Iceland, 1940, 219-21, 212
Registered letter Reykjavik 11 May 1940 to San Francisco, USA. NEW YORK FAIR '1940' overprint 20, 35 and 45 aur cancelled on first day of use and 5 aur brown Cod, cancelled with 'REYKJAVIK 11.V.1940' and registration label 'R / Reykjavik / Nr. 790', British censor re-sealing label 'PC 90 OPENED BY EXAMINER 5063' and US censor 'PASSED FREE / NO. 16 / U.S. CUSTOMS S.F. CAL.'
GBP 53.00
Iceland, 1895
Parcel letter from Halsi 17 December 1864 to Reykjavik, with complete letter inside.
GBP 531.00
Iceland, 1902, 10B omv
Official 3 aur perforation 12¾ with INVERTED overprint Í GILDI ’02-’03, block of four mint never hinged with corner sheet margin, margin with hinge remnants (FACIT TJ21bv1) and small piece of sheet margin affixed on above pos. 1 in the sheet margin.
GBP 221.00
Iceland, 1903, 28B
10 aur Í GILDI '02-'03 perforation 12 3/4 on postcard sent from Reykjavik 29 August 1903 to Bruxelles in Belgium, with transitmark 'KJØBENHAVN 5.9.03' stamped on front. Rare - 10 AUR UPU postcard rate.
GBP 266.00
Iceland, 1925
Envelope from Nordfirdi, Iceland 25 July 1925 to Copenhagen, Denmark. 20 aur brown King Christian X cancelled with Danish cds ‘VEJLE 52.7.25 9-11F’ alongside rectangular framed ‘Paquebot’ and noted ‘Pr. S/S. Godafoss’. The Icelandic letters arriving on board ships sailing to Vejle were all horse shipment’s, carrying also the postal mail to Denmark. Horsetrader Carl Sørensen imported the horses and the last known date with these ships from Iceland is 25 July 1925, first of these ships arrived 1920 in Vejle.
GBP 2,213.00
Iceland, 1923
Letter from Reykjavik June 1923 to Copenhagen, Denmark. 20 aur brown King Christian X cancelled on arrival with cds AALBORG 15.6.23 12-5E and ship letter origin 'pr. Skib fra Island.' with reception mark KJØBENHAVN 2 OMB. 16.6.23 B. An extremely rare ship letter cancellation, very fresh and every aspect of this letter in superb condition.
GBP 2,655.00
Iceland, 1926
Parcel card from Amsterdam 27 September 1926 to Reykjavik, Iceland. Two 60 CENT Queen Wilhelmina cancelled with cds Amsterdam, vertical fold in card affecting lower stamp on the card. Rarely seen destination for parcelcards from The Netherlands at this time period.
GBP 133.00
Iceland, 1922
Parcel card from Remscheid 31 October 1927 to Reykjavik, Iceland. Deutsches Reich with two 100 pf (MI 343) and three on the back (one defect) and 40 pf Leibniz (MI 395) cancelled 'REMSCHEID 31.10.1927'. Rare destination.
GBP 177.00
Iceland, 1933
“ALLT MED ISLENSKUM SKIPUM” advertising 4 aur King Christian X printed matter card with 1 Eyr to make up the 5 aur local rate from 1.1.1933. Cancelled Reykjavik 11 June 1933. Extremly rare postal card from Iceland.
GBP 885.00
Iceland, 1938
Leifr Eiricssons Day 1938, 35 (aur) ÍNGÓLFUR ARNARSON dark brown with full margins on all 4 sides, perforated. Halftone recess printing by Staatsdruckerei, Wien. As small single stamp sheet extremely rare.
GBP 531.00
Iceland, 1938
Leifr Eiricssons Day 1938, 1 (KR) The National Theatre of Iceland in Reykjavik, greylilac, with full margins on all 4 sides, perforated, with double perforation on the left side. Halftone recess printing by Staatsdruckerei, Wien. As small single stamp sheet extremely rare.
GBP 664.00
Iceland, 1891, 15
40 aur lilac 1891, III printing. Cancelled with cds 'akureyri 8/7'. SUPERB.
GBP 531.00
Iceland, 1897, 14B
Letter from Arnarfjördur 17 August 1897 to Teignmouth, England. 20 aur oval type perforation 12 3/4, II printing. Cancelled with crown cancel 'ARNARFJÖRDUR' alongside LAP 'DYRAFJÖRDUR 17/8', backstamped 'EDINBURGH AU 29 97' and 'TEIGNMOUTH AU30 97'. 20 Aur UPU letter rate, correct franking.
GBP 1,062.00
Iceland, 1908, 51
Postcard from Hafnarfjördur April 1908 to Esbjerg, Denmark. 5 aur Two-King's issue tied with numeral '157' HAFNARFJÖRDUR and 'KJØBENHAVN K 1 OMB. - 1 5 08', sent at 5 aur printed matter rate.
GBP 221.00
Iceland, 1940
Letter sent from Iceland to Brasil December 1940 with British censor label PC90 #4268, beating two 10 aur Dynjardi, 15 aur Geysir and 10 aur Flagg paying the 45 aura rate to foreign countries from 1st Jan 1940 to 31st Dec 1942.
GBP 44.00
Iceland, 1927
Letter sent from Reykjavik to Berlin 30 May 1927 bearing a 15 aur Chr. X and 20 aur National Library building tied by the ship CDS “REYKJAVIK SKIP Nr. I”, correct 35 aur postage.
GBP 177.00
Iceland, 1931
35 aur Gullfoss slot-machine stamps – and all with joints preserved, in mint, mint pair and a quite spectacular, a used copy making this an all unique set.
GBP 177.00
Iceland, 1930
1930 Thorvaldsensfélagid Jólamerki on post card sent from Reykjavik to Malmö 18 December 1930, and the seal is fixed a little bit off the card.
GBP 221.00
Iceland, 1901, 14B
Letter sent from Reykjavik to Birmingham 30 April 1901, bearing a 20 aur blue II. printing 1898 tied by swiss-type CDS “Reykjavik”. On reverse Edinburgh transit and Birmingham receiving mark. One short perf. tooth at lower right corner.
GBP 266.00
Iceland, 1898
5 aur BRJEFSPJALD sent from Reykjavik to Berlin 17 July 1898, with additional franking 5 aur perf 12 3/4, Edinburgh transit mark and receiving mark Berlin on front, re-addressed in Berlin. Forerunner for picture postcards, with photograph affixed on reverse.
GBP 1,062.00
Iceland, 1898
5 aur postal stationery sent from Reykjavik to Wilwaukee Wisconsin USA on 28 September 1898, additional franked with 5 aur perf 12 3/4 II. printing. Map of Iceland printed on reverse, three such stationeries recorded to Iceland.
GBP 354.00