Denmark, 1852, 2b
2 Rigsbankskilling Thiele printing, plate I-34, Type 8 on piece. Fine margins, cancelled with numeral ”1” Copenhagen. Major plate flaw with white line from the N-frame all the way down along KGL. PO. This is a significant and large plate flaw.
GBP 885.00
Denmark, 1891, 36+36x
20 øre Coat-of-Arms issue 13. printing 1891 with large + small corner figures. Position A67-68, the small corner figures being pos. 68. Unused.
GBP 221.00
Danish West Indies, 1905, P5-8
Complete set colour proofs of the Postage Due BIT issue, imperforate blocks of four, without gum. Engstrøm type DP5.
GBP 620.00
Denmark, 1870
Border rate letter sent from Hadersleben to Kolding 29 June 1870, bearing a single NDP 1Gr. perforated Mi. Nr. 16, and tied by PER Io (DAKA 58.12). RARE.
GBP 531.00
Iceland, 1880
10 aur Postal card “BREJFSPJALD” 1880-issue, Schilling #3 sent from Iceland to Leipzig. Posted aboard the ship that handed over the letter in Granton for onward postal service. Stamped numeral “131” alongside octagonal “SHIP LETTER - GRANTON”. Rare and unusual stamped postal card.
GBP 1,239.00
Iceland, 1928
Letter sent from Seydisfjörur to Reykjavik 5 November 1928 bearing a 20 aur National Library building tied by the ship ESJA CDS “REYKJAVIK SKIP Nr. I”, correct 20 aur franking.
GBP 133.00
Iceland, 1923
Registered letter sent via Edinburgh from Reykjavik 6 February 1923 to Copenhagen, bearing a 50 aur and 20 aur King Christian X broken lines tied by Reykjavik CDS. Letter rate up to 40 gram 40 aur plus 30 aur registration fee, total 70 aur postage. Stamps with small imperfections.
GBP 266.00
Iceland, 1913
Letter sent from Reykjavik to Erlanger, Germany 24 July 1913 bearing 5-strip of 4 aur King Chr. IX, tied by Reykjavik CDS. Envelope slightly cut down above and right side.
GBP 133.00
Iceland, 1944
Processed “V-MAIL” letter sent from APO 610 (Keflavik), stamped “Passed by US BASE EXAMINER 0866”, dated 23 December 1943, sent to Muskegon, Michigan, with envelope stamped US POSTAL SERVICE NO. 3, 10 Jan 1944.
GBP 177.00
Iceland, 1943
Registered OAT letter sent from Reykjavik to NY, New York 11 January 1943, bearing a total postage of 460 aur. Airmail surcharge to the US, New York, 2x180 aur = 360 aur, plus 60 aur letter rate up to 20 gram and 60 aur registration fee, 480 aur. Apparently underfranked by 20 aur. Small imperfections.
GBP 443.00
Faroe Islands, 1941
Postal Money Order for 11 Kr. sent from Thorshavn to Hvalvik 22 September 1941, total postage 30 øre.
GBP 89.00
Iceland, 1945
Mail sorting label used with the British Forces in Iceland, stamped “A.P.O.” “ICELAND”. Rare.
GBP 89.00
Iceland, 1946
Registered air mail letter sent from Reykjavik to Blackpool, September 1946. Unusual expres label affixed.
GBP 44.00
Iceland, 1899
5 aur BRJEFSPJALD with ornamental frame for photograph affixed on reverse. Card with greetings on reverse and dated Reykjavik 12 February 1899, and addressee filled out on the front, but apparently not processed for mail service. Very unusual card.
GBP 885.00
Danish West Indies, 1911
Registered letter sent from Vrønding, Denmark to Christiansted, St. Croix 8 February 1911. At St. Thomas received an incoming registration mark “ST. THOMAS R - 2630” and St. Thomas and Christiansted marks on reverse. With registration mark on incoming mail an interesting postal proof of handling locally.
GBP 266.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Letter sent from Nordstrand to Schleswig 18 November 1864, transit via Husum and bureau “TÖNNING-OHRSTEDT Zug No. II”.
GBP 89.00
Iceland, 1952
Diplomatic mail sent by and with “British Legation - Reykjavik” cachet and then posted, and stamped with London mark 26 JNE 1952. Very unusual diplomatic mail from Iceland.
GBP 177.00
Iceland, 1938
Letter sent from Reykjavik, bearing one 40 aur LEIFUR HEPPNI from the souvenir sheet Ieifr Eiricssons Day 1938 and two 6 aur Chr. X and 3 aur Jochumsson, correct 55 aur franking. Scarce with Leifr Eiricssons stamps taken out of the block.
GBP 177.00
Denmark, 1877
6 øre Postcard sent from a steampship in Malmö to Copenhagen 23 October 1877, cancelled on arrival in Copenhagen with ship date stamp CDS “FRA SVERRIG 23 10 1877”.
GBP 177.00
Denmark, 1946
Refugee letter sent from Nørresundby to Hannover 14 August 1946, stamped on reverse “Flygtningerlejr 49-06 - Lufthavn Vest - Nørresundby” and “LUFTVÆRNSKONTORET AALBORG POST”, and resealed with British censor resealing tape “EXAMINER 251”.
GBP 71.00
Denmark, 1942
Letter sent from Kunda to Sindal 18 May 1942, bearing 35 pf “Ostland” overprint, from a dane at the cementfactory Port Kunda, Estonia back to his family in Sindal.
GBP 133.00