Danish West Indies, 1899, 10
Registered postcard from Frederiksted 27 September 1899 to Copenhagen, Denmark. Pair 5 cents bicoloured IV printing cancelled with weak Frederiksted cds. Boxed 'Dansk / Vestindien / R No. 449' and New York registered exchange label '32353' and datestamp 4 October 1899. Copenhagen '15.10.99' receiving mark. 3 cents postcard rate 1.4.1879 - 31.12.1901 plus 7 cents registration fee 1.9.1877 - 31-12.1901, correct 10 cents rate. Registered postcards are rare.
GBP 1,328.00
Danish West Indies, 1911, 37
Local letter from St. Jan 20 February 1911 to St. Thomas. 10 BIT King Frederik VIII cancelled with ANT2 'ST. JAN 20/2 1911' and backstamped 'ST. THOMAS 20/2 1911'. 10 BIT local letter rate 1.4.1905 - 31.3.1917.
GBP 664.00
Denmark, 1945
'Kriegsgefangenenpost / Rückantwortbrief' written by Stella Skov in Copenhagen on 20 March 1945 to her husband Hans Skov, prisoner no. '309020'. Stamped in red 'Interneret Post', 'Retur' and 'Overflyttet til Frøslev' and dateline mark '22. MRTS.1945'. Hans Skov was arrested on 19 September 1944 and sent to Buchelwald the same date, and transferred to Frøslevlejren 10 April 1945 from KZ Buchenwald. He was arrested with reason for 'Aktion politi'.
GBP 531.00
Iceland, 1876, TJ PT 5a
10 aur Pjónustu, ultramarine, colour proof on imperforate thin paper without watermark, pair with full corner sheet margin.
GBP 266.00
Denmark, 1917
Feldpost card from Tondern 13 October 1917 to Berlin. Censored boxed 'Geprüft / 5. Mar.-Luftschiff-Trupp' and circular 'Kaiserliche Marine / Postprüfung / V. Marine- Luftschiff-Trupp Tondern' both in red ink.
GBP 177.00
Denmark, 1945
Letter from FIELD POST OFFICE 504 9 December 1945 to Copenhagen, sent by Tove Rasmussen, UNRRA-Team 89, 30th Corps-Distr. HG, B.O.A.R., Germany.
GBP 89.00
Iceland, 1917, 76,77
Letter from Reykjavik 23 August 1917 to Hässleholm, Sweden. Eight 1 Eyr and four 3 aur Two-King's issue tied with 'REYKJAVIK 23VIII.17' and backstamped in Sweden 22.11.17. Opened by British censor and resealing tape 'OPENED BY CENSOR / 4983'.
GBP 266.00
Denmark, 1917, SF 1
5 øre King Christian X, soldierstamp overprint SF. Complete corner sheet marign, printing number No. 114-O (AFA 3.000)
GBP 221.00
Denmark, 1858, 4
Letter from Svendborg 7 June 1858 to the small island Lyø just outside Faaborg. 4 Sk. 1854 cancelled with numeral '70' Svendborg, backstamped with straightline mark 'SVENDBORG' LIN-2, and manuscript '7/6 1858'. Only recorded example of this 1-line mark.
GBP 885.00
Iceland, 1909, 48,50
Postcard from Reykjavik 29 April 1909 to Gentinnes, Belgium. 1 Eyr and 4 aur Two-King's issue tied with 'REYKJAVIK 29.4.09' and 'GENTINNES 6 MAI 6-7 1909', sent at 5 aur printed matter rate.
GBP 44.00
Danish West Indies, 1917
O.H.M.S. registered letter from Road Town, Tortola via St. Thomas to Birmingham. Backstamped 'ST. THOMAS 15.3.1917.' with registration mark 'ST. THOMAS / R / 4155' and office stamp 'Post Office, / Virgin Islands' and signature, a very unusual postmark on letters.
GBP 221.00
Iceland, 1946, 249
Insufficiently paid letter from Edinburgh 23 April 1952 to Reykjavik, Iceland. British 4d stamp, insufficiently prepaid, charged and stamped 'T 5C / F.S.' due. In payment for the postage due an ordinary postage stamps of 25 aur green Hekla (1948) were used in payment of the postage due, cancelled with a Reykjavik cds. Extremely rare with ordinary stamps used as postage due, even though that Iceland never issued postage due stamps.
GBP 443.00
Denmark, 1854
Market report sent from Newcastle Tyne to Randers 26 September 1854 bearing a 4 RBS Thiele III tied by numeral 113 alongside “KPA ALTONA 29.9.54” CDS. A unique example of the enterprise arisen from the stampless period in Hamburg from 1.1.1853 – 31.7.1855 when letters only could be paid by 6 sk. in cash when sent from Hamburg. In order to save 2 sk. postage, agents carried letters to Altona from where they could be sent for only 4 RBS. A proof of this unique service proven by the seal “BEFÖRDERT DURCH HAMBURG – HIN.R. PELTZER” – Only recorded example.
GBP 2,877.00
Denmark, 1917, SF 1
5 øre King Christian X, soldierstamp overprint SF. Cleaved 'C' pos. 13 in the sheet, corner sheet margin incomplete, printing number No. 92-V.
GBP 354.00
Denmark, 1959, 376
60 øre King Frederik blue, 1899-1959 60th Birthday. Die proof in dark blue, fantastic item and extremely rare.
GBP 664.00
Iceland, 1876, TJ PT 7
20 aur Pjónustu, green, colour proof on imperforate thin paper without watermark, pair with full corner sheet margin.
GBP 266.00
Denmark, 1906, 53
King Christian IX - Die proof sunk on large paper, red colour, with handwriting by engraver 'Etat Damman). A rare and beautiful item.
GBP 885.00
Faroe Islands, 1934
Insured letter with 800 Kr. from Thorshavn 16 January 1932 to Ringe, Denmark. 30 øre yellow Caravel and 35 øre King Chr X Jubilee cancelled with datestamp THORSHAVN 16.1.1932 17-19, value label ‘V / Thorshavn 127’. Letter rate 15 øre plus 50 øre value fee up to DKK 1.000.
GBP 89.00
Iceland, 1940, 219-21, 212
Registered letter Reykjavik 11 May 1940 to San Francisco, USA. NEW YORK FAIR '1940' overprint 20, 35 and 45 aur cancelled on first day of use and 5 aur brown Cod, cancelled with 'REYKJAVIK 11.V.1940' and registration label 'R / Reykjavik / Nr. 790', British censor re-sealing label 'PC 90 OPENED BY EXAMINER 5063' and US censor 'PASSED FREE / NO. 16 / U.S. CUSTOMS S.F. CAL.'
GBP 53.00
Danish West Indies, 1916
“Gratis Postbevis” with printed 'Christiansteds Postkontor / den .... 191 '. Postal receipt for REGISTERED letter '2316' sent from Christiansted to Copenhagen 14 February 1916, for letter franked with 1FR 40 BIT. In total three 'Postbevis' recorded, only known of this type.
GBP 487.00
Denmark, 1940
Letter from London 22 January 1940 to Copenhagen. Without stamps that was loosened by water and stamped 'Beskadiget af Søvand'. Carried onboard DFDS ship S/S ”Vidar” sunk in the Northsea 31 January 1940, torpedoed by the German submarine U-21. 15 people died. Envelope in original glassine envelope from the Danish Post 'Heri en under Postbesørgelsen beskadiget Forsendelse.
GBP 89.00