Iceland, 1892
50 aur bicolored oval issue a beautiful “ISAFJÖRDUR” date stamp. Rarely found in this quality.
GBP 197.00
Faroe Islands, 1919
2 øre provisional issue in form of a bisected 4 øre wavy-line 1913-issue watermark Cross additionally franked with 5 øre King Christian X, paying the 7 øre local rate introduced from 1st of January 1919.
GBP 438.00
Iceland, 1931
Postcard sent from Budapest 23 June 1931 to Hamburg with “Graf Zeppelin” passing through Reykjavik, with Friedrichshafen and Reykjavik Transit marks and “Icelandfahrt 1931” cachet on front. Attractive piece.
GBP 219.00
Denmark, 1943
SS-Fieldpost sent 21 April 1943 from Field Post #25363 to a Danish volunteer in the German Army, Ignaz Schwab, Fieldpost #18149 and then changed to #30003B with a seal “V-Hagenkreuz” on the reverse.
GBP 395.00
Danish West Indies, 1917
Transition period 1917. Two postcards from the same sender and to the same addressee, sent with a DWI stamp the last day 31 March and with US stamp the 2 April 1917, very interesting and historical post cards.
GBP 526.00
Danish West Indies, 1908
10 BIT King Frederik VIII Post Card without watermark sent from St. Thomas to Wilwaukee 16 October 1908 aboard the steamer endorsed “Pr. SS “Pareina” via New York”
GBP 105.00
Denmark, 1873, 19
16 sk. rate to France from Copenhagen franked with two single 8 sk. bicoloured tied by duplex numeral 181 alongside French transit and circled PD in red. The right 8 sk. with short corner perf. A most attractive illustrated reverse from Hotel Gustaf Adolf.
GBP 263.00
Danish West Indies, 1906, 28
Letter from Christiansted to Copenhagen August 15, 1906 franked with 20 and 25 BIT King Christian IX tied by Christiansted cds. 5 BIT overfranked to make up the 40 BIT rate to UPU countries.
GBP 175.00
Danish West Indies, 1912
Letter from New York to Frederiksted September 23, 1912 franked with US 2 cents. Underfranked and taxed 30 centimes equals 30 BIT on arrival in DWI. 30 BIT postage due stamp on reverse. Rare.
GBP 438.00
Danish West Indies, 1903, 16
Provisional postcard 1/3 c. 1902 with additional franking 1 cent Arms type tied by St. Thomas cds June 10, 1903 to Costa Rica to make up the 2 cents rate for UPU postcards. Transit via Colon, Panama and readdressed in Costa Rica. A very unusual destionation.
GBP 438.00
Denmark, 1931, Boom 2.18
2 kr. Advertsing booklet, Rundskuedagen 1931 - Excellent quality.
GBP 438.00
Denmark, 1853
Royal Service letter sent from Holbek to Copenhagen 23 February 1853 stamped with curved 1-line mark “HOLBEK 18” and ink date “23/2 - 53”. Postmark only used 20 days in February-March 1853. Rare item.
GBP 614.00
Denmark, 1930
20 øre Chr. X Correspondence card additionally franked with 5 øre BERLINGSKE TIDENDE advertising stamp and sent for SUNDAY delivery. Letter rate 15 øre plus 10 øre for delivery on Sunday's, but taxed 20 øre by the addressee. Scarce combination.
GBP 175.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Letter sent from Arnis to Veile 13 August 1864 bearing a 1 1/4 Sch. “HERZOTH. SCHLESWIG” green (Mi. 4) and tied by “ARNIS” Prussian two-ring mark. During the “Overenskomstløse periode” the postage from Schleswig to Denmark appear to remain unchanged contrary to mail to/from Holstein and Lauenburg. Rare postal document.
GBP 351.00
Danish West Indies, 1891
Letter sent from St. Thomas to Jersey City 30 October 1891 bearing a 10 cents V printing and a 2c US tying the US stamp to the envelope and not taking into account the 10 cents which were paying the rate to US. Shipped aboard the steamer s.s. “Esqurança”. Rare combination of US and DWI stamps on envelope together, some wrinckles on the left on envelope.
GBP 702.00
Danish West Indies, 1891
Letter sent from St. Thomas to Jersey City 27 February 1891 bearing a 10 cents V printing tied by “St. Thomas” CDS and NY transit and Jersey City arrival mark on reverse. Shipped aboard the steamer s.s. “Smeaton Tower”.
GBP 219.00
Denmark, 1870, 18
Envelope from the Skilling period with advertising printed on the reverse. Excellent for a thematic watch collector, stamp though defect.
GBP 175.00
Iceland, 1888
8 aur postal card with 3 aur oval issue perf. 14 sent from Reykjavik to Berlin 19 July 1888 stamped by lapidar C1 “REYKJAVIK” alongside Leith large octagonal “SHIP LETTER” mark. Overfranked by 1 aur.
GBP 658.00
Greenland, 1940
Surface letter sent from Ritenbenk to Varde 17 October 1940 bearing 5 and 10 øre Kings issue tied by Ritenbenk CDS. 20 øre letter rate underfranked by 5 øre, postage due double and 10 øre marked on the front. German censorship and line mark “Ohne Inhalt eingegangen”. Philatelic item.
GBP 210.00
Denmark, 1761
Entire from Aalborg to Copenhagen sent December 1761 with list number “ 1 - “ Rare and early letter from Aalborg with contents preserved. Very fresh and beautifully manuscript address on front.
GBP 395.00
Iceland, 1891
20 aur greenish blue III printing 1891 nicely cancelled with lapidar type “DYRAFJÖRDUR”.
GBP 88.00