Iceland, 1897, 19B/19BI
"Block of four with Provisional Ze-tenant "Prir" SMALL / LARGE overprint perforation 12 3/4, cancelled with “REYKJAVIK 14.11.1897” CDS. Only 3-4 used blocks of four recorded, this could well be the best preserved and well centred stamps and nicely cancelled."
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Iceland, 1930
10 aur Airmail Parliament 1000 years, official stamp overprinted “Pjonustumerki” in pair. Variety with only one of the stamps overprinted. As far as I have found out, such a pair has not previously been reported.
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Iceland, 1901
3 aur (1901) Aur-value, black print, imperforate. Facit 21v2. Rare.
GBP 526.00
Iceland, 1876
16 Aur-value, black print, imperforate, thin smooth paper. Small faults. FACIT does list a black proof in vertical pair with 5 aur, rare.
GBP 526.00
Iceland, 1939, tj 43
PRINTED MATTER Official letter from Reykjavik to Vík í Myrdal April 9, 1941 franked with a single overprinted Pjónusta 10 aur King Christian X issue. Rate 10 aur for printed matters weighing up to 50 grams. Rare
GBP 307.00
Iceland, 1873, 4B
16 sk. yellow perf 12 1/2 corner block of four with full margin. Fine centering, unused.
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Iceland, 1909
Insufficiently franked 10 øre Postcard sent from Trondhjem via Leith to Reykjavik. Charged 20 øre due, for which amount a Two Kings 20 aur (1907) stamp were affixed in Reykjavik and tied by “Reykjavik 11.11.09” CDS. Iceland did not have any postage due stamps and instead ordinary stamps were used instead, and these usages are quite scarce.
GBP 1,315.00
Iceland, 1926
Letter sent from Reykjavik to Akureyri 5 June 1926 bearing two 20 aur National Library building tied by the ship ESJA CDS “REYKJAVIK SKIP Nr. I”, correct 40 aur postage 2nd letter rate up to 125 gram.
GBP 175.00
Iceland, 1963
Letter from Stóra-Giljá with numeral 275 on letter to Stagafirdi franked with 400 aur. Between 1.1.1963 – 30.9.1963 the rate were 400 aur.
GBP 158.00
Iceland, 1931
2 Kr. King Chr. X 1931 Þjónustu frímerki, imperforate proof of the adopoted colours for the 2 Kr. ordinary postage stamp with narrow lines, without gum.
GBP 1,403.00
Iceland, 1945
Piece from package, sent from FPO 304 and franked with 2d and 2 1/2d and sent to England, and censor 1216 stamped on front.
GBP 307.00
Iceland, 1911, 35,36
Postcard sent from Reykjavik 2. May 1911 to Rosario de Santa Fé, Argentina. On picture side bearing a pair 3 aur and a 4 aur King Christian IX tied by “Reykjavik 2.V.11” CDS, transit mark “LONGHOPE – ORKNEY MY 8 11” on address side.
GBP 351.00
Iceland, 1905
5 aur King Chr. IX BRJEFSPJALD, Schilling #16 sent from Reykjavik to Brünlos, Sachsen. Add. franked with 5 aur green King Chr. IX paying for 10 aur foreign post card rate. Sent via UK, and stamped with boxed “SHIP LETTER - TROON” alongside “TROON JY 17, 05”.
GBP 395.00
Iceland, 1908
10 aur postal card sent from Isafjördur to Copenhagen 13 August 1908. On the back of the card there is a topographic photo attached and for which reason the card most likely should have been charged as a letter.
GBP 1,052.00
Iceland, 1840
Pre-philatelic letter from Barkarstadir to Storuvellir dated May 22, 1840. Full contents and translation. Vertical fold.
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Iceland, 1938
Letter from Stóra-Giljá with numeral 275 to Reykjavik bearing 20 aur red Geysir issue. Until 31 December 1939 the letter rate were 20 aur, thus used between 1938-1939.
GBP 175.00
Iceland, 1939
Printed matter sent from “Reykjavik ?” to London via Bergen, franked with pair 1 Eyr Chr. X and Jochumsson 5/35 aur tied by “Bergen 24 April 1939” CDS alongside boxed lilac “Paquebot” mark. A rare and unusual letter.
GBP 132.00
Iceland, 1876, 7
"6 aur grey perf. 12 3/4 with SON "REYKJAVIK 17.5.97" CDS. "
GBP 88.00
Iceland, 1902, 27
6 aur Í GILDI ’02-’03 RED overprint on IV. printing, smudgy grey. Hinged, very fine centering. Excellent copy.
GBP 877.00
Iceland, 1876, 10a
20 aur light violet I printing 1876 cancelled with Bær antiqua mark. A fantastic well preserved color. Exhibition item.
GBP 526.00
Iceland, 1941
Letter sent from US First Marine Brigade to San Fernando, CA 19 JAN 1942. Stamped by rectangular “Marine's Mail - CG 1st MarBrig (Provisional)” in greenish blue, alongside “Passed by Naval Censor” in same colour.
GBP 395.00