate paid with two 30 C REPUB FRANC, tied by lozenge of dots and anchor, boxed PP (port partial), and the extremely rare consular St. Thomas octagonal ST. THOMAS 3 AOUT 73 and oval NA1 at Havana for mail arriving from Area de Norteamérica.
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Danish West Indies, 1873, P12B
12 cents bicoloured INVERTED frame. Imperforate proof without watermark and gum. Small thin, rare.
GBP 487.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1862
Postal Money Order with 2 Rdl. sent from Garding to Husum 25 May 1862 with town manuscript “Garding 25/5” in red crayon, paid with 6 sk. in cash and 4 sk. paid for the form and filling, list no. 2. Town manuscript “Garding” is not recorded in the ARGE handbooks, this copy might be only recorded. Garding is located to the west of Tönning.
GBP 398.00
Danish West Indies, 1915
5 BIT King Christian IX, imperforate trial colour proof ultramarine/black, glued on thick gray carton from “GRAVIERABTEILUNG - REICHSDRUCKERIE”. Great rarity and apparently only one other with red frame known from Reichsdruckerei.
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Iceland, 1879
Early stage proof of ornamentation alone in orange-brown, on grey stock with smooth surface.
GBP 177.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Letter sent from Wedel through Bahnhof Pinneberg to Segedorf in Holsten stamped with “Wedel” 1-line mark, bearing a rouletted 1_ Sch. Crt. blue “HRZGL POST FRMRK” Mi. 7, cancelled with separated duplex “170” alongside CDS “BAHNHOF PINNEBERG 8.12” (1864). Aged.
GBP 443.00
Denmark, 1885
Parcel card franked with three 20 øre Coat-of-Arms issue perforation 14 x 13 1/2 and 12 øre bicolored pen-cancelled to be sent from Copenhagen to Stettin. Noted on top margin “pr. „Titania””. Quite remarkably not with any postmarks, dates or note of parcels, a piece that I never have the the like of earlier.
GBP 885.00
Denmark, 1851, 2a
2 Rigsbankskilling Ferslew printing plate I, pos. 20, type 6, cancelled with a mute 4-ring with dot cancel. This is one of the four clichés that were replaced in the printing plate before printing actually took place and thus made changes to the type settings in the 10-blocks with types from 1-10. These changes took place in block 4, 5 and 10. In block 5 type 4 pos. 20 was replaced with this type 6, so both post. 20 and 30 are both type 6. Rare in this superior quality.
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Denmark, 1858, 7x
4 sk. 1858 V printing 1861, burelage IIa. The burelage was always ment to be on the same side as the stamp imprint itself. The printing process was first to print the watermarked paper sheet with the burelage, when ink was dry, the printing of the stamp design above the burelage was made. Only a very few times, the burelage printed sheet were mixed up and the stamp imprint actually was printed on the other empty side of the paper sheet, thus one side has the burelage, the other the stamp imprint. A true Danish gem of the squared issue in mint condition, extremely rare.
GBP 2,124.00
Denmark, 1864, 9,10
Entire sent from Copenhagen to Christiania on 22 September 1863 bearing a 16 sk. rouletted and 4 sk. 1863-issue, tied by numeral “1” alongside CDS “KIØBENHAVN O.P.E. 22.9.1863” in blue. 20 sk. is paying the letter rate to Norway by steamer, through Sweden it would have been 24 sk. at the time.
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Danish West Indies, 1906, 25,26
Envelope sent from Frederiksted 5. September 1906 to New York, USA. Franked with pair 10 BIT and 20 BIT King Christian IX issued tied by CDS “FREDERIKSTED 5/9 1906”, paying the 40 BIT UPU rate 15.9.1905 – 31.12.1909. Routing instruction “Pr. Trinidad”.
GBP 159.00
Denmark, 1905, 47
Wrapper 5 øre Coat-of-Arms sent from Aarhus 2 May 1905 to Italy, uprated with 10 øre King Christian IX (AFA 47) tied by CDS Aarhus.
GBP 71.00
Denmark, 1873, 7a
4 Cents bicolored I printing, mint never hinged block of 4 with right sheet margin.
GBP 1,239.00
Danish West Indies, 1905
"Commercial letter from St. Thomas to Marseille 2 October 1905 bearing 40 BIT King Christian IX tied by "ST. THOMAS 1 10 1905" CDS. Correct franking with 40 BIT rate to UPU countries. Manuscript endorsed "Pr. S/S St. Thomas". "
GBP 266.00
Denmark, 1852
Entire from Gravenstein 3 September 1852 to Flensburg. Postage paid with a 4 RBS Ferslew printing plate I, cancelled with two strikes of mute 4-ring canceller and datestamped ANTIII-1 - GRAVENSTEIN. 3/9 1852 –, earliest date and one of only two recorded on letter with 4 RBS Ferslew.
GBP 1,328.00
Danish West Indies, 1912, 36
Printed matter postcard from Frederiksted 29 February 1912 to Gand, Belgium. 5 BIT green/green King Frederik VIII tied by FREDERIKSTED 29/2 1912 LAP2 and Gand 18/3 receiving mark struck on front. Printed matter rate 15.7.1905 – 31.3.1917.
GBP 266.00
Danish West Indies, 1837
Dated St. Croix 10 March 1837 to Toronto, Upper Canada. Transit “NEW-YORK / APL / 8” and red straight line “SHIP” in red struck on front and carried to exchange point Queenston north of Niagara Falls, NY and struck “QUEENSTON AP 14 1837” in greenish blue ink. Charged “27” cents in red ink, with 2¢ ship charge and 25¢ US charge, total 27US¢ due = Canadian 1/4½ shilling, plus 7d Canadian charge = 1/11½ Canadian due by addressee. From the content a mention of local mail coach service. The brig arrived in Bassin yesterday & the letters due brought over by the stage coach today, you must know that we have a regular stage every day between the two towns.
GBP 664.00
Greenland, 1955
Registered letter from Sdr. Strømfjord 12 December 1955 to Copenhagen, Denmark. Franked with 5 øre DANMARK BEFRIET overprint INVERTED OVERPRINT and 15 øre Frederik IX and 50 øre Gustav Holm, cancelled with cds ‘SDR. STRØMFJORD 12.-12.-1955’ and registration label no. 283.
GBP 1,062.00
Greenland, 1950
Postcard sent from Paris via Reykjavik 1 August 1950 to the Expedition in Greenland. Stamped with the cachet “Missions Paul-Emile Victor - Expeditions Polar Françaises” and signed by Paul E. Victor, and franked on the back with a french 15 F expdition adhesive, receiving postmark on front ‘ELLA Ø’.
GBP 133.00
Greenland, 1945
Prisoner of war letter from England written by Børresen July 1945, he was imprisoned from 1940-45. He participated in an "expedition" to East Greenland during the II. World War, when the first thing they did upon arrival was to rig a transmitter and send weather reports to Germany. The British sent a warship to catch the expedition members and hold Børresen in a POW camp until after the war. Børresen was convicted of Nazi activities and was imprisoned as a collaborator. Part of the address is crossed out, but Pont Street 10 is the location where Christmas Møller conducted his "government in exile". It became known as Furenak Ekpeditionen in 1940, Børresen became also member of DNSAP (Dänische National Socialistische Arbeiter Partei) 10. August 1939. Børresen was kept in the camp from 1940-1945.
GBP 1,593.00
Danish West Indies, 1816
Privately conveyed entire St. Croix 26 June 1816 to Copenhagen, Denmark. British Packet’s resumed service from St. Thomas in early 1817, this letter sent with Mm. Mothy and endorsed ‘Mm. Mothy’. She was accompanying three children back to Denmark onboard of the ship ‘Europa’ under the command of Capt. Bödker. Any letter’s from DWI to Denmark prior to 1840’ies is almost unrecorded.
GBP 885.00