Iceland, 1892
8 aur postal card with 3 aur oval issue perf. 14 sent from Reykjavik to Leipzig 28 March 1892 stamped by lapidar C2 “REYKJAVIK” alongside Edinburgh octagonal “SHIP LETTER” large letter mark. Overfranked by 1 aur.
GBP 443.00
Iceland, 1902
Letter sent from Reykjavik to Metz in France 24 September 1902, bearing a pair of 10 aur perf 12 3/4 tied by swiss-type “Reykjavik”, transit Edinburgh and Metz receiving mark on reverse.
GBP 487.00
Iceland, 1896
5 aur BRJEFSPJALD unsevered REPLY CARD sent from Reykjavik to Oppeln, Germany 19 October 1896, with additional franking 5 aur perf 14 x 13 1/2.
GBP 266.00
Iceland, 1979, 549
Music. Mother die proof on large paper of the Iceland 120 aur Famous Icelanders issue, with P. Gudjohnsen, organist and hymnbook author. Engraved by G. Bétemps and printed by Périgous, France.
GBP 177.00
Iceland, 1903
”ARDEGIS ”posted to late for morning delivery” mark in violet on front of local 3 aur King Christian IX stationery, Reykjavik December 17, 1903. Fine and clean Ardegis strike.
GBP 443.00
Iceland, 1919
Mint postal stationery reply card with overprint 5 aur on 8 aur Double Kings issue.
GBP 266.00
Iceland, 1879
Early stage proof of ornamentation alone in orange-brown, on grey stock with smooth surface.
GBP 177.00
Iceland, 1905, 37
Printed matter postcard from Reykjavik 3 February 1905 to St. Louis, USA. King Christian IX 5 Aur green tied by cds ‘REYKJAVIK -3.-2.1905’, printed matter rate 5 aur per 3 kvint 15.4.1879-31.3.1921.
GBP 133.00
Iceland, 1933, 88,160,113
Registered letter from Reykjavik 19 December 1933 to Sotton Coldfield, England. 7 and 8 Aur King Christian X and provisional 50 aur./ 5 Kr. King Christian IX tied with cds. ‘REYKJAVIK 19.XII.1933.11’ alongside registration label ‘Reykjavik / R / Nr. 124’, with cds ‘SOTTON COLDLFIELD 28DE33’ receiving mark on reverse. Letter rate 35 aur 1.10.1925-31.12.1939 plus registration fee 30 aur, correct rate.
GBP 159.00
Iceland, 1901, 20,22
Postcard from Reykjavik 26 October (1901) to Budapest, Hungary. Two oval 3 aur yellow large 3 perforation 12¾ and 4 aur 1901 tied by cds ‘REYKJAVIK 26-10-1901’ alongside cds ‘BUDAPEST 4’ receving mark on front. UPU 10 aur postcard rate from 1.7.1880 – 31.3.1921. Hungary is a scarce destination for mail from Iceland at this time.
GBP 1,062.00
Iceland, 1938
Imperforate 50 aur brown colour proof on mint never hinged paper, with printers notes ’50 AUR D551’ and 'M869'.
GBP 221.00
Iceland, 1894
Unpaid envelope from Reykjavik 13 May 1894 to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Postmarked LAP ‘REYKJAVIK 13/5’ and circle ‘T’ and charged in pencil ‘25’ Dutch cent with postage due stamp 25 CENT TE BETALEN, and cancelled with ‘AMSTERDAM 20 MEY 94’, backstamped 1-ring ’21 P / EDINBURGH MY18 94’ and receiving cds ‘AMSTERDAM 19 MEI 94 10-12N’. As far as I’m aware, this is the earliest recorded letter from Iceland with a foreign postage due stamp, a great postal history rarity.
GBP 2,655.00
Iceland, 1893
German Reply postcard from Reykjavik 30 October 1893 to Goldberg, Schlesia, Germany. Reply side 10 PF REICHSPOST cancelled with ‘S.S. „THYRA“ ‘ line mark in violet ink, on back stamped grotesque type ‘SAUDÁKROKUR 25/10’ and Edinburgh 1-ring cds ‘EDINBURGH NO10 98’ and manuscript ‘Thyra – Reykjavik’, receving cds ‘GOLDBERG *8(SCHLESIEN)*’. A very rare and unusual ship cancellation used on a German DR reply card.
GBP 1,770.00
Iceland, 1925
20 aur red Views and Buildings approved colour proof affixed on cardboard paper. The perforation is different here with line perforation 11½, the issued stamps is with comb perforation 14 x 14½. Only recorded.
GBP 1,239.00
Iceland, 1925
Imperforate black print of 20 aur Views and Buildings.
GBP 221.00
Iceland, 1932
International parcel card from Reykjavik 3 October 1932 to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. King Chrisitan 1 Kr. narrow lines and 5 Kr. broken lines, 50 aur Views and Buildings and 20 aur Gullfoss tied by cds ‘REYKJAVIK 3.X.32’. Sent via Denmark with parcel label ‘757 Reykjavik’ and transit mark ‘KJØBENHAVN / 3 TOLD POSTKT.’ Parcel weighing 3,3 kilos, total postage paid kr. 6,70 for parcels between 3-5 kg to Canada via Denmark 1.12.1931 – 31.1.1935. Parcels to North America are extremely scarce.
GBP 2,301.00
Iceland, 1919, 68
Registered letter from Reykjavik 14 July 1919 to Aalborg, Denmark. Jón Sigurdsson 25 Aur orange tied by cds ‘REYKJAVIK 14.VII.19’ alongside registration mark ‘ISLAND / R / ‘ with numeral ‘2915’ stamped on the envelope, backstamped ‘AALBORG 29.7.19’ receiving mark. Letter rate to Denmark 10 aur 1.1.1908 – 31.12.1919 plus 15 aur registration fee, total 25 aur correct rate.
GBP 221.00
Iceland, 1939
35 aur Jochumsson 1939 with gum. Overprinted a red square on ‘3’ in 35 AUR, an essay for the provisional ‘5’ /35 Jochumsson issue.
GBP 664.00
Iceland, 1939
Imperforate Essays 1938 by Österreichische Staatsdruckerei with Geysir, Leifur Heppni, Ingolfur Arnarson and National Theater Building Reykjavik. Four colours grey, dark bloue, darnk green and green colours, value 10 Leifur Heppni, 20 Geysir, 35 Ingolfur Arnarson and 1 Kr. Theater Building, three first values in Rakeltiefdruck, and the last one Kunstkupferdruck. A very rare set.
Price on request
Iceland, 1922, 104,96
Registered letter from Reykjavik 10 March 1922 to Paris, France. 1 Kr. King Christian X (1920) and pair provisional '5 aur'/16 aur King Christian IX tied with 'REYKJAVIK 10.III.22 15' and boxed 'R' mark. French green customs label affixed.
GBP 177.00
Iceland, 1947, 229, 240
OAT letter from Reykjavik 22 March 1947 to Michigan, USA. 50 aur Cod-issue and 1 Kr. Geysir bluegreen cancelled with 'REYKJAVIK - 22.III.47 17'. Onward Air Transmission stamped with large oval 'O.A.T.'. All inclusive rate up to 5 gram 150 aur (group 7b, USA) correct franking.
GBP 443.00