Denmark, 1877
Folded parcel letter sheet 3 20 kvint from Frederiksberg 6 August 1877 to Dorpat, Livland (Tartu, Estonia). The letter has been sent over Woyens and stamped with the scarce box mark - Aus (über) Dänemark via Hamburg 2 – Porto von Woÿens” -. Transitmarks Hamburg and Eydtkühnen on reverse. Scarce.
GBP 266.00
Denmark, 1893, 23B,25B
Letter from Aarhus 5 December 1893 to Banana Point, Congo River, Independent State of Congo, West coast of Africa. Franked with five 4 øre and five 8 øre bicoloured peforation 14. 2.letter rate 1.1.1886 - 31.12.1898, only three 60 øre letters recorded to Belgian Congo (ref. Karsten Jensen registry.) Stamps with some defects can be expected for this rare destination.
GBP 398.00
Denmark, 1945
Censored letter from Copenhagen 19 July 1945 to Horten, Norway. Censored, resealed and censor's numeral mark '466 DANMARK', returned to Mørkov and stamped 'Fra Udlandspostkontrollen / RETUR AFSENDEREN', manuscript on back 'Retur i Henhold til / indlagte seddel' - 'Denne Forsendelse kan ikke befordres uden Tilladelse fra Direktoratet for Vareforsyning, Vognmagergade 2, København K. / Udlandspostkontrollen'. Rare
GBP 177.00
Denmark, 1807
Entire with inside dating Kiøbenhavn 7 March 1807 to Frørup, south east of Nyborg. ‘1-3’ noted on the back referring to the number on the letter list, Footpost letter list ‘146’ noted on the front, charged 3 sk. in red crayon for delivery by addressee. Postmarked ‘FP’ cancellation type 1, rarely found on letters sent to other cities in Denmark.
GBP 1,239.00
Danish West Indies, 1895
Insufficiently franked letter from St. Kitts 10 April 1895 to St. Thomas, Danish West Indies. A 2 1/2d Leward Islands stamp affixed, not obliterated, and on arrival at St. Thomas charged 10 cents. A note on the letter ‘ad S.T. 448/95’, possible because a clerical note about the missing postage, reception mark ‘ST: THOMAS 11/4 1895’. A rare and unusual postage due letter.
GBP 664.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Wrapper band sent from Hadersleben 7 July 1864 to Bergedorf, Hamburg. Herzogth.Schleswig 1¼ Schilling green tied by Danish 3-ring numeral ‘23’ Haderslev with half-ring cds ‘BREGEDORF 8.7’. The letter rate for wrapper band until 4 lod was 1¼ Sch.Ct., a very rare wrapperband sent from Sønderjylland in superb quality.
GBP 1,770.00
Denmark, 1941
1941 Christmas Metermark '8560 / CROME&GOLDSCHMIDT / JUL 1941' on business window envelope Copenhagen 23 December 1941, postage '008' øre.
GBP 177.00
Denmark, 1874, 16
Copenhagen Footpost parcel franked with 2 sk. bicolored IX printing pos. A7 cancelled with numeral '1' Copenhagen and datestamped oval Footpost mark 'FP 4 3/12 74' in black. A parcel accompanying the letter 'Hermed en Kasse KE K', inside the envelope a note 'Sent med Kaptain Tuesen, Korup Enke' and 'M. Thuesen, Nexö' on the flap. Up to 500 gram parcel letters could be shipped for the local footpost rate of only 2 sk, an extremely rare postal docuent from the Coopenhagen foot post service. A small beautiful envelope.
GBP 1,239.00
Denmark, 1926
Hershend’s Air Mail from Bangkok 6 May 1926 to Copenhagen, with Copenhagen arrival 5 June 1926 manuscript and stamped on receipt in Copenhagen with round handstamp 'ROYAL SIAMESE LEGATION COPENHAGEN'. Franked with a provisional 2 Satang/14 block of four and cancelled with 'Bangkok P.O. No. 2'. Of the two Fokker planes, Herschend’s V2 made an emergency landing at a Burmese ricefield, Botved continued to Tokyo. Herschend’s machine had to wait for repair before returning to Copenhagen. 'A rare Danish Air Mail, with Herschend’s signature.
GBP 1,239.00
Denmark, 1915, 81
5 kr. Central Post Office 1915-issue. Superb centring and “KOLDING 12.2.1916 3-6E” cancellation.
GBP 1,239.00
Danish West Indies, 1908, 36
Domestic letter from St. Thomas 24 December 1915 to Christiansted. 10 BIT King Frederik VIII tied by LAP 'ST. THOMAS 24/12 1915', local CHRISTMAS SEAL 1915 on reverse and tied on reception at 'CHRISTIANSTED 24/12 1915', thus cancelled when arrived at Christiansted, very unusual. 10 BIT is the local letter rate within DWI.
GBP 575.00
Denmark, 1871
8 sk. bicoulored normal frame pos. A40, with watermark, no gum, imperforate colour proof with right sheet margin. Very rare with full sheet margin (AFA P19B)
GBP 531.00
Denmark, 1945
Letter from Copenhagen 28 May 1945 to Akron, Ohio, U.S.A. Stamped on front 'Postforbindelsen ikke aabnet. Retur Afs.' - On the 5th of May 1945 Denmark was liberated. Horizontal fold in envelope affecting the upper pair.
GBP 177.00
Iceland, 1925
7 aur green Views and Buildings approved colour proof affixed on cardboard paper. The perforation is different here with line perforation 11½, the issued stamps is with comb perforation 14 x 14½. Only recorded.
GBP 1,239.00
Denmark, 1939
1939 Christmas Metermark '6930 / CROME&GOLDSCHMIDT / Julemærke / betalt' on business window envelope posmarted Copenhagen 18 December 1939, postage '025' øre.
GBP 133.00
Denmark, ca. 1877, 25
Letter from Odense (ca. 1877) to Bogense on Fynen, cancelled with manuscript 'Odense 3/2', backstamped 'BOGENSE 3/2 1 POST'. Franked with 8 øre bicolored (with faults), rare manuscript cancellation.
GBP 89.00
Denmark, 1951
Red Cross envelope 'HOSPITALSKIBET JUTLANDIA' under Dansk Røde Kors sent by the dentist onboard Jutlandia, postmarked in Copenhagen 3 August 1951. Jutlandia was contracted as hospitalship during the Corea war from January 23, 1951. Sent via US APO stamped on two 3c US stamps, Korean block of four and Danish 15 øre King Frederik IX, rare 3-countries mixed franking.
GBP 266.00
Denmark, 1942
Feldpost letter from Hellerup 20 October 1942 to SS Schütze Svend Lüthj at FP 45060C. On back stamped 'Modtagelse nægtet/Kbhvn.Ø.Distr.' and straight line 'FELDPOST KASTELLET' and blue crayon 'Retur Hellerup' and due '20' øre for which a 20 øre PORTO stamp has been affixed and canceled 'KØBENHAVN Ø.8 4.OMB 20.10.42'. Rare feldpostmark 'FEJDLPOST KASTELLET.
GBP 199.00
Denmark, 1945
Letter from Randers 12 May 1945 to Helsingfors, Finland. Stamped on front 'Postforbindelsen ikke / aabnet. Retur Afs.' - On the 5th of May 1945 Denmark was liberated.
GBP 221.00
Denmark, 1864, 9
Fieldpost letter sent from Assens/Augustenborg 30 April 1864 to Copenhagen. 4 sk. 1863 canceled with numeral '223' alongside 'FELTPOST № 1 P1 30/4' ANT VIII-1.
GBP 221.00
Denmark, 1946
Letter from Refugee Margrethe Dippe, Ollerup, Svendborg 9 January 1946 to Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland. Sent from 'Flüchtlingslager V / Ollerup / Fynen / Dänemark' and censorship handstamp '[crown] / St. c. L. / Flygtningelejren / i Ollerup / Tlf. Vester Skerningen 382' red ink.
GBP 124.00