Slesvig, 1920, 27
Plebiscit “Reise-Pas” page 5-6 issued Hamburg and stamped with the large VISA mark “Vised good for” stay in Slesvig at the border crossing Frørup, 12th April 1920 and valid for stay in Slesvig until 25 June 1920. Plebiscit SLESVIG 5 MK used as fiscal duty stamp, cancelled with oval “CIS 12. APR. 1920 SLESVIG”.
GBP 540.00
Slesvig, 1920
Official letter from Tondern 27 February 1920 to Flensburg, Germany. Sender’s cachet COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE / LANDSRAAD SLESVIG TØNDER, scarce cachets on letters. Avers. Nr. 21 / Pr. Landsrat’
GBP 360.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864, 9
Letter from Kappel 25 September 1863 to Brunswick, Kiel. 4 sk. 1863 roulletted cancelled with numeral '11' alongside cds 'KAPPEL 25/9'. Backstamped 'ECKERNFÖRDE 25/9' and 'KIEL 25/9'.
GBP 162.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1858, 7
Letter from Glückstadt 30 January 1862 to Brockdorf. 4 sk. 1858 wavy-line, 4. printing, margin above slightly cut, cancelled with numeral '116' alongside cds in blue 'GLÜCKSTADT 30/1 1862'. Town manuscript 'Wevelsfleth' known from 1862-1867, rarely seen on letters in combination with 4 sk. danish stamp.
GBP 450.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1852, 1
Letter from Marstal 8 March 1854 to Næstved. 4 RBS THIELE II blackish brown cancelled with numeral '89' alongside cds 'MARSTAL 8/3 1854'. A rare letter.
GBP 315.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1854, 1
Money Order from Lauenburg 22 April 1854 to Copenhagen. 4 BRS Thiele II blackbrown tied by numeral '148' alongside cds 'LAUENBURG 22/4 1854'. 'Moneyorder for '8ß Rigsmynt oder 3ß Landesmünze', letter rate 4 RBS and fee ' 1 1/2 Sch. L.M.' red crayon ' 1 1/2 ' paid in cash. A rare and unusual letter from the Duchy of Lauenburg, stamp witih narrow margins in some place, although an attractive looking cover.
GBP 585.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1852, 1
Letter from Friedrichstadt in Schleswig 23 October 1852 to Bredstedt. 4 RBS Ferslew Plate I tied by mute cancel alongside cds 'FRIEDRICHSTADT 23/10 1852'
GBP 675.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1862, 7
Letter inside date Aschau 6 May 1862 via Gettorf to Fernsicht per Kellinghusen. 4 sk. 1858 IV printing, wavy-line spandrels (small incision above right) cancelled with numeral ‘171’ blue ink Gettorf and datestamp GETTORF 6.5.1862. Aschau is located north of Gettorf.
GBP 360.00
Denmark, 1863, 9
Letter Kiel 26 June 1863 to Rauzau near Plön. 4 sk. wavy-line spandrels rouletted 1863 tied by the rare Kiel numeral “170” alongside CDS “KIEL BANHHOF 28/6 / 10-11V”. Kiel Bahnhof numeral 170 is extremely rare on cover.
GBP 900.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1860, 7
COD sent from Hamburg to the Isle of Pellworm 23 June 1860 on WRAPPER BAND bearing a pair of 4 sk. I printing wavy-line issue tied by Hamburg numeral “2” alongside two-ring CDS “KDOPA HAMBURG”. COD for “11 Rthl 34 S”, fee “12” sk. noted and paid in cash, red crayon “11 R 34S” collected from the addressee. A rare postal document and exceptionally with a pair.
GBP 1,801.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1863, 9
Letter sent from Kiel to Goldberg in Mecklenburg July 3, 1863 and franked with a pair of 4 sk. roulletted tied by numeral 168 of Kiel. 4 sk. from Danish rayon 1 and 4 sk. to German rayon 1, total rate 8 sk. in effect from 5.7.1854 to 31.7.1865. Only recorded letter with this franking.
GBP 3,151.00
Denmark, 1917
Unfranked postcard 23 July 1917 sent to 'Billetmrk' at the Kiosk at Kongens Nytorv. The official postal service postmark 'KJØBENHAVN B. 23.7.1917 3-4E B' and unfranked, then delivered to Telefonkiosken at Kongens Nytorv who must have paid the the postage. 5 øre blue (DAKA 1) 1896 first issue, postmarked with violet numeral 'TELEFONKIOSKEN / 1 / KONGENS NYTORV'. When collected the 5 øre stamp was paid by the addressee, although it is not explainable why the letter has not been charged due by the regular postal service. Extremely rare card.
GBP 1,620.00
Denmark, 1884
Copenhagen Bypost, 3 øre blue BREVKORT, 2det Oplag, uprated with 1 øre brown and pair 3 øre lilac tied by postmark and registration manuscript 'R620' - a rare example of an uprated to make up for the 10 øre express service.
GBP 450.00
Denmark, 1883
Copenhagen Bypost - 10 øre Expresbrev with pointed flap on laid paper, blue sent to 'Kongens Nytorv 21, 3. sal' and with registration manuscript 'R·114' - Rare in used condition.
GBP 675.00
Denmark, 1883
Copenhagen Bypost - 10 øre Expres-Brevkort blue sent to '16 Frederiksholm Kanal' and with registration manuscript 'R·331' - Rare in used condition.
GBP 450.00
Denmark, 1884
Copenhagen Bypost - 10 øre Expres-Brevkort red sent to '16 Frederiksholm Kanal' and with registration manuscript 'R·330' - Rare in used condition.
GBP 450.00
Denmark, 1887
Aarhus Bypost - 3 øre AARHUS TELEFON OG BYPOST brev-kort posted on 28 April 1887 and cancelled with straight line mark '28 4 87' black ink. Sent to Brygggeriet CERES, backstamped with sender's cachet 'FREDERIKSBJERG APOTHEK AARHUS'. Only three used examples recorded.
GBP 1,981.00
Levant, 1929, 169
Aarhus Kiosk Selskab 2 øre (DAKA 9) affixed (as standard) on the back of the envelope, sent to Hurup St., Thy. Domestic postage paid with 15 øre red caravel issue, cancelled with 'AARHUS B 14.4.29 9-11E'. The kiosk selskab stamp is found on other similar letters on the back of the envelope and uncanceled.
GBP 360.00
Denmark, ca. 1881
Bypost 3 øre ochre yellow BREVKORT (january 1881) canceled and sent to 'Hr. Kaptajn Bærentzen, Ny Kongensgade 15, 4 sal. - on message side ''Arcturus sejler på fredag til Trangisvåg og Thorshavn, Din heng. Chr. Bærentzen'.
GBP 360.00
Denmark, 1881
10 øre grey/black/golden TELEGRAM FRIMÆRKE on dated EXPRES-BREVKORT dated 4 February 1881. Cancelled with 3-ring cancel, excellent condition.
GBP 900.00
Denmark, (1887)
Vejle Bypost letter sent to Andr. J. Schmidt, Shoemaker, Grønnegade 409, Vejle. A local 1887 3 øre green cancelled with star-type canceller VB in the middle, VB: Vejle Bypost. Extremely rare letter.
GBP 2,521.00