Denmark, 1877
6 øre Postcard sent from a steampship in Malmö to Copenhagen 23 October 1877, cancelled on arrival in Copenhagen with ship date stamp CDS “FRA SVERRIG 23 10 1877”.
GBP 175.00
Denmark, 1946
Refugee letter sent from Nørresundby to Hannover 14 August 1946, stamped on reverse “Flygtningerlejr 49-06 - Lufthavn Vest - Nørresundby” and “LUFTVÆRNSKONTORET AALBORG POST”, and resealed with British censor resealing tape “EXAMINER 251”.
GBP 70.00
Slesvig-Holsten, 1864
Letter sent from Nordstrand to Schleswig 18 November 1864, transit via Husum and bureau “TÖNNING-OHRSTEDT Zug No. II”.
GBP 88.00
Iceland, 1952
Diplomatic mail sent by and with “British Legation - Reykjavik” cachet and then posted, and stamped with London mark 26 JNE 1952. Very unusual diplomatic mail from Iceland.
GBP 175.00
Iceland, 1938
Letter sent from Reykjavik, bearing one 40 aur LEIFUR HEPPNI from the souvenir sheet Ieifr Eiricssons Day 1938 and two 6 aur Chr. X and 3 aur Jochumsson, correct 55 aur franking. Scarce with Leifr Eiricssons stamps taken out of the block.
GBP 175.00
Iceland, 1873, 4B
16 sk. yellow perf 12 1/2 block of four with full lower margin. Fine centering, unused.
GBP 263.00
Iceland, 1853
Pre-philatelic and carried privately letter from Reykjavik to Tønder in Slesvig February 17, 1853. This is one of only two letters to the duchies Slesvig from Iceland. Ex Crafoord.
GBP 1,315.00
Slesvig, 1920
Slesvig Plebiscit 20 pf stamp on printed matter band from Flensburg to Apenrade, January 28, 1920. A very unusual and rare type of the printed matter rate.
GBP 88.00
Denmark, 1925, Skilling 1
Expres Post Lykönskning 40 øre envelope issued for ”Kunstforlaget” paying the express fee of 40 øre. Additional franking for the postage to be added on the letter. Rare.
GBP 175.00
Slesvig, 1920
Plebiscit overprinted ”MAK.” on imperforated 20pf block of four with stamp printed twice. Rare.
GBP 110.00
Slesvig, 1920
Plebiscit overprinted ”MAK.” on imperforate pair of 5 and 15 pf. Rare
GBP 110.00
Denmark, 1883
Danish City Post. Copenhagen Bypost with 3 øre mauve (1883) on very decorative business envelope
GBP 307.00
Denmark, 1885, 32
5 øre Coat of Arms type with small corner figures with a nicely centered Copenhagen c.d.s.
GBP 88.00
Danish West Indies, 1888
2 cents stationery envelope with watermark I sent to Christiania in Norway from St. Thomas 8. November 1888 with a merchant mark on the front. An unusual destination.
GBP 219.00
Greenland, 1996, 283x
Queen Margrethe II issued with INVERTED OVERPRINT. Mint never hinged.
GBP 526.00
Iceland, -1935
Printed matter band franked with 7 øre green M. Jochumsson issue on letter from Reykjavik to Stavanger in Norway, tied by machine cancel Reykjavik between 1935-1939. Between 1.10.1925 and 31.12.1939 the rate were 7 aur.
GBP 53.00
Iceland, 1919
5 aur red square I GILDI overprint on 10 aur Numeral type BRJEFSPJALD postcard sent locally in Reykjavik February 1919, paying the local 5 aur rate from 1.3.1919 to 15.5.1921. Ringstrøm 22. Fold through stamp imprint.
GBP 66.00
Denmark, 1935
Letter sent from Kiel to Søborg 26. May 1935 and franked with 25pf DR plus two Danish 5 øre wavy-line stamp paying the 10 øre for Sunday delivery to the receiver at Søborg. Very fine quality.
GBP 105.00
Denmark, 1870
Letter sent from Copenhagen to Jersey City, NJ beraing two 8 sk. III printing tied by COPENHAGEN CDS. NY arrival CDS on front and boxed “via Tydskland” on reverse. Round corner on one 8 sk. stamp.
GBP 263.00
Denmark, 1957
Parcel letter sent from “Dansk FN kommando UNEF” in Egypt December 1957, for a parcel weighing 5 kg - sent a Danish dometic parcel rate.
GBP 88.00
Denmark, 1941
Wrapper band sent local in Copenhagen 11 June 1941, stamped on front with the red mark “Danebroge - Dansk Enhedspartis Kampblad ….” - Unusual.
GBP 132.00