Denmark, 1946
Letter from Refugee at Rye Refugee camp 16 October 1946 to Bramsche, Osnabrück, Germany. Backstamped with hand stamp in red ink 'Flygtningelejren / „ Rye Flyverplads” ', letter inside.
GBP 126.00
Denmark, 1879
Unpaid parcel letter from Copenhagen 6 November 1879 to Frankurt a/m, Germany. Parcel registration label 'Fra Kbh. Pakke. 679' and cds 'KJØBENHAVN PP 6/11', Slesvig border transit mark boxed 'Aus /über) Dänemark / via Hamburg 2 / Porto von Woyens'. Charged '100' in blue crayon, backstamped Hamburg 7/11 and Frankfurt a/m 8/11 79. Rare sealing label in blue on back ' ·KONGL.BREVPOSTKONTOR / KIØBENHAVN.' with crown and posthorn in the seal.
GBP 210.00
Denmark, 1871
Parcel letter from Copenhagen 13 August 1871 to Potsdam, Germany. Hand stamp 'KIØBENHAVN 13/8' and parcel registration label 'Fra Kbh. Pakkep. 548' and Slesvig transit Train Post Office TPO boxed 'Aus (über) Dänemark / via Woÿens.' and 'Auslagen' in red. Blue crayon '4/6' 4 Sgr. (4 sk. per pound, but minimum 16 sk.) Danish share and 6 Sgr. German share (Rayon IV 8-120 mil) 4 Sgr. pr. 2 pound but minimum 6 Sgr., total charge 0f 10 Sgr. '10' blue ink.
GBP 335.00
Denmark, 1915, 68
Postcard from Soldiers dated Gudumholm, 28 November 1915 to Aurillac, France. Photocard with soldier friends, sent to prisoner 'Soldat Christian Birch de Apenrade, 6'/86' Nr. 4618, Depôt spécial de Prisoniers de Gùerre, Aurillac, Cantal, France'. Censored and hand stamp 2-ring oval cachet ' Depôt spécial de Prisoniers de Gùerre / VISE / AURILLAC '.
GBP 38.00
Denmark, 1888
Part of inquiry from Ribe/Hvidding 22 July to Lügumkloster and replied. DR 20 pfenning blue stamp cancelled with superbly applied RER I-o stamped 'LÜGUMKLOSTER 23/7 88 4-5N' and also office mark 'POST-AMT Lügumkloster / EING 23/7 No. ' Rare.
GBP 126.00
Denmark, 1909, 43,54,55
4 øre blue wavy-line wrapper from Vallekilde 26 February 1909 to Åbenrå, Nordschlesvig. Uprated with 2 øre red wavy-line, 5 øre and pair 10 øre King Frederik VIII. Canceled with starcancel 'VALLEKILDE' alongside swiss type 'HØRVE 26.2.09 3-6E. Printed matter, 6th rate 250-300 gram, 30 øre 1.4.1879 - 30.6.1920, overfranked with 1 øre.
GBP 42.00
Denmark, 1919, 67
Wrapper 5 øre green King Christian X sent from Fredericia 7 August 1919 to Aarhus. Uprated with 2 øre wavy-line and canceled with 2-line mark 'Dansk / Købestævne.', rare.
GBP 101.00
Denmark, 1946
Censored letter from Copenhagen 22 May 1946 to M-Gladbach, English Zone, Germany. Censored, resealed and censor's numeral mark '660 DANMARK', returned and stamped 'Fra Udlandspostkontrollen / retur Afsenderen', backstamped 'Retur i Henhold til / indlagte Meddelse' - message 'Det er indtil videre ikke tilladt at forsende til Tyskland: Fotografier..., Skakopgaver (Chess, cris-cross), seals, notes, stenografi, stamps and nodes, K-B 26'. Rare label.
GBP 252.00
Denmark, 1942
Opened letter, likely containing a printed message, sent from Copenhagen December 1942 to Upsala, Sweden. Christmas Seal 1942 (Princess Margrethe of Denmark) with 20 øre caravel issue paying the 20 øre Nordic rate. Censored and stamped red censor mark 'Post- og Telegravæsenet / [Crown] / i Danmark' and 'Fra Udlandspostkontrollen / Retur Afsenderen' with message inside underlined 'Tryksager..... (kan kun sendes i Forretningsøjemed', a rare printed message from Udlandspostkontrollen, formular 'Udlpktr. 16 (1-42)'.
GBP 377.00
Denmark, 1942
70 øre 'Postemblem' single franking on value letter from Stockholm 22 June 1942 to Aarhus, Denmark. Swedish exchange control, resealed and with two red wax seal 'PCA 1' by Stockholm Registration office and stamped 'Granskad enligt. Kungl. Maj:ts förordnande'. In Aarhus opened and resealed by 'AARHUS TOLDSTED' and danish censor mark 'Post- og Telegrafvæsenet [crown] i Danmark'. Rare
GBP 151.00
Denmark, 1943
Airmail letter from Christiansfeld 20 January 1943 to Umanak, Greenland. Routing instruction 'Greenland / (via Lissabon - New York ), German censorship and Bermuda censor resealing tape 'P.C.90 OPENED BY EXAMINER / I.C. / 1347'. Letter rate 20 øre plus 80 øre Air Mail surcharge.
GBP 252.00
Denmark, 194$
Danish Red Cross 'Deamndeur' form dated 25 October 1941 from Maribo to London, England. Message sent out by Red Cross in London to the addressee, Iris Sparrow.
GBP 126.00
Denmark, 1872
HOLTE 2 sk. green LAND-POST 1872, with colour proofs of 2 in red, blue and black. RARE set.
GBP 671.00
Iceland, 1876, 8P
10 aur carmine, colour proof on imperforate thin paper without watermark, pair with full corner sheet margin.
GBP 252.00
Iceland, 1876, 9 PT
16 aur brown, colour proof on imperforate thin paper without watermark, pair with full corner sheet margin.
GBP 252.00
Iceland, 1876, 10 PT
20 aur violett (light), colour proof on imperforate thin paper without watermark, pair with full corner sheet margin.
GBP 252.00
Iceland, 1876, 11 PT
40 aur green, colour proof on imperforate thin paper without watermark, pair with full corner sheet margin.
GBP 252.00
Iceland, 1873, TJ2 PT
8 sk. lilac, colour proof on imperforate thin paper without watermark, with full corner sheet margin.
GBP 63.00
Denmark, 1945
Copenhagen, Telegram from Great Britain, Copenhagen 24 June 1945. Post war censor mark 'C [Crown] 8' in violet. Rare.
GBP 168.00
Danish West Indies, 1856, 1A
3 CENTS carmine WHITE GUM, 1856, Plate I, position 99, burelage Ia. This is one of the few and major significant plate flaws with large colored spot in lower right spandrel just above S and the typical uneven S-frame line from a margin stamp. Distinctly canceled with mute 5-ring canceller. Despite a small thin spot a very attractive example of this rare stamp. Very few stamps with white gum survived the tropical climate, as sheets glued together and was then officially re-gummed with either yellow or brown gum at the pharmacies in St. Thomas and Christiansted.
GBP 1,509.00
Denmark, 1871, 11A, 18
'frit' noted letter originally franked with 4 sk. bicolored Ib printing (1870) cancelled with numeral '89' Marstal and datestamp 'MARSTAL 24/2 1871'. Due to the 'frit' manuscript in lower left corner, the letter was subject to full unpaid rate of 6 sk. Thus, when bringing the letter to the counter af the post office, the clerk noted the franco marking, and sender was obliged to pay the missing 2 sk. - and then an additional stamp of 2 sk. lineperforation 12 1/2 1864-issue added. An extremely rare postal history item.
GBP 1,006.00