Denmark, 1851
PASSAGEER-BILLET for 1 Person med det Kongelige Postdampskib ”Eideren” fra København til Kiel 17 April 1851, betalt 10 Rbdlr. First Classe, Gentlemens cabin no. 10. Rare and very decorative.
GBP 419.00
Denmark, 1872
Esrom type 'VEDBY' on 4 sk. brev-kort from Vedby 15 June 1872 via Slagelse, to Copenhagen. Superb 'VEDBY' strike and rare in this quality, two holes from stapler middle of the card.
GBP 252.00
Denmark, 1811
Royal Service letter from Hobroe 14 February 1811 to Copenhagen, with notice on the front “Fra Byefogeden i Hobroe”, list no. 2 on the back. Content concerning the accommodation of the Spanish and sale through auction. From the Napoleonic war-time period with the British Forces at Anholt.
GBP 126.00
Denmark, 1922, 124,125
Air Mail service introduced due to frozen waters across the belts, airmail letter with two 10 øre wavy-line and 20 øre brown CHR X (round corner) on letter from Copenhagen 18 February 1922 to Aalborg (arriving 20.2.1922), paying 20 øre letter rate and 20 øre Air Mail charge. The plane flew between Aarhus-Samsø and Kalundborg. The Air Force established a tent camp at Gisseløre near Kalundborg and an “Airport” was made directly on the ice.
GBP 134.00
Denmark, 1858
Royal Service letter sent from Rødbye to Copenhagen 12 December 1858 stamped with curved 1-line mark “RØDBYE 1858” and ink date “12/12”. Postmark used a year between 1858 and 1859.
GBP 671.00
Denmark, 1942
Value letter from Umeå 29 December 1942 to Bredsten, Denmark. Swedish exchange control, resealed and with three red wax seal 'KTR EXP 1' and resealing tape 'Granskad enligt. Kungl. Maj:ts förordnande'. In Copenhagen censored and resealed, with the scarce red censormark type 2 with small letters 'Post- og Telegrafvæsenet [crown] i Danmark' and only used for registered and insured mail and two red wax seal '[crown] KØBENHAVN [posthorn] UDLANDSPOSTKONTROLLEN' and rarely seen censorhip wax seal.
GBP 503.00
Iceland, 1899, 8B
Envelope with pair 10 aur Oval type Icelandic issue sent locally within Copenhagen 30 November 1899. The pair 10 aur oval perforation 12¾ cancelled with cds ‘KJØBENHAVN KKB’ framed framed with blue crayon and ‘O=’, charged double 4 øre Danish local rate, due 8 øre by addressee. The letter is sent by the company Thor. E. Tulinius company in Copenhagen, likely the letter was intended to be sent from Iceland, but did not happen, but sent from Copenhagen instead. A very unusual cover with ‘fraudulent’ use of the Icelandic stamps in Copenhagen.
GBP 1,342.00
Denmark, 1873, 16,18,20
Registered letter from Copenhagen 4 October 1873 to Antwerp in Belgium. Franked with 2, 4 and 16 sk. bicolored issue, all with faults. Only recorded registered skilling letter to Belgium, 13 sk. rate from 1.5.1868 - 31.12.1874 plus 8 sk. registration fee, total 21 sk. - franked with 22 sk. as no 1 sk. stamp were issued.
GBP 126.00
Denmark, 1871
3 sk. bicoulored normal frame pos. A40, with watermark, no gum, imperforate colour proof with right sheet margin. Very rare with full sheet margin (AFA P17B)
GBP 503.00
Denmark, 1891
Insured letter 216,05 M from Sonderburg 15 August 1891 to Hjørring, Denmark. Franked with four 25 pf orange Reichspost, all stamps beautifully cancelled with PER I-ring SONDERBURG 15/8 91 10-11V.
GBP 419.00
Danish West Indies, 1857
St. Thomas 16 July 1857 to Canari, Corsica, France. Stamped with British PO crowned 2-ring red ink 'PAID AT ST.-THOMAS', prepaid '1/2'. Sent with RMSPC steamer 'PARANA' departing from St. Thomas 16 July and arriving at Southampton 1 August. London 'PAID ALL / AU 2 / 1857', red circle 'PD', French 'ANGL / AMB.CALAIS 1 3 AOUT 57', backstamped small double ring 'ST. THOMAS 16 JUL 1857', Paris and receiving mark 'ST-FLORENT-EN-CORSE 9 AOUT 57 / 19'.
GBP 629.00
Denmark, 1858, P7d
Die in black of 4 sk. 1858 wavy-line on the right (with control figure 4) and on left side a die in negative with six different samples of a new wavy-line, both vertical and horizontal. Rare
GBP 1,509.00
Danish West Indies, 1878, 11
Letter from St. Thomas 14 August 1878 to Odense, Denmark. Franked with pair 10 cents I printing (horizontal crease in top of stamps), canceled with antiqua 'ST. THOMAS 14/8 1878' and transit stamped 'LONDON PAID' on front, although still a very rare early letter. UPU 10 cents double letter rate 20 cents 1.9.1877 - 31.12.1901.
GBP 252.00
Denmark, 1940
1940 Christmas Metermark '8615 / CROME&GOLDSCHMIDT / JUL 1940' on business envelope (without window) sent within Copenhagen 20 December 1940, postage '010' øre.
GBP 168.00
Danish West Indies, 1851
Copenhagen 19 September 1851 to St. Croix, Danish West Indies. Royal Service letter to the Governor of Danish West Indies at St. Croix, stamped with boxed 'Aus Daenemarck. / d. Meckleburg', tpo 'HAGENOW-ROSTOCK', 'MAGDEBURG-WITTENBERG', 'BERLIN-HAMBURG', 'BERLIN-MINDEN' and 'AACHEN - BAHNHOF 22/9' and red 1-ring London 'AN 23SP23 1851'. An unusal Royal Service letter to Danish West Indies, effected by the tropical climate.
GBP 1,174.00
Danish West Indies, 1902
1 CENT 1901 double postal card from locally within St. Thomas 22 April 1902 and replied on message side St. Thomas 23 April 1902. Chess card sent among soldiers at the fortress at St. Thomas. Only 950 double cards 2nd printing issued with ‘1 CENT 1901’ overprint, very few unsevered provisional double cards recorded.
GBP 671.00
Iceland, 1922
Parcel card from Remsched 1 November 1927 to Reykjavik, Iceland. Deutsches Reich with three 100 pf (MI 343) and two on the back and 40 pf Leibniz (MI 395) cancelled 'REMSCHEID 1.11.1927'. Rare destination.
GBP 168.00
Denmark, 1874, 16y
Local letter with 2 sk. bicoulored VII printing pos. 77 INVERTED FRAME on dated letter Sorø 10 July 1874, cancelled with numeral ‘67’ alongside datestamp ‘SORØ 5/7 6 POST’. A very beautiful and lightly cancelled stamp on a clean and small sized envelope. Rare in this quality.
GBP 1,342.00
Danish West Indies, 1906, 24-32
Registered letter front from Christiansted 16.5.1906 to Aarhus, Denmark. St. Thomas harbour 1 Franc, 2 and 5 Francs together with King Christian IX 5, 10, 20, 25, 40 and 50 BIT, complete sets on cover. Cancelled with cds CHRISTIANSTED 16/5 1906, registration mark 'Dansk Vestindien / R / No. 177 (6284)' and boxed 'Anbefalet'. ONLY RECORDED with complete set of the King Christian IX and St. Thomas Harbour view on cover.
Price on request
Denmark, 1896, 25B
8 øre bicolored perf. 12 3/4 on COD 2 Kr. 60 Øre (Postopkrævning) parcel card from Ribe 9 April 1896 to Copenhagen. Manuscript '20 Øre paa Pakken' - a rare split franking in excellent condition.
GBP 293.00
Denmark, 1951
Aerogram from Maribo 17 October 1951 to the dentist onboard the hospital ship ”Jutlandia”. Jutlandia was in service during the Corea war from January 23, 1951.
GBP 42.00